Colorado Takes Down Another Anti-Gun State Senator as Evie Hudak Resigns

Recall Hudak
Recall Hudak
The Truth About Guns
The Truth About Guns

USA –-( The writing was on the wall.

As the deadline approached, there seemed little doubt that the latest recall effort would gather the needed signatures to qualify for a vote.

‘That left Centennial State Dems with two options: 1) let the vote happen and risk a third defeat along with the loss of control of the state senate or, 2) kick the social media maven to the curb, allowing Governor Hickenlooper to appoint another Democrat to the seat.

Now, according to, they’ve chosen door number two . . .

“By resigning I am protecting these important new laws for the good of Colorado and ensuring that we can continue looking forward,” Hudak wrote in her resignation letter in regard to her gun votes, which led to the recall effort.

It’s likely she wasn’t given a choice by the state party. And while this may be the smart political move, Colorado Second Amendment supporters can claim a third successful takedown of an anti-civil rights legislator. Who will be next?

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John White

1 less communist scum bag.


I live in Colorado and know these issues well. The Democrats figured Hudak would lose even though they had their paid trouble makers at the various recall petition sites to threaten recall signers. So they did the tactical correct for them)and pleaded for her to resign so the gov. could appoint her replacement–she will get a political reward for resigning for the benefit of the democrat party. About the 2014 Colorado legislature, they will continue to press for more anti-freedom laws, it is what the democrats and especially liberal democrats do–it is not complicated. And yes they know exactly what… Read more »

Mark Tercsak

Lets talk about an armed Citizen, I think our founders in particular George Washington would prefer an Armed citizen over an Armed Government. Having said that lets take a look at a few of Americas cities were the Government infringes upon the Citizens right to keep and bear arms, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Detroit and Chicago, These four cities alone if we were to sell them off tomorrow, we would drop from one of the highest murder rates on the planet earth to one of the lowest murder rates on the planet earth. What’s the Reason the citizens of these four… Read more »


Vermin and cowards? I’d like to meet you someday..face to face! We conservatives do have compassion for you progressive commies, just not enough to matter. Hidden behind your anonymous facade I’ll bet you’re a real tough guy huh? Watch real close what happens in 2014. Your fearless leader is a bald faced, pathological liar, and Americans are finally on to him. Enjoy your arrogance while you can cause it’s a long way down from where you are! Merry Christmas!


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Rick H.

Boy that conserv…arescum guy/girl/thing/it/transgender/pre-operative/addadicktome/chopadickoffame is probably the most hateful commenter I’ve come across in a long time. Wow how can one person be that mentally twisted and still be walking around on the public streets? Conserv…arescum would be the first one to snap and grab a couple of semi-automatic weapons walk into a school or movie theater or Church and open fire on the innocent people there because, he/she/it would know those people were not armed and no-one would be able to stop it by shooting back. And as with all cowards when he/she/it heard the wail of the Police… Read more »

Bodo Thibodeaux

That’s just a useless effort on the democrat’s part. If they appoint a pro-gun control liberal, he can be recalled just as easily.

Jack Tilton

You left wing idiots are so hypocritical you can’t see. Your communist leader Obama has secret service and what do you think they carry to save his butt. Tell him to throw their guns in the trash , right. All the White House should be the first to sign up for Obamacare and the secret service carries no weapons, all you demotards travel without armed year, landslide Republican victory, without a doubt. Thank God

Bill Baker

@AMMOLAND: If you don’t want to moderate comments, from guys like ‘_arescum’, on both sides, why don’t you just require logging in with facebook or such, so they can’t lie about who they are at least. Unless you think they are actually named that….


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BTW I have in on good authority that Conservative scum is a child molester.

Happy turkey day you right wing god loving good ole boys


I don’t think it matters that the Governor can appoint another democrat to replace this one because if the new democrat knows what’s good for them, they’ll vote against another gun grab by the Colorado legislature…or face a recall of their own.
As for conservativesarescum, you are what you hate most buddy. Enjoy your rights while you still have them.


@Conservativesarescum: You really are the posterchild for the liberal movement aren’t you? Where do you get your “statistics” from? Please, do show me some solid proof that more people are against guns that for them? I really don’t understand why liberal “scum” like you feel that taking away guns from responsible gun owners, whether republican or democrat, is going to make the world a safer place? Please, do tell me, how many shootings do police stop? They don’t, they investigate crime AFTER it happens, not stop it. Our forefathers gave us the right to guns not just for self-defense but… Read more »

Leo Smith

conservative scum secretly masturbates to Fox News..


Looks like the individual using the online moniker ‘conservativesarescum’ really told us! It amazes me how people vituperate others in a virtual forum such as this one. In person such behavior would certainly result in physical juncture. LOL


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Yes! They should of realized doing something like that would of gotten them fired.


the people of CO Need to go after the legislation as well as the individuals

TSgt B

conservatiesarescum: AND you’re calling US “haters”? And you actually eat with those fingers?

How are we violating your rights by PROTECTING OURS?

It is obvious that you are no more than an illiterate moron of limited education and horrible grammar.

“Most people” support “gun control”? On what planet?


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Buck Crosby



They did listen to the people you moron. A small group of republican extremists were behind this recall Most people support gun control you sick gun freaks. You republicans infringe on our rights all the time and we will kick you republican terrorists out of office!!!!!

*****( “most People?” by most people this person means the few people in side this person own mind. Statistics prove you 100% incorrect in your assertion. Time too take your bi -polar medication)******** and don’t be a hater


Its easy! Demorats continualy vote to INFRINGE ON OUR RIGHTS!.
Justt bring a recall vote on the Demorat the Gov appoints in her place! Obviously the replacement Demorats would vote & supports infringing laws so recal & oust them too. The demorats started this war! They DID NOT LISTEN TO PEOPLE WHEN THEY VOTED THESE BILLS INTO LAW!
THE DEMORATS&LIBRETARDS! Seem to forget that most Americans STILL BELIEVE IN BASEBALL & MOMS APPLE PIE! No matter what the Anti gun- anti constitution- anti god crowd seems to think in their kool-aid have world!


It’s too bad the guy in the White House won’t resign! He continues to rule against the majority of American people by threatening to veto legislation proposed by the U.S. House of Representatives. The quislings in the media then blame the “gridlock” on Congress.


**** deleted for violation of comment policy*********


The removal of the governor is overdue. Time to recall Hickenlooper.


The people of Colorado have spoken…Trice… The Colorado Senatorial CommieCRats aided by the Denver Commie Post cared not for the true feelings and concerns of its citizens…Against the peoples wishes they chastising their consitituents…To include the The Colorado County Sheriffs…Rural Coloradans…And the northern counties of Colorado…They gave them the middle finger at the direction of B. Obama and his fellow CommieCRats in the WH…The next person to be knocked off his golden pedestal is an east coast liberal Democrat who hails from Pennsylvania by the name of Gov. John Hickenlooper…We will set our sights on his outster and all other… Read more »

Dave Jared

Wrong! She “resigned” so that the anti-gun Governor can APPOINT her successor without the possibility of the Senate losing its Democrat majority.