New Duck Commander Website Now Online

New Duck Commander Website Now Online
New Duck Commander Website Now Online
Duck Commander
Duck Commander

WEST MONROE, LA –-( America’s most famous duck-call family, the Robertsons, are calling for fans to visit their new Duck Commander website at

“Duck Commander fans get a lot of cool, new features with this website,” says Brita Lewis, marketing strategist for Gray Loon Marketing Group, the company that developed the site.

“My favorites are the duck-call comparisons, duck-hunting resources and fan-submitted content. Visitors can even add their own recipes and photos to the site.”

“The new site makes it easy to connect with family members on social media, and see where you can see them in person,” says Stephanie Walker, Duck Commander website manager. “We want our fans to have something to look forward to when they come back to the website. New photos from fans are added daily.”

For those new to duck hunting, the site also includes lessons on blowing and cleaning a duck call, a primer on duck species, a flyway map and information about duck-hunting laws and safety.

The now multi-million-dollar Duck Commander enterprise was founded by Phil Robertson in 1972 and is now run by his son, Willie Robertson. The company also includes America’s favorite Uncle-Si, Jase, Jep and Alan Robertson and their families, as well as a few other close-knit folks. The company fabricates top-of-the-line duck calls and markets hunting apparel, cooking products, DVDs, CDs and branded novelty items. The Robertson family stars in the popular A&E series “Duck Dynasty.” ( )

They all share passion for faith, family and ducks. Visit the new Duck Commander website and online store at

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Susan Anderson

Hey, Guys & family! I’m from Shreveport, my daughter and her good-lookin’ rowdy bunch all move up to DeWitt AR going on two years ago. All 4 kids are teenagers now. They have become a big time deer hunting family. The twins, Lynn and Logan (boys) just coming up on their 15th birthday, both just bagged their first deer within a week of eachother. Lynn’s was a nice sized doe, Logan’s was I believe a 7 point Buck. They are raising a “wild” hog in their back yard , was just a baby when they found her out on the… Read more »


Hi!!! Big fan here!! But, your new episode with Si, Jep and the kids made me sad. The kids and Jep were so disrespectful to Si. Jep acted like the “my kids are never wrong parent” and his behavior opened the door for the kids to whine about boredom and to show a total lack of appreciation for Si’s efforts. Do we really need another show that disrespects elderly family members? There is nothing Biblical about that no matter what your faith. You guys missed an opportunity to show children and parents that respect for elderly family members is a… Read more »

Tamara Nelson

I love your show and have read your books. Please keep up the good work. Your family inspires me.


I just loved the Christmas CD. I got it for myself and it made my Christmas so much better and funnier. I love you guys Ive seen every episode, there is nothing wrong with you guys or your show. Phil you stand by your principals and morals, Jesus pissed plenty of people off also, stay strong and know that so many of us are praying for strength for you. NEVER BACK DOWN! We love you

helen baxter

phil is completely right…his comments are his beliefs…as they are mine…he talked of many types of people….I will follow them no matter the channel or media…the cleanest and best show on tv….we own shirts and wear them proudly…will continue to do so…a&e is totally stupid to give them up….I shall give up a&e….go or it Robertsons…love you all…

Shirley Stephens

I am so saddened that Mr Phil has been suspended from the Duck Dynasty show. I support Mr Phil and his GOD given right to freedom of speech and HIS beliefs. Don’t you worry Mr Phil, your many supporters have your back and believe in your faith. Regardless if we are Christian or non believers, it is yours and our right to say how we feel.

Bill Baker

Totalitarians think this is a first amendment issue. It sort of is, in that A&E being a private company also has rights. In most ways this is not a 1st amendment issue as the government is not involved in this argument. If you believe their should be a law forcing A&E to allow views they don’t agree with onto their station, then you are a leftist leaning totalitarian fool. I support duck dynasty, even agree with them on this issue even though I am not christian. But the government is not shutting down their speech, a private institution is; which… Read more »

Marjory Bramhall

Apparently our constitution means nothing to A&E and they do not deserve to have the Robertson’s Duck Dynasty show on there Chanel, and they defiantly can not be allowed to tare the Robertson family apart by removing the father from the show, How UN-American and wrong is that? For the sake of the Robertson family and all the Americans people that love the Duck Dynasty show, There show needs to be moved to a Chanel that dose believe in the constitution of America, My husband and I are in our 50’s and we enjoy the Duck Dynasty show so much… Read more »

James Barnes


Ricky Manuel

I would start your own show you do not need a & E

Dewayne Hahn

Hang in there Phil. Fire A&E and start your own! You do not have to apologize for being right and speaking your faith. God bless.

Jo Ann Spencer

I support Phil Robertson all the way. I too was brought up old school. Phil Robertson for President!!!!

Todd Pickering

Duck Commander Family, My family and I have watched your show many times and love it. It is with great sadness that I will not watch any longer. It is not due Phil’s comments that he made when he was asked “HIS OPINION” during an interview, but because he was fired because he gave “HIS OPINION”. I fully support Phil’s “OPINION” that he gave and think that his firing is impeads on the Freedom of Speech. If there is a website to support Phil, let me know. If there is a petition to get him back on the show and… Read more »

Dave Robinson

We just love DuckDynasty here in Ireland! We’ve been able to see the programmes on Discovery channell and now one British station itv has started from the beginning! Love their humour and the distinct lack of coarse language, makes you wanna just go out and love the countryside. Just been to the new website and its certainly full of stuff but I do feel they could test and endorse some proper hunting gear to broaden the appeal even more. Keep your eyes on thr skies men, and if your ever inclined to visit Ireland, well we will show you some… Read more »

Ernest Boggs Sr

This is one of my favorite shows on TV. I watch mostly FoxNews, Persuit Outdoors, and then Duck Dynasty, but not necessaryly in that order. They make me feel just like I’m with my own people. We have very simular values about faith, family, and politics, so that makes it fun to watch. Phil and I have a lot of things in common from Viet Nam to today, and that’s good to know, Jack.

Gene Mjor

America’s #1 Family . They rock