New Jersey Second Amendment Society President’s New Years Message

By Frank Jack Fiamingo

Happy New Year
New Jersey Second Amendment Society President's New Years Message
New Jersey Second Amendment Society
New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey –-( As any casual student of American history can tell you, the people of New Jersey played an essential role in the fight against British oppression and the successful fight for Independence from British Rule.

Our ancestors fought and died for Individual Freedom and Responsibility. They did not want a foreign King to control of their fate. Many of them also loathed the concept of a strong federal government and believed that the individual people of New Jersey should be free to determine their own destiny.

That spirit still persists today in the hearts of those of us who believe we are the masters of our own destiny and as such, are responsible for our own lives and the lives of those we love. We believe as our ancestors did in a Constitutional Republic based on individual human rights and not on governmental supremacy. We believe in government of, by and especially, for the people. Any other form of government is abhorrent to us.

However, today we are subject to an ever more bloated, bureaucratic, state government unimaginable to those who fought for our Independence.

We face a number of challenges going into this New Year. Of course we will continue to fight to eliminate the obstacles imposed by the three branches of NJ government upon our legitimate Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Although we yearn to see the redress of our grievances addressed by the Supreme Court of the United States, we cannot sit idly by waiting for the slow, grinding wheels of “justice” to turn in our direction. Those of us who are involved in the movement on a daily basis understand that aside from some judicial stroke of good fortune, the way to obtain our goal is to win the hearts and minds of our fellow New Jersey residents.

Nature often (if not always) runs in a cycle. We often here of something referred to as “homeostasis“. Just as water tends to seek its own level, Nature does not usually allow for uncontested imbalances in its various systems. Society is such a system. Comprised as it is of individuals, the behavior of a society will tend to shift as necessary to maintain a “balance“. There is little doubt that there are times a catastrophic event must take place before a system can regain its balance, but not always.

What does all this have to do with the right to keep and bear arms (RKBA)? Simply put, our state has been out of balance for a very long time now. Violent crime is on the rise and it is no longer safe to travel or conduct business in New Jersey without constantly looking over your shoulder. I do not believe this is a “sustainable” situation. The average resident has suddenly become aware that they have been lied to by their so-called representatives. Now is the time for us to reach out to the honest residents of New Jersey and remind them that they have the option of taking back control of their lives and the safety of their families from a state government that has a different agenda.

There are many ways to accomplish this – Women's Programs, Urban Outreach, Safety and Security Seminars. All these activities provide us with an opportunity to interact in very positive ways with our fellow residents. Given the chance to see us for who we are, they will be unlikely to believe the Main Stream Media (MSM) portrayal of gun owners as itchy-fingered redneck racist hillbillies. Instead, when they hear us talk about the importance of the preservation of innocent life, and how much we emphasize the safe and responsible handling of firearms, they will be much more inclined to identify with us rather than the hypocritical, protected, political classes.

Yes, we will proceed with attacking the constant, ever-evolving schemes to delay the processing of our application for permits and the periodic interruptions of NICS check processing by a state that needlessly insists on being a “Point of Contact” rather than simply allowing FFLs to contact NICS directly. We will continue to challenge individual towns and State Police Barracks that refuse to process permits in a timely and professional manner. We will not stop lobbying, protesting, petitioning and otherwise reminding our representatives in Trenton that we are on to their deluded plan to deprive us of our rights. However, keep in mind that without continual growth of our membership, and without the ACTIVE involvement of YOU our members, none of this will succeed.

It is time to make a commitment, not to me but rather to each other, that you will do what you can to donate your time, talent and money (Donate to NJ2AS ) to the NJ2AS so that we can continue to further the mission we all believe in.

I wish you all a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and most of all, a SAFE New Year. I have said it before, it has been my pleasure to be associated with the BEST people on this planet. Alone the NJ2AS is NOTHING! Together, we can rock Trenton in ways they have never imagined. I am looking forward to overcoming these obstacles to our RKBA. I know you are as well.

All the best to you and yours from all the leaders, members and supporters of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society (NJ2AS).

Frank Jack Fiamingo
President – NJ2AS

New Jersey Second Amendment Society – Our mission is to promote the free exercise of Second Amendment rights within the community and Legislature of New Jersey, to educate the community regarding the enjoyable, safe, and responsible use of firearms, and to engender a sense of camaraderie and fellowship among the members and their families. Visit:

  • 9 thoughts on “New Jersey Second Amendment Society President’s New Years Message

    1. Well Frank, maybe it’s time for the board of directors to vote for a new president. I talked to a lot of your guys at the Oaks PA, gun show and you have a mutiny on your hands bucko. The gig is up and you’ve been exposed as a phony. Do the manly thing and resign your position. Then, myself and hundreds of others will re- join NJ2AS again and your sponsors won’t have to read posts like these. The members are great people and deserve better leadership. Resign!!!!!

    2. I have to agree with Jacko. Slackers come in all flavors. Frank talks a good game, but you have to watch his actions. Remember the saying, Actions Speak Louder Than Words. I am also reminded of another good quote – “…the lukewarm I shall spew from my mouth.”

      This dude talks like he’s one of the original Minutemen of 1776, but look what he does: Tell the membership to go to their local police to demand a CCW application when there is none? Wow, I bet that scared ’em!

      Now let’s fast forward to today: Is he calling for a March on Trenton? Is he calling for a slowdown on NJ highways for Concealed Carry? Is he buying billboard space on the Turnpike in support of CCW? Is he starting grass roots petitions to put CCW up for a referendum? ~~ NOPE !!

      Well, 1776 had its lukewarm supporters. I guess when we finally beat these marxists into political submission, this so-called “Leader” will be waxing non-stop about how he was largely responsible.

    3. Bob, you’re right on my friend. This Frank (president) is the same guy that wanted his members to march against mothers against guns last year on Mother’s Day. Why would he want to do that on Mother’s Day? The only press he would get is negative.
      I’ve had first had experience with this guy and something is wrong. He loves the spotlight and frankly doesn’t know what he is talking about. He loves to bark orders to the membership without explanations.
      During all of the legislation battles last year he was excluded from all of the meetings with Gov Christies team. The other NRA affiliated NJ gun rights club was the ones that were involved politically and were respected. Save your money and join the other organization in NJ.

    4. Call it instinct. But I think this guy is a Judas Goat.

      Just my opinion. I don’t trust this Frank Jack fellow as far as I can throw him. Why is he wasting money on battling paperwork delays when we should be going full hog wild directly to CCW? While other states are holding marches for Constitutional Carry, the big fight in NJ is to get the state police to process your applications a few days faster?? GEE, THANKS FRANK! Iconic work, pal.

      If NJ goes the way of CT for gun registration, no doubt Frank will be trailblazing by beating back those State Troopers who dare to delay our vital registration paperwork. This dummy plays their game. Who needs this NJSAS organization or this self-preening showboat?

      The problem is, the guy who is trying to ‘help’ you to battle authoritarians, basically agrees with our captors. He supports them, doesn’t he? …. How does he do this, you ask. He does this by ….. ‘MODERATING HIS EXTREMISM.’ …. Well, I don’t call fighting for my constitutional rights as any form of extremism. Do you?

      If I send somebody money to help fight for a cause, I want that guy to have the real fire in his belly. In this case, all Fiamingo appears to have in his belly is a plate of day-old pasta. No thanks, Frank. I’ll save my money for GOA. The NJSAS is a big waste of my time (and yours too).

    5. The sad thing is about NJ is, there are a lot of good people in the state that are ruled by a handful of idiots. It seems like most of the people want to do something but don’t have the balls to stand up to stand up and fight for themselves. Wake up NJ and smell the gun powder before it’s too late.

    6. More of Jack bloviating. He’s like Obama, loves to give empty speeches and hear himself talk. Don’t follow him by applying for the Ccw app in NJ, it will ruin your chances to get one in another state.

    7. Jack, Tell it to the NRA that has for years allowed NJ to get and stay in its control of the strictest firearm Laws in the country.citizen self defense has never been optional to NJ Democrats.

    8. “Ban Doctors” It’s the TRUTH!!!!! Number of physicians in the US: 700,000 (thousand). Accidental deaths caused by physicians per year: 120,000. Accidental deaths per physician….0.171 (U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services)

      Number of gun owners in the US: 80,000,000(million). Number of accidental gun dea…

      ths per year (all age groups) 1,500. Accidental deaths per gun owner: 0.0000188

      Statistically, doctors are approximately 9,000 times
      more dangerous than gun owners.

      FACT: Not everyone has a gun, but everyone has at
      least one Doctor.

      Please alert your friends to this alarming threat.
      We must ban doctors before this gets out of hand.


      In 1847, Dr. Semmelweis, a respected Hungarian physician who was concerned about the high mortality rate of women giving birth in hospital, instituted a procedure at one hospital whereby doctors washed and disinfected their hands before delivering babies. Immediately, the mortality rate dropped from THIRTY percent to near zero. Seven other hospitals followed suit with similar results.

      The European medical establishment recognized Dr. Semmelweis’s achievement by blocking his applications for further research funds, vilifying and ostracizing him, and, ultimately, causing him to lose his prestigious positions at maternity hospitals. In America, the newly formed American Medical Association added insult to injury by threatening to revoke the license of any doctor caught washing his hands. Dr. Semmelweis was so distressed that women continued to die that he suffered a mental breakdown that eventually led to his death in 1865.

      Don’t expect a doctor working inside the system to buck the system. The risks are still too great! The advice she or he offers you is controlled by the large medical industry that makes its money from expensive cancer fighting drugs and treatments. It is an industry that doesn’t look favorably on natural supplements or other cancer treatments that they cannot patent or make a large profit from. Years from now the current conventional cancer treatments used by doctors will on the whole be viewed in the same light that we view the old medical practice of blood letting to cure illnesses.


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