‘BridgeGate’ Not The Only Scandal That Could Derail Christie’s 2016 Presidential Run


Governor Christie
Governor Christie
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Manasquan, NJ –-(Ammoland.com)- While “BridgeGate” is getting all of the medias attention these days, it is hardly the only scandal that has the potential to seriously impact Gov Chris Christies widely anticipated run for the Republican Presidential Nomination for 2016.

In fact, “BridgeGate” is a relatively minor matter in the grand scheme of things. Not to minimize the blatant abuse of power in playing the cut throat game of politics, as ALL abuses of Governmental Authority are extremely troubling and cause for alarm. But at least Christie showed significantly more leadership then the President.

He took decisive action, firing those deemed most responsible, and took responsibility for his underlings actions. In many ways its irrelevant whether he was aware of the plan to close traffic lanes leading to the Bridge in Ft Lee NJ or not. Which is more then can be said about Obama, who has steadfastly protected and defended far, far worse abuses of authority and the public trust by Attorney General Eric Holder and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

What has the potential to cause serious problems for Christie is his repeated efforts to avoid staking out a hard and fast position on the Right of Self Defense and the blatant abuses of that right by the Legislature and NJ Courts.

After the landmark ruling by the 7th Circuit Court this past Summer forced Chicago and the State of Illinois to start issuing and accepting Carry Permits for law abiding Citizens, it was widely hailed as being the “the last State to not allow the carrying of firearms in public for self defense”. And while on paper that may be true, in the Real World, it is New Jersey which is the last State in the Union that actively, via all three branches of Govt, seeks to deny law abiding Citizens Rights.

The rest of the Country will not look to kindly on a Presidential Candidate that continues to oversee the morally, ethically and intellectually bankrupt manner in which all three branches of NJ Govt actively conspire to deny their Citizens even the choice of whether or not to carry a weapon for self defense in public. The same politicians who then via Administrative Code and Directives, absolve themselves from any responsibility or liability to those same Citizens when they are viciously attacked, brutalized and murdered by violent repeat criminals.

  • N.J.S.A. 59:2-4. Adoption or failure to adopt or enforce a law. A public entity is not liable for an injury caused by adopting or failing to adopt a law or by failing to enforce any law.
  • N.J.S.A. 59:5-4. Failure to provide police protection. Neither a public entity nor a public employee is liable for failure to provide police protection service or, if police protection service is provided, for failure to provide sufficient police protection service.
  • N.J.S.A. 59:5-5. Failure to make arrest or retain person arrested in custody. Neither a public entity nor a public employee is liable for injury caused by the failure to make an arrest or by the failure to retain an arrested person in custody.

Christie himself seems to quietly acknowledge the trouble this issue can cause for him on a National Stage, as recently as last week his Attorney Generals Office refused to enter an appearance in NJ Court in defense of a challenge to NJ’s impossible to meet ” justifiable need” clause a Citizen must provide in order to be granted a carry permit. The presiding Judge even publicly vented her consternation and frustration over that refusal by the State to mount a defense.

Christie is shrewd if nothing else, he knows that if his Attorney General mounted a vigorous defense of the indefensible, especially in the immediate aftermath of the murder of defenseless Citizen Dustin Friedland at the Short Hills Shopping Mall, that it would raise serious concerns in the minds of voters in other States, where Citizens are trusted to defend themselves and their loved ones in public and violent crime rates are lower as a result.

BridgeGate” may in the end turn out to be “much ado about nothing”. What is far more troubling for Christie’s future political aspirations is the manner in which he has permitted the Citizens of NJ to be served up as defenseless victims to the Criminal Class on the alter of the Anti Gun ideology.

See the following legal briefs for more information regarding how NJ Govt and Courts treat the Second Amendment and the Right to Self Defense.


More articles, commentary and information by D. Roberts available at That Every Man Be Armed.com

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Lou Harper

Solution: Rand Paul


put him up and watch how fast this rat deserts the sinking ship that is the GOP!


Late night drive through BK Gate?

He made a complete azz out of himself for two hours on something that should have taken two minutes. The reason the Dems let him get reelected was because he will be an easy target in 2016 and to keep RNC money out of VA. Bridgegate was because his numbers came up higher than Ms. What Difference Does It Make, and it scared them.


“its irrelevant whether he was aware of the plan to close traffic lanes leading to the Bridge in Ft Lee NJ or not.”

What?! It is certainly relevant. If he was aware, then he becomes a proven liar beyond redemption. If he was not aware, then his response going forward matters.


Bridgegate is only newsworthy because 95% of the talking heads on the alphabet networks use that avenue to get to work.
I love Christies bully attitude but it will not play well with the elites.
hence “Gun Control”[oxymoron} will not be a factor, IMHO.
“My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government”
Thomas Jefferson

Tn. Patriot

I will not give my support for Christie. He is as anti-gun if he is fat. Yes, he is fat. This country is screwed if the GOP can’t come up with a candidate better than Christie. GOP, give us a candidate we can get behind or help us prepare for the coming 21st century revolution in the United States. Hilary with complete the destruction of our Constitution.


The GOP/RNC props Krispy Kreme at their own party’s peril. McCain, Romney,…now Krispy? No establishment puppet strings can bear the weight of this rotund RINO without the additional support of constitutionally-minded American voters–millions and expanding…even faster than Krispy‘s waistline.

A genuine candidate or none at all!


Damaged goods!


A RINO like Christie needs to be thrown out of office. RINOs are the Socialist-Democrats’ fifth column activists in the political control of our former constitutional Republic.

Dr. Strangelove

Christy was done after he gave Comrade 0 that big hug after the hurricane. Besides, who’s going to vote for a president that looks like an extra from the Sopranos?


It will be interesting to see what other scandals arise involve Chrstie in the coming months and years.

Joe Mama

Christie: We have a densely populated state and there’s a big handgun problem in New Jersey. Now, I don’t support all the things that the governor supports, by a long stretch. But on certain gun control issues, looking at it from a law enforcement perspective, seeing how many police officers were killed — we have an illegal gun problem in New Jersey. Hannity: Should every citizen in your state be allowed to get a licensed weapon if they want one? Christie: In New Jersey, that’s not going to happen, Sean. Hannity: Why? Christie: Listen, with the Democratic Legislature that we… Read more »

Bill Baker

I’ve been jumping with joy for this scandal with Christie. A RINO from one of the most anti-gun states that has signed anti-gun legislation since being in office, yeah, I want him in the White House in 2016, please let this destroy him so the sheep won’t vote for him just because of an R behind his name…