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New Jersey--( The recorded 911 call from the desperate and traumatized wife of NJ Attorney Dustin Friedland, who was murdered just before Christmas in the parking structure of the Short Hills Mall were released last week.

Friendland was viciously gunned down while defending his wife from a team of violent criminals who wanted his new Range Rover SUV. The call paints an agonizing and difficult to listen to portrait of the immediate aftermath of the attack, with Friedlands wife frantically begging to know where the Police and EMS units were, while her husband lay dying in front of her.

Turns out it took approximately eighteen minutes for the first Ambulance to arrive on the scene, due to a combination of apparent confusion over exactly where the incident was located.  As well as the astonishing fact that apparently no one, not the property owner, not local Emergency Response Officials, not a Planning Board or Construction Inspector, no one had ever considered the possibility of what to do in an emergency event involving the parking garage.  A structure built with a traditionally low roof line of roughly six and a half to seven feet tall maximum, a height that made it impossible for the Ambulance to drive directly to where Mr Friedland was taking his last breaths, and requiring the Ambulance Crew to park their vehicle and race the rest of the way to the scene on foot.

Since the revelation of the delayed response to the incident, there has been rampant speculation over the likely-hood of a potential future lawsuit against the town, the way the response was handled, or the property owner.

While it remains to be seen if a suit will be filed or successful against the Mall property owner, one thing is perfectly clear. No one in any public position in NJ will be held liable. Not the Judge or Parole Board whose choices permitted these vicious, repeat criminals with mile long rap sheets to be on the streets preying on people. Not the Ambulance crew or 911 Dispatcher , who obviously did the very best they could under exceptionally difficult and stressful circumstances, and certainly not so called “leaders” like NJ Legislature members such as Loretta “we pass laws all the time we know nothing about” Weinberg, or Charles “we will take the vote and then hear comments” Mainor, or Linda Greenstein, or Lou Greenwald or Steve “I would never support Concealed Carry” Sweeney or their many, many predecessors over the last thirty years who have callously sold their souls and humanity for votes,  in a Faustian bargain with the various Anti Gun Groups and their supporters. The same Legislature and Judicial members who have then conveniently washed their hands of any culpability or responsibility for creating a climate where predatory criminals are well aware that their potential victims are unarmed and defenseless.

As startling as it may seem to ordinary Citizens, the State has taken the indefensible and unconscionable position that they will do everything with in their considerable power to make sure people are defenseless, and then exempt themselves from those laws as well as absolve themselves via Administrative Code. See for yourself.

  • N.J.S.A. 59:2-4. Adoption or failure to adopt or enforce a law. A public entity is not liable for an injury caused by adopting or failing to adopt a law or by failing to enforce any law.
  • N.J.S.A. 59:5-4. Failure to provide police protection. Neither a public entity nor a public employee is liable for failure to provide police protection service or, if police protection service is provided, for failure to provide sufficient police protection service.
  • N.J.S.A. 59:5-5. Failure to make arrest or retain person arrested in custody. Neither a public entity nor a public employee is liable for injury caused by the failure to make an arrest or by the failure to retain an arrested person in custody.

Additionally it is almost never reported, and most people are completely unaware, that the United States Supreme Court, as well as various other State and Federal Courts at all levels have repeatedly ruled for more then 40 years the same thing. That Police Officers are immune from liability or consequences for their failure to protect Citizens, regardless of the circumstances.

This runs completely contrary to the mantra of the assorted Anti Gun Groups and their supporters, various Legislators and even some high ranking Police Chiefs who insist that people should simply rely on the Police to protect them.

Citizens that blindly follow such “advice” from the presumed professionals are essentially entering into a gamble, where the stakes are extraordinarily high, betting with their very lives. The fact is, as I wrote over a year ago, it is the individual Citizen, present at the very moment an attack commences, who is the true ” First Responder

NJ is well known as being the last State in the Country that forbids the carrying of ANY weapon for self defense in public. That being said, Governor Christie could take a courageous stand in favor of empowering the Citizens he professes to care about by immediately directing his Attorney General to modify the current “justifiable need” wording in the Administrative Code governing the rules for issuing the extremely difficult to obtain Carry Permit, to include two simple words “Self Defense”. Of course were he to do so, it would draw a cacophony of outraged protest from the Democrats in the Legislature, the media and Anti Gun Groups, but he could easily silence them by raising the issue of the immorality of the State forcing its Citizens to be served up on a smorgasbord of easy prey for criminals.

He wouldn’t exactly be breaking new ground. It was public outrage over the forced defenselessness of the victims of the Lubby Cafeteria Massacre in 1991 that spurred that States Legislature to final pass concealed carry laws for Citizens. At various times in the last twenty years, various Law Enforcement Officials from across the Country, from Captains and Chiefs to County and State DA’s have all found the courage to come out publicly and acknowledge that they simply cannot be everywhere at once and that people should take whatever actions they deem appropriate, including arming themselves, in order to defend against criminal attack.

The uncomfortable truth is that when it comes to protecting themselves and their loved ones, Citizens have no one to depend on but themselves. They should be outraged that, through no choice of their own, they have been denied their rights, as well as the tools necessary to defend their lives based on deception, lies and ideology.

At the very least people need to start asking State Officials how many more innocent people are they willing to sacrifice?

More articles, commentary and information by D. Roberts available at That Every Man Be

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Buck Crosby

Police no longer protect and serve , they only harasse and intimidate . The thin blue line has become the thick black gestapo .

Vom Brunhaus

NRA must get deeply involved with NJ and its firearm Laws , NRA has been distant for some time. The Courts are the only answer as NJ is a Blue state Dem controlled.

Ron Soussa

Disgustingly true!:

” the State has taken the indefensible and unconscionable position that they will do everything with in their considerable power to make sure people are defenseless”