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Manasquan, NJ –-(Ammoland.com)- As the gun control debate rages on, we constantly hear from those on the Pro Victimhood Side that the “you don’t need to have a gun, the police are the trained professionals and will protect you “.

Yet nothing could be further from the truth.

I’m not just a columnist for Ammoland, or just another activist for the Second Amendment, I’m also a Fire / Rescue “first responder” with over a decade of service to my community. I know from first hand experience that the phrase “first responder” is a misnomer, an inaccurate label that has been twisted completely out of context.

The real first responder to ANY incident or emergency is the individual or individuals who are experiencing the event as it happens.

If you are having a meal and someone starts to choke and you perform the Heimlich Maneuver  even if it is ineffective, you are still the “first responder “. The passengers on board the planes on 9/11, particularly those heroes of Flight 93 were first reponders. If you are involved in a car accident and get out of your vehicle to offer aid or assistance to others , YOU are the ‘first responder “. If you have a kitchen fire because the oil in the pan flares, whether you extinguish it with baking soda or a fire extinguisher or even simply slow the fire down while calling 911 to summon Firefighters like me , it is YOUR action as the event occurs that makes the individual person the true “first responder

Regardless of what takes place even mere seconds after an event commences, it is the person and or people who are present at that moment who are “first on the scene”.

As uncomfortable as it may be for many, many people, particularly Anti Gun activists, politicians and media commentators to acknowledge. The inescapable truth, the hard, unforgiving rules of logic and the real world means the same factors exist and cannot be avoided when a shooting such as Aurora Colorado or Newton Connecticut or even simply your run of the mill armed robbery or other violent criminal act takes place, something that happens every day in the Unites States.

Denial of the truth doesn’t make something any less true. In fact, I would argue the opposite. Denying these facts and offering people a false sense of security means to be complicit and enabling things like Connecticut to occur.

If the Fire Dept or Ambulance or Police come to help AFTER being summoned or becoming aware of the unfolding events by whatever means, then they cannot possibly be truthfully called “first responders” under even the most elementary, grade school level rules of proper use of the language of any Country on the planet.

This intentional mis-labeling of who “first responders” actually are is one of the most egregious and offensive symptoms of the sickness of political correctness that has infected our society to epidemic levels. It has been carried out insidiously and deliberately, as a tactic to diminish, if not completely extinguish any sense of individuality or personal responsibility in favor of “The State”.

This twisting of the definition of “first responder” and “let the trained professionals handle it” is to say, “You are not smart enough or capable enough to deal with this, so we will do it for you” .

Yet everyday we hear of stories of heroic , selfless acts performed by ordinary Citizens. Of the mother who super humanly lifts a car off her child, of the neighbor who charges into a burning home with little or no training or equipment to save a friend. Of a beachgoer who sees someone struggling in the surf and dives in to action (literally and figuratively) to save the person. We heard of the same selfless acts of courageous action by the true first responders as the events of Aurora Colorado and Newtown Connecticut unfolded. Of friends and loved ones shielding each other from gunfire, of teachers, left utterly defenseless and served up as sacrificial lambs by anti gun ideologues , still springing into action in defense of others.

Those on the left, the Statists, the tyrants, specifically NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the various Anti Gun Groups and their supporters in Congress and the media, need people to buy into these lies, for if they don’t , if people begin to reclaim their rights, responsibilities , their liberty and power from the State, that is a direct threat to the power and influence of people like Bloomberg.

And they will do whatever is necessary to maintain their unholy vise grip on power and control. Including intentionally lying and misleading those they claim to represent and care about, to the point of advocating for laws that do nothing other then ensure there will be a steady supply of victims, whose deaths they can then shamelessly and ghoulishly exploit to tighten their grasp even further.

Huey Long once famously said: “Fascism will come in the name of Anti Fascism, it will come in the name of security, it will come with the mass media manipulating a clever concentration camp of the mind. The Super State will provide you with tranquility above the truth, and they will make you believe you are living in the best possible of all worlds in order to do so. “

The good news is, even now, it is not yet to late to remind The State that it is We The People who are in charge.

That WE retain the power we LOAN to those in Office and when they abuse that privilege by seeking to further diminish our RIGHTS, we have every moral authority to take our rights and power back from them, by whatever means necessary.


More articles, commentary and information by D. Roberts available at That Every Man Be Armed.com

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Roger Stigliano

I thought this writer might be making an interesting point until I came to that code word “Statist” and the description of Mayor Bloomberg as a “tyrant”. Then I realized he’s just one more fringe insurrectionist with delusions of grandeur.

Chris H

Let’s see, the first responders in Boston were armed–no, wait, they were first responders WITHOUT guns. Your argument is invalid therefore. The only people who had the guns were police.


This message would be worth repeating but in a larger font size and shorter line length. Publishing standards suggest 80 characters and spaces per line. This article is 120 characters and spaces.

For an industry that uses magnification to see those distant targets, how about making this target appear closer.

And, provide a first responder so the first person who noticed the link to the whole article was not working.




Great article. Thank you, Dan.

This needs to be out there on all the media sites. Ignorance enables leftists to control the votes of the good people of America.