Firearms and Freedom: Benefits from Obama

By Alan Chwick & Joanne Eisen

Obama Looking Down
Firearms and Freedom: Benefits from Obama
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AmmoLand Gun News

New York –-( The problem with Karl Marx was that he hypothesized an ideal world, but didn’t pay attention to human behavior. Marxism, and all the social-isms that followed, require 100% cooperation from the populous. And, there can be no dissent.

Yet, of course, there will always be dissent, as someone will complain because such systems can never be equitable to everyone. The system, or rather the scheme, will clog up with dissidents and will go bankrupt. So, the dissents must be quickly squelched and the gulags must fill up rapidly in order to keep the system going.

One of Obama’s problems is that the US Constitution gets in the way of his coercive control of dissident behavior. Americans were never incarcerated in gulags, and we never could be.

Another problem that Obama has is that his financial policies don’t work as promised. They can’t, and they won’t.

Even if his progressive financial and health policies worked well, and folks got everything they wanted, we’d expect that his tyrannical behavior would be forgiven. But left wing policies, like the ‘promises of disarmament creating a safer society,’ just can not ever pan out. If they did work out, what would we be left with – we’d have lazy, disarmed and may be secure societies.

But what we currently have is a middle class that is under severe stress. Families are not thriving. The government is not working for them, but rather, it’s stealing from them. Trust in the system is failing, and even the silent main stream press is becoming confused by the problems created by liberalism.

Not all of this is Obama’s fault, as for decades, the decisions made for us, by our legislators, has tended to weaken us as a nation and as a people. Our Second Amendment friends have talked about this problem for years. Our country is becoming a paper tiger, if we are not there yet.

What Obama did was to take a quick, sharp left turn with a heavy foot on the financial gas pedal. His cronies joyously began to force their favorite programs upon a panicking populous. People could clearly understand that buying firearms and stocking up on ammunition might be a good idea, so they went shopping for safety.

We are now a heavily armed nation and these guns will not easily be given up. (as recently demonstrated by the confusion and willful flaunting of the law in Connecticut)

If not for Obama, and his friends, shunning the quiet hard-working middle-class folks with the vision of where our leaders were headed, we gunnies would still be a few angry people turning as a last resort to useless violence, as our country was stolen and sacked. Instead, Obama has mobilized the sleeping Tea Party masses whose hard won sovereignty is being abused by smiling, lying politicians.

Has Obama’s warning arrived in time?
At this time, many people are still too ignorant to understand that we are on an unsustainable financial and social path. Like in the past, many people wasted their lives based on the false promises that Karl Marx made to his acolytes, and many of those people might not ever be able to function without state aid. Many of today’s children are angrily on that same path because of the freebies and give-a-ways. Corruption and ignorance rules their lives.

But, ‘THANK YOU OBAMA.’ Your left wing IRS friends have stomped on, and awakened, the common folks, causing stubborn, angry patriots to focus on the task of reclaiming their sovereignty. Your philosophically motivated, but politically designed health care system can’t get off the ground and is creating fear, even among those who remain your friends. You choose those friends for financial and political reasons, but you created enemies where none existed before and where none needed to be.

Your attempt to ban a type of guns and make felons of so many peaceful, constructive Americans is stunning in its audacity. (See Democrats War on Guns)

Obama, Americans will never surrender the birthright of their progeny to your kind, to squander and misuse. So places like Oregon, New York, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois and California, whose democrats and republicans have been taking pot-shots at our Second Amendment, and who think you can get in just one more shot – Be it known, that you are in for the political fight of your lives.

The authors:

Mr. Alan J. Chwick has been involved with firearms much of his life, and is currently the Managing Coach of the Freeport Junior Club (FJC), at the Freeport NY Revolver & Rifle Association, Freeport, NY.

Dr. Joanne D. Eisen practices dentistry on Long Island, NY. She has collaborated and written on firearm politics for the past 20 years, and is a Senior Fellows at the Independence Institute in Denver, CO.

Firearms and Freedom: Benefits from Obama

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During the 1960’s there was an old chestnut that “Drugs were for people who can’t handle reality and reality was for people who can’t handle drugs”. I’d like to paraphrase that statement – “Government is for people who can’t handle personal freedom and personal freedom is for people who can’t handle government”.


the website…shtfplan com ran a article yesterday in Connecticut. it seems the state police are warning people to turn in their firearms or their coming to get them. a resistance group has wrote letters and placed them around town with the names of legislators that banned their firearms. they are giving fair warning their guns wont be taken!!!


vote out every liberal/gun hater you can before we the people have to go to war against our crooked government – remove all judges even the supreme court ( which the senate can ) that vote against any part of the Constitution from the way it was written – charge OSCUMBAG and HOLDER with treason OR JUST Take them out and hang them from a tree

Mike Crognale

Says it all.