NJ Senate President Sweeney Officially Goes Full Anti-Gun Kool Aid Drinker On Twitter

By Dan Roberts

Steve Sweeney Twitter Account
Steve Sweeney Twitter Account
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-(Ammoland.com)- He has made it official folks, so there is absolutely no reason to “play nice” anymore.

In a barrage of Tweets Monday afternoon attempting to rationalize the betrayal of his Oath of Office, and promises to Citizens that “as long as I am Senate President you can rest assured that not a single Anti Gun Bill will reach the floor for debate” NJ Senate President Steve “Sellout” Sweeney parroted no less then seven long dis-proven lies or misrepresentations of facts from various Anti Gun Groups.

Lets take them apart one by one shall we?

Journal of Trauma, Injury, Infection and Critical Care
Journal of Trauma, Injury, Infection and Critical Care Bogus Study

Whats never mentioned with this particular statistic is that the age and demographic group cited is overwhelmingly comprised of juvenile criminals and gang-bangers from broken homes in the inner Cities, using firearms to settle scores, commit crimes and control turf. People who are, in nearly all cases, either because of age or criminal record, already prohibited from even touching, let alone owning a gun.

Average of 32 people
“Average of 32 people” myth, fails to mention the dramatic reduction in gun related injuries or the thousands of live saved by guns each day.

The Brady Campaign has an extensive and well documented history of stretching beyond all bounds of reason the common definition of who is considered a ” child”. On more then one occasion going so far as to publicly claim that 24 yr old adults are actually “children” Its a well worn and transparent effort to appeal to emotion and intentionally create the false impression that thousands of actual children are gunned down annually.
The fact is, the FBI has shown repeatedly that actual child injuries or deaths caused by firearms, either through accidents or intentional action has been trending drastically downward for the last twenty plus years. So much so that even the notoriously Anti Gun Centers for Disease Control recently dropped “firearms” from their list of most common causes of injury or death among children.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns
Mayors Against Illegal Guns, No Such Report Found + they are a group dedicated to banning guns.

I just checked the Mayors Against Illegal Guns website ( and feel significantly dirtier for having been exposed to it ) and I cannot find a single mention of any such report. The only entries with a dateline of Sept 2013 deal with calls for Background Check Fixes and Online Sales. Not to mention that Mayors Against Illegal Guns is a group dedicated to banning human right to arms.

 36 mass shootings involving high capacity magazines
“36 mass shootings” quoting a group of none liars – Violence Policy Center

Sweeney is going to hang his betrayal on the claims of the Violence Policy Center? A group that has a notorious reputation for lying and openly admits to it ? I could seriously write a book about the various lies told by the VPC, but we will let the Executive Directors words speak for themselves in this case.

“The public’s confusion over fully-automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons — anything that looks like a machine gun is presumed to be a machine gun — can only increase the chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons.” Josh Sugarmann Executive Director Violence Policy Center.

Well, I guess it makes sense in a way. If you’ve proven your willing to lie to your Constituents then your certainly likely to surround yourself with liars.

12,000 Americans were killed by guns
12,000 Americans were killed by guns

Yet another intentionally misleading, no context statement, from left leaning “Slate” of all places, which might as well simply rename itself Pravda.

Again, it is widely documented, including from official government sources such as the FBI’s Annual Uniform Crime Reports as well as the CDC and numerous other entities that the vast majority of the roughly twelve thousand deaths that occur each year related to firearms are related to criminal activity and suicides. The Anti Gun Groups and their enablers in the media love to conflate things when it comes to anything to do with guns, its their default position. They will literally do anything they can think of, including things like claiming “twenty something adults” are actually “children” as I already pointed out. Or lumping in all firearms related deaths, regardless of cause, to intentionally inflate the number as high as possible and create the false impression that there is a huge crisis where none exists.

No one has yet explained exactly why anyone should care about criminals killing each other in the commission of crimes.

In fact, I would venture to say most people would be of the opinion that they got what they deserved. In the same vein, no one has put forth a cogent argument as to why Citizens, having done nothing wrong, should be punished, “ inconvenienced ” ( to use Sweeney’s words) or have their Rights restricted because of the actions of criminals. Similarly, suicide are tragic and could stand more focused prevention related to mental health care, but if a person is contemplating suicide they will use whatever means they can find, be it drugs, rope, cars or guns, and as is well demonstrated in Japan, a society with practically no guns in civilian hands can have equally high suicide rates. I’m reminded of a C.S. Lewis quote about omnipotent moral busy bodies bent on saving us from ourselves.

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber barons cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” ~ C. S. Lewis

Mass Shootings Since Newtown
Mass Shootings Since Newtown: Database that Sweeney references in this tweet is actually titled “Mass Killings” by USA Today & includes all manners of death or homicide, not just those committed with firearms.

The USA Today Database that Sweeney references in this tweet is actually titled “Mass Killings” by USA Today ( https://tiny.cc/1jmwbx ) and includes all manners of death or homicide, not just those committed with firearms. A thorough review of those incidents that did involve firearms reveals that the vast majority of them are related in some way to criminal activity, have taken place in “murder/suicides” of family members inside private homes, and in at least one case the killer was a Police Officer, the very person who is constantly held up as an “Only One”. The only people deemed professional enough, trained enough, and stable enough to carry weapons or have access to “Assault Weapons”(sic). By the way, Police Officers actually have regular and routine access to true assault weapons, selective fire “machine guns” and other firearms that have been heavily restricted from the public for over 70 years, as opposed to Semi Automatic Rifles that cannot fire more then once per trigger pull and simply share cosmetic appearances and nothing more with their Military and Law Enforcement issued “cousins“. Remember that quote from Josh Sugarmann? Read it again.

Quinnipiac Poll
Quinnipiac Poll

Without knowing precisely which poll Sweeney is referring to, its difficult to determine exactly where this stat comes from. I checked with Quinnipiac and found several possible result, none of which mesh with Sweeney’s claimed of “70 percent support banning High Capacity Magazines”.

A November 19th Quinnipiac Poll from Colorado ( post recall) shows that there is a straight down the middle split when it comes to the question of banning so called “High Capacity Magazines”(sic) With 49 percent of respondents in support and 48 percent opposed, not factoring in the margin of error.

A Feb 5 2014 Quinnipiac Poll, also in Colorado, and asking the same question pertaining to “High Capacity Magazine” bans shows a slight uptick in support to 50 percent in support and 47 percent opposed. But this is also still well within any standard margin of error for polling on any issue and far, far removed from anything approaching 70 percent in support.

I strongly suspect that the poll Sweeney is talking about is one from this time last year, widely described as showing an astonishing 90 percent support for virtually every aspect of President Obama’s Anti Gun Agenda, even amongst gun owners. The problem is that level of support was never even close to being accurate, in fact it was unheard of on virtually any issue facing this Country for the last half Century.

As this became more and more obvious, then number was regularly revised downward to 70 percent support, still an unprecedented level of support for any domestic policy question in generations.

Then there are the well documented problems with the veracity of such poll numbers based on factors such as the truthfulness of poll answers, as well as what person or group has commissioned the poll in question. Something I wrote about extensively last year.

Sellout” Sweeney has gone from a long time NRA A Rated Senator who promised that not further Anti Gun Legislation would reach the Senate Floor, to the very embodiment of the Vichy French, selling out his fellow Citizens and supporters to their enemy in an effort to secure for himself his ascendancy to the Throne of NJ governor in 2016, consequences be damned.

About Dan Roberts Dan Roberts is a grassroots supporter of gun rights that has chosen AmmoLand Shooting Sports News as the perfect outlet for his frank, ‘Jersey Attitude’ filled articles on Guns and Gun Owner Rights.As a resident of the oppressive state of New Jersey he is well placed to be able to discuss the abuses of government against our inalienable rights to keep and bear arms as he writes from deep behind NJ’s Anti-Gun iron curtain. Read more from Dan Roberts or email him at [email protected] You can also find him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dan.roberts.18

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33k deaths a year from car crashes, yet no one blames vehicles.
Sweeny is most likely in Bloombergs pocket.

Sick of Sweeney

A white trash senator with a GED.

Sweeney is a Racist liar

Frank Jack Fiamingo

Amazing work, Dan!


“We are legion” and we are “Stronger than the storm” of Sweeney’s BS.

David Plowman

As a NJ resident, I’ve had to listen to Sweeny’s line of BS for years. He is a typical liberal, of which we have far too many, twisting the truth or downright lying to make his “point”. While I have some hope 2A will change the firearms landscape here, politicians like Sweeny will always find a way around a court decision, legal or not. Also as a NJ resident, with rampant crime quickly moving into the suburbs, the protection a handgun affords is priceless. Unfortunately, here, and the rest of the country, the liberal politicians know better than us how… Read more »

vom brunhaus

Alan, its called political harassment. Also Payback for ANJRPC taking NJ to Supreme Court over CCW Right.

Vom Brunhaus

FYI there is a Recall petition in progress in NJ regarding Dictator Sweeney. Sure wish they start one for his AH buddy Lou Greenwald NJ Assembly. This mag ban (again) is political harassment as its brought forward again after it failed last year. Also a payback for ANJRPC taking NJ to Supreme Court over CCW. Wish All Gun Assoc. NRA especially get moving at NJ. https://www.recallsweeney.com/


All I want to say is this is a great story, well written. It is hard to fathom why after all the anti-gun owners legislation that these same people tried to introduce and it was luckily vetoed by Gov Christie. And why after they were defeated do they turn right around and try the same thing all over again? What a total waste of tax payers money. They have nothing better to do than impose more gun restrictions and violate people’s rights even more? Why can’t even one of this group of males without courage take a chance and see… Read more »

Jack Pyle


Good stuff…I might add that Josh Sugarmann is widely credited as the one that invented the term “assault weapon” in order to confuse the public into believing that gun owners were walking the streets with military class weapons. That was the context of the “lie” quote above, I believe.