Lights, Sights, Lasers Training Workshop Comes To Independence Township, New Jersey

Lights, Sights, Lasers Tour Training
Lights, Sights, Lasers Tour Training

Lights, Sights, Lasers LE/MIL US Tour set to deliver FREE accredited training to Law Enforcement and Military personnel on April 21st & 22nd hosted by the Independence Township Police Department in Great Meadows, New Jersey.

Lights, Sights, Lasers 2014 US Tour
Lights, Sights, Lasers 2014 US Tour

FORT WORTH, TX –-( Lights, Sights, Lasers 2014 LE/MIL US Tour, the premier provider of FREE accredited training to Law Enforcement and Military personnel, will present its program at Cobra One Training in Great Meadows, New Jersey on April 21st & 22nd.

The Lights, Sights, Lasers Tour anticipates delivering world-class training by Wes Doss and his team of Khyber professionals to more than 1,000 students this year from multiple local, state and federal agencies across the United States. During these training events, students receive first-hand exposure to the latest firearms sighting solutions from XS Sight Systems, tactical flashlights from TerraLUX and weapon-mounted lasers from Crimson Trace.

“The LSL Tour is an exciting opportunity for officers and agencies to receive professional training to help increase their abilities in real-world circumstances,” said Wes Doss, Lead Trainer and founder of Khyber Interactive Associates. “I’ve designed the course curriculum and am especially proud of the positive impact we’re making and the outstanding response received from students and our host agencies.” A portion of the training day is conducted in low-light conditions, providing students with the rare opportunity to train for encounters and confrontations that occur at night or in total darkness.

Sponsors of the Lights, Sights, Lasers 2014 LE/MIL US Tour have partnered to deliver this accredited training program through instruction from Wes Doss of Khyber Interactive Associates and is intended for firearms instructors and tactical officers along with law enforcement and military professionals assigned to specialty details/assignments. These one-day (8 hour) accredited workshops are being hosted by ten departments from Florida to Washington State and offer FREE training to the attending student.

For additional Tour information and to register for training visit Class sizes are limited and pre-registration is required. Follow the Tour on Facebook at

Upcoming Lights, Sights, Lasers LE/MIL US Tour Dates & Locations

  • April 21 & 22: Independence Township PD – Great Meadows, NJ
  • May 19 & 20: Ohio State Parks / ODNR – Nashport, Ohio
  • May 29 & 30: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office – Phoenix, AZ
  • June 9 & 10: Minnesota School of Business, Dept. of Criminal Justice – Jordan, MN
  • September 15 & 16: Richland Police Department – Richland, WA
  • October 16 & 17: San Antonio Police Department – San Antonio, TX
  • October 20 & 21: Marine Corps Air Station – Yuma, AZ

This program is funded and made possible by the Lights, Sights, Lasers 2014 Official Tour Sponsors:

XS Sight Systems; Steyr Arms, Inc.; Blade-Tech Industries; Crimson Trace; DRD Tactical; Rainier Arms; The Sharps Rifle Company; Gargoyles Eyewear and TerraLUX, Inc.