Team Safariland’s Maggie Reese Takes High Lady Div at the 19th Annual Superstition Mystery Mountain Match

Maggie Reese
Team Safariland’s Maggie Reese Takes High Lady Div at the 19th Annual Superstition Mystery Mountain Match
Safariland Group
Safariland Group

ONTARIO, California – -( Safariland congratulates team member Maggie Reese on her recent win at the Superstition Mystery Mountain (SMM) 3-Gun Match.

Reese used her Safariland ELS Rig and 014 Open Class Competition holster to give her the edge needed to win the High Lady Division for the third time.

Reese competed in 11 challenging stages with a round count of more than 350.

“Using the Shotgun Speedloader Holder (6005-12) allowed me the quick access needed for rapid reloads during the shotgun stages while keeping the remaining speedloaders securely in place throughout the match,” stated Reese.

This is Reese’s second win using the 6005-12. The ELS Rig was also a key factor in the match, allowing for the speedy transitions between dedicated rifle, pistol, or shotgun stages.

Safariland is a longtime sponsor of the SMM 3-Gun match and is very proud of Maggie Reese.

“Between shooting and having to transport about 100 rounds to each stage, the ability to change equipment out quickly and securely has proved to be very valuable, letting the competitor focus on the match,” stated Scott Carnahan, Vice President, Category Marketing, and Team Manager for Safariland.

He continued,

“The design of the 6005-12 Shotgun Speedloader Holder included direct input from Team Safariland members, like Reese. Their insights as champion shooters are key to developing products that help competitors win matches.”

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