Gun Owners Beat Back Gun Bans & Gun Registration In New Hampshire

New Hampshire Capitol Building
Gun Owners Beat Back Gun Bans & Gun Registration In New Hampshire
Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC –-( First, there was Nevada, where Gun Owners of America (GOA) and its allies defeated Bloomberg-backed gun control last year.

Then there was Colorado, when former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg poured in hundreds of thousands of dollars in an effort to save two state senators who had voted for gun control. Bloomberg lost.

Just recently, billionaire Michael Bloomberg targeted New Hampshire for his anti-gun crusade. But thankfully, Gun Owners of America was able to defeat his attempts to pass gun control “lite” in the state.

This state, perceived by Bloomberg as an anti-gun blue state, was to be the test case to show it was possible to enact gun control on a state-by-state basis, outside New York and Connecticut.

This is why gun owners all around the country should celebrate what happened in New Hampshire. We can all be encouraged by the fact that the Granite State has sent Bloomberg packing, licking his wounds.

First to drop was Bloomberg’s universal gun registration, comparable to the federal Toomey-Manchin proposal. This was killed in the Democratic House on a procedural question by one vote.

Then last week, the House unanimously, by voice vote, killed another piece of legislation which was originally introduced to speed up the submission of names to the NICS system in the case of, for example, Alzheimer’s patients who had had a guardian appointed.

Actually, the bill would have sent the names of many other people who had guardians to the NICS prohibited persons list. If a person was knocked unconscious in a car accident and the hospital appointed a guardian, then that person’s name would be sent to NICS as well.

This defeat of the bill came after GOA had teamed up with the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition — a truly pro-gun group in the state — to oppose the bill. GOA and NHFC both issued multiple grassroots alerts and made direct appeals to legislators in the state capitol.

GOA also authored op-eds in state newspapers.

Sadly, a couple of “pro-gun” groups had pushed the legislation in New Hampshire to send lots of additional names to NICS. They felt that, if the liberal media saw that gun groups were willing to assist in taking away gun rights from some people, then the “gun lobby” would be viewed more favorably. Suffice it to say that this strategy never, ever works.

Many other states are now facing battles to send more names to NICS. In New Hampshire, persons appointed guardians are supposedly given a modicum of due process.

But, in fact, all of their rights are routinely deemed to be waived. Innocent seniors who had spent all of their lives building a gun collection for their children would have suddenly found their names on the FBI’s “gun ban” list, even though they posed no danger to anyone.

The bottom line: We need to look more closely at demands for more NICS submissions from supposedly “pro-gun” groups. And we especially need to look at whether people who are being pushed into the NICS system have actually received due process.

Sometimes we need to ask the leaders of “pro-gun” groups: What part of infringed don’t you understand?

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“Live Free or Die!”


when you’re writing an article, and there’s a big win against gun control for the people. Give credit to the people, they need to realize that it was their doing that allowed for someone to bring it to pass. People need to know that they make a difference, that’s how you get more people involved.

Kenneth P

I am glad to see that these folks with big bucks such as Bloomberg cannot buy votes and policy like they think they can (simply said)


Bravo! I had bern folowing this but lost track. Happy to hear it.