New Jersey Senate Democrats Pass Two Gun Control Bills Despite Massive Protests

New Jersey Democrat Gun Banners Loretta Weinberg and Steve Sweeney
The top New Jersey Democrats responsible for the Gun Bans, Loretta Weinberg and Steve Sweeney

Charlotte, NC –-( Yesterday, the New Jersey Senate approved a pair of damaging gun control bills.

Senate Bill 993, sponsored by state Senator Loretta Weinberg (D-37) would further restrict New Jersey’s magazine capacity restriction from 15 to 10 rounds, passed on a party line 21 to 17 vote.

Also yesterday, the state Senate passed Assembly Bill 2777 on a party line 21 to 17 vote.  The bill sponsor, Assemblyman Joseph Lagana (D-38), purported to introduce A.2777 as a fix to the state’s longstanding transportation law which has ensnared honest, law-abiding gun owners.

However, Second Amendment supporters were never consulted on its language and were ignored when they proposed a one-word amendment to fix the bill.  It’s clear that anti-gun state legislators have no intention of offering a genuine solution and are simply playing political games in Trenton.

During the legislative process, both bills were amended by the state Senate, and must therefore be returned to the House for its concurrence.  Due to the fact that the Assembly has already adopted early versions of these bills, the outcome is likely a foregone conclusion and the legislation’s next stop will be Governor Chris Christie (R).

Using the contact information provided below, please call Governor Christie and ask him to oppose and veto these dangerous bills, S.993 and A.2777, which do nothing except punish law-abiding gun owners.

Call Governor Chris Christie:
(609) 292-6000
Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:

  • 13 thoughts on “New Jersey Senate Democrats Pass Two Gun Control Bills Despite Massive Protests

    1. People in new jersey you have a right to get how many guns and as many rounds as it can hold, you do not need to listen to the government……. gets lots and lots of 25 30 40 75 and 100 round devices as You see fit……

      Isnt that the old bag from all in the family….. get rid of the old bat…….

    2. The second amendment is the second amendment never to be altered or messed with! I am a hunter, target shooter, and advocate of home and self protection, and so are all of my many many friends both republican and democrats. My democratic friends have said if these or any gun control laws are passed they will never vote for another “DEMOCRAT”.You work for we the people not the other way around

    3. This is the will of the people?? Citizens of New Jersey, these politituons work for you, not the other way around!! Fire them and take control back or lose all freedom!! You can save you’re state from this socio-communist control!!

    4. If the bill passes after it goes to the House then those legislators voting for limited magazine size become complicit in the death or injury of any citizen who runs out of ammunition while being under attack or home invasion.

    5. Goes to show how smart them 2 are… really ???? do they truly think and believe we as the American citizens are dumb and can not think with our own brains, abide by your own rulings in YOUR own homes and NOT THE homes of us citizens of America.. you both are selfish greedy self centered foolish fools. go get a real life of your own and leave the American people alone let people be free and HAPPY and stop all the B/S.. the American people are feed up and are sick and tired of dictatorship and we the people can and will fend for our own for our self’s we do not need a governing dictating selfish greedy bulling government. the American public do not need your kind in our public offices. we ARE a FREE nation under god and WE the AMERICAN citizens DEMAND our freedom and OUR rights to a free happy life. we pay the taxes to hire a government to do what the citizens of the majority wants and NOT such people as yourselfs.. now go get a real life of your own………….

    6. New Jersey can pass all of the Anti-Constitutional “laws” they wish. Just make *sure they stay INSIDE New Jersey or they will be arrested. The rest of America has no more time for communists

    7. Any gun owner or person concerned about their ability to defend themselves that votes for a Democrat is an idiot. NJ liberal legislators are following the disgusting lead of NY’s liberals. And I doubt Christie will have the guts to veto this sadly misdirected legislation.

    8. I have been to some of the anti-gun hearing at our state capitol in Denver…I was amazed at the ignorance of those who sit on the committee on the issues of new gun regulations, etc…These people know nothing about guns…They don’t necessaryily care to hear from those who do know something about firearms and or statistic involving firearms…Yet they take it upon themselves to be judge and jury and pass anti-gun laws that are indeed stupid and frivolous…Without the citizens approval and or not being allowed to vote on the issues placed before the committee…It’s like the dumb leading the blind…They being both!

    9. What, you are surprised? Don’t be silly. simply good socialists and Communists doing what they do. Got to get those guns out of the hands of citizens as soon as possible so other ultra- special programs can help. Until this is all made much more personal for state politicians across the country it will continue.

    10. Wow! Just think of all the lives this new Gun-Control legislation will save.

      I’m sure all the gang bangers, dope dealers, and people planning a mass killing will turn in their old magazines and purchase NEW compliant 10 round magazines.

      Too bad the only people who will comply with the law are the good, honest, law abiding citizens who we need not fear.

      Another well intentioned DUMB idea by liberal politicians that “know better” than the people THEY SERVE, the people who work and are taxed to pay THEIR salaries.

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