Remington Announces Corporate Consolidation Across Multiple States

Freedom Group Companies
Freedom Group Companies

Madison, NC –-( “Earlier today we announced the consolidation of multiple company plants into our Huntsville, AL facility. ”

“This was a strategic business decision to concentrate our resources into fewer locations and improve manufacturing efficiency and quality. ”

“We are working hard to retain as many people from the affected facilities as possible.” said Teddy Novin Director of Public Affairs for Freedom Group, Inc, parent company of Remington Arms.

The companies being relocated and their current locations are:

  • Advanced Armament Corp, Lawrenceville, Georgia;
  • Montana Rifleman, Kalispell, Montana
  • TAPCO, Kennesaw, Georgia
  • LAR Manufacturing, West Jordan, Utah
  • Para-Ordnance, Pineville, North Carolina
  • DPMS, St. Cloud, Minnesota.
  • Additionally, the Bushmaster production and Remington 1911 production lines will also be relocating from Ilion, New York.

The company will be offering relocation opportunities but an attractions of modern state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities like the one in Huntsville, Alabama is their innate ability to eliminate employee head count without negatively impacting production outputs.

“The moves make perfect business sense. Consolidating the disparate resources into a manufacturing (and firearm-friendly) state while culling duplicity will make for a leaner, more efficient company. In the long run, there’s no doubt this will be a good thing for Remington. The kicker, though, is how the move affects employees. ”

“We’ve heard from our sources that employees were offered small severance packages and a memo went out Remington Outdoor Company ( ROC )-wide stating that individuals interested in moving to Huntsville should speak to their supervisors about opportunities.” comments Rob Curtis at

Frank Miniter at commented:

“Remington’s plant in New York State has been on shaky ground ever since the state passed the SAFE Act, a massive gun-control bill that bans the sale of an expansive list of what [New York] deems “assault weapons,” including the AR-15s made by Remington Outdoor Company in Ilion.”

“A lot of gun companies have been moving. Most of the moves are a result of anti-gun politics in states such as New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Colorado and California. The catalyst for Remington’s moves is certainly in part New York’s ban on the sale of some of its most popular products, but it is also about staying viable economically.”

“A lot of gun companies have been moving (mostly south) into more gun-friendly states, but they’ve also been moving into more modern facilities so they can better compete in America’s vibrant and growing gun market.”

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Winchester had a major .22 recall not long ago, and they may make ammo for more companies than just Winchester.

I read it read it at the back of WMart on the board and on the Winchester site.

the king can’t take the gun but he can take the ammo.why dose the govt. need all that .22lr ammo.

The Rifleman

I think this move from N.Y. is long overdue, and a very wise decision for sure. I wander is this move might also cause Remington to be able to put a lot more ammo on the dealer shelves, and in particular, .22 L.R. It would be very nice to see Remington step up and do something about this ammo shortage situation!


I wish Remington the best but I do feel sorry for the employees of the companys that are relocating
it’s real hard to pull up stakes and move after you have built a life elsewhere especially in the enviroment obama has put us all in , good luck to all !