Armed American Radio Exposes Everytown for Gun Safety ’74 Shootings’ Lie

Mark Walters and journalist Charles C. Johnson to expose Everytown for Gun Safety “School Shooting” and the mainstream media on AAR this Sunday 6-15-2014.

Mark Walters
Mark Walters
Armed American Radio
Armed American Radio

Atlanta GA –-(  Together AAR host Mark Walters and journalist Charles C. Johnson will expose the lies of the Bloomberg funded front groups “Everytown for Gun Safety”, “Moms Demand Action” and the media outlets who parrot their claims of “74 school shootings since Newtown,” by covering each incident one by one.

Known for “stretching” the truth to further their political agenda, the Bloomberg funded groups have embarrassingly duped a mainstream media too lazy to vet the anti-gun groups claims that a simple Google search would show to be completely false.

Host Mark Walters said, “During last weeks national broadcast, Dr. John Lott described the misleading statistics from the Bloomberg camp. After news of the Oregon shooting broke, I became angrier by the minute watching Fox News’ Shepard Smith repeatedly claim that the incident was the “74th school shooting” since Newtown.

That phony number prompted me to research every single claimed “school shooting” listed on the “Everytown” site for myself. Journalist Charles C. Johnson did the same thing with his reporting being covered by The Blaze showing just how misleading these phony stats are.

Starting Sunday 6-15-2013, I will cover every single claimed “school shooting” one by one, dedicating however many AAR weekly shows it takes me to get through the list.

Together Charles and I will expose the blatant lies and outright deception of the Bloomberg anti-gun machine… and I can’t wait.”

Armed American Radio is distributed by Salem Radio Network and heard every Sunday 8-11p ET, 5-8p PT

For more information about Mark Walters and Armed American Radio, please visit: Visit:

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Tred Law

@BoJangles, I just could not let you get a way with so many wrong facts in one comment. You should sue whoever provided your education as you got robbed. A: The Second Amendment is a right from GOD, driving a car is a privilege that is given to you by the state one can be regulated the other can not. B: Passing more gun Control laws only effects people who follow the law criminals are not effected. C: Guns are not registered and criminals do not get gun permits. – If we did what you suggest and licensed people to… Read more »


The criteria for the list was that a firearm was discharged on or near school properties… seems a bit heartless to dismiss any gun violence just because it didn’t fit the mold of a traditional school shooting. Gang violence, suicide, altercations… these are still violent, criminal acts committed in the immediate vicinity of, and in most cases towards, children. I get that you don’t want to see the possession of firearms made illegal, but there has to be some measure of reasonable regulation to the possession of a firearm. After all, we don’t let people have atomic bombs, or certain… Read more »


The bottom line that should be made is if the media would stop giving free cheap fame to these people by putting their pictures and names out there, they would go away. The media knows this and love it every time something like this happens. It gives them “reason” to attack guns and innocent people while coddling criminals. They are making criminals jobs so much more easy.