Is Kalispell, Montana the de facto Patriot HQ? – The New Zion?

By James White

Flathead Valley, Montana
Flathead Valley, Montana
NorthWest Liberty News
NorthWest Liberty News

Montana – -(  Let me begin by addressing those of you who might be upset that I am giving away some kind of secret about the redoubt value of the Flathead Valley, Montana.

Sure, there are times and situations that require one to maintain OPSEC, but with multiple military vehicles flying over my house, now seemingly on a daily basis, and the appearance of DHS, which I reported on here, the jig is up on Kalispell and surrounding areas.

TPTB know about its strategic value as much, or more, than we do in the Patriot community.

In a radio interview with The Liberty Brothers last week, Patriot Pastor Chuck Baldwin stated that he thinks the Flathead Valley of Montana has become the new de facto headquarters of the Patriot Movement.  Pastor Baldwin should know, as he has seen the congregation at Liberty Fellowship balloon from a handful of members, to packed houses on Sunday and Wednesday.  And, here is the best part.  Most of the members of Pastor Baldwin’s congregation are NOT from Montana.

That’s right.  Most of the fellowship, including myself, moved to the Flathead Valley from points elsewhere.  Many of which answered the call that God placed on their heart to relocate, including, again, myself and my family.

With no exaggeration, I can say that I have met over 50 families who all share the same story about following God’s calling.

So, is Pastor Baldwin right about the Flathead Valley being the new Patriot HQ?  Perhaps, he is.  A statement like that is somewhat subjective, but I will not argue with him.  I feel more strongly that God is preparing this place for a work of His choosing, but for that we will need to wait and see.  I created the video below to accompany this article.  If the Flathead Valley is, in fact, the New Zion, I want all those who will make the pilgrimage to get a preview of what’s in store.

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Why are you luring people to Montana from the 4 corners of the world? Don’t you know that we Montanans do not want out of staters who are in LOVE with Montana to lure more out of staters here?!! Stop being a freeking travel agent and trying to get more city folk like yourself to move to Montana!

MechArmor Defense Systems

Hey Greg, We are in MT & NH as well, and have been looking for shop here in MT. Do you know of any hungry weapon Mfging or machine shops in the Valley that may want to Mfg an AR part for us? If so, please contact me at [email protected] Our site is: And PS: Ol’Vet – The valley isn’t a weak position for them, its where the rest of us outside of it in MT will be walking over all the dead UN & traitor scum from the other side while on our way to take a swim… Read more »


Greetings Ol’ Vet Semper Fi Buddy! I am 12 yr fmr Marine, infantry. SSGT. If SHTF, there may well not be a govt capable of doing much. A new country can emerge from the ashes. A new military force can emerge from the headquarters – well armed with NEMO company weapons…and others. Well trained from fmr military. Learn the lessons from Finland in WW2; the Vietcong. Ever read from Ragnar Benson? Care to try to bring in a few tanks? They wont get out. What escape routes would those helos target. Who is attempting to escape anywhere? All will stand… Read more »


I don’t know about the patriot stuff, but that small area and the area around if for 50 miles has a bunch of firearm related companies manufacturing there.

Ol' Vet

So your Flathead valley is the redoubt for Amerika? Good place to restrain your movements and escape routes. A fleet of AH64 Helos would have a field day to know the “headquarters of the Patriot movement” is located in those mountains…
And a “patriot preacher” is gonna lead to where?

Oh Well, If SHTF it would be a place to hide for a while. What about the other 10 or 100 million patriots? What is “headquarters” gonna do about them, if anything or nothing?

As the Japanese would say “Rots o’ Ruck”..