Remington Announces R51 Pistol Exchange

Remington R51 Pistol
Remington R51 Pistol

Madison, NC –-( Earlier this year, we launched the innovative R51 subcompact pistol to critical acclaim.

During testing, numerous experts found the pistol to function flawlessly. In fact, they found it to have lower felt recoil, lower muzzle rise and better accuracy and concealability than other products in its class.

However, after initial commercial sales, our loyal customers notified us that some R51 pistols had performance issues.

We immediately ceased production to re-test the product. While we determined the pistols were safe, certain units did not meet Remington’s performance criteria. The performance problems resulted from complications during our transition from prototype to mass production. These problems have been identified and solutions are being implemented, with an expected production restart in October.

Anyone who purchased an R51 may return it and receive a new R51 pistol, along with two additional magazines and a custom Pelican case, by calling Remington at (800) 243-9700.

The new R51 will be of the same exceptional quality as our test pistols, which performed flawlessly.

We appreciate your patience and support.

Remington R51 Pistol
Remington R51 Pistol
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Anthony lucido

Rem talked to me after a year and a half Ann said they are not trading r1 45 cal anymore so I think I will put it in a shadow box and hang it in my buddy’s shop then go from shop to shop with the words Remington biggest mistake

Anthony lucido

I bought the r51 almost a year ago I was going to send it back but I see that it took about a year to get another one I would like to send it now for a 1911 r1 if they are still doing that .ii don’t like to wate

Tom Carie

My R-51 was returned to Gander Mountain the day after I purchased it when I found out that the slide was frozen and couldn’t be racked. Sure won’t leave the gun store again without doing that. After several phone calls and delays Remington agreed to refund my purchase. Love my Remington 700’s, but not sure that I’d buy another pistol until it’s been tried and proven for at least a year. Too many new guns hitting the market with issues.


I just heard about the recall today and called to find out whats going on. I was told that I have three options..

1. Return and wait for a replacement with 2 extra mags and a custom Pelican case. The production release has been pushed back through the first quarter of 2015….so maybe April or May is what I was told.
2. Full refund with the original receipt
3. FFL exchange for a new R1


I have been trying to send my R51 back to Remington. I have made calls every week and they can not even send out a box. Not sure if I do send it back if it will be the last time I see it. S&W did a turnaround on a handgun in 4 weeks that is service. Remington has fallen a long way.


I sent my R-51 ,in August it is now Nov.16 have not heard any word from Remington about my replacement pistol.


I bought on of the R51’s in June. I really liked the gun. Like the original, pointability was excellent. Accuracy was good. Felt recoil was less than my other 9 mm.s. Did I have problems? After about 75 rounds I had an occasional FTF. It appeared I was getting a light strike from the firing pin. I had two fail to function with some cheaper ammunition I bought. I had no fail to feed from the Remington or other well known defensive brands I tried. I did send my R51 back to Remington last week. My serial number was fairly… Read more »


I had one of these abominations, probably first production run (April). Gun was put together wrong from the factory, failed to feed, failed to eject, failed to go into battery, and the rear sight walked out of the dovetail in 30 exasperating rounds. I sat for 6 weeks waiting for Rem. to do something, it was only a formal Better Business Bureau complaint that got a response and a full refund. No gun dealer in my area will sell or even special order the gun due to the issues they have had with 100% reporting that everyone they sold had… Read more »


Not surprised they had problems, when you have stupid union thugs making guns you’re going to have problems.

ALL unions should be BANNED


Whatever flavor of syrup one might use, sounds like Remington “stepped in it” here.


I agree with others that gun owners should stop getting excited over new guns and becoming Beta testers for the companies. Sig used to have a fantastic reputation but as of late far too many new guns have come out with issues. I anxiously await the new H&K VP9. A reasonably priced, striker fired H&K 4 years in testing. I have a feeling this one will work from the get go.

Michael Valentine

Consider their position on the 700, only doing a recall recently and on a limited production span. This is no different. Calvin has it right.
What a shame. If only they could have just made the original 51 all over again…now that is a nice pistol…

Calvin Ledford

It is a complete falsehood that Remington has “owned up” to the problem or is “doing right” by anyone. They have been aware of this issue since the very first production R51s hit the shelves, four months ago in March. They are only NOW communicating anything. In fact, they did everything linguistically possible in their carefully crafted, 170 word statement to AVOID owning up to anything. They state “some” R51 had issues – seems to me that they almost ALL do. The state the gun is “safe” but it is not for several reasons, the least of which is that… Read more »


Just what are they “fixing”…..I want to buy but not til the “bugs” are all gone.


Interesting to note the change of quality expectations by consumers over the last 50 years. There has been a definite shift from expecting things to work the first time to accepting defective products and praising the manufacturer for quickly fixing them. Has anyone noticed that gun manufacturers have been producing more and more guns with problems, even Glock and as long as they fix it in a few months, there is no problem. Very interesting, that is all I am saying.

Don Wieteki

Well, I’ve been on hold for 55+ minutes waiting to talk with someone. Needless to say Big Green can’t even answer the phone well. I would settle on my money back and buy a Ruger, much better customer service.

Gene Jacobs

The right thing would have been NOT to do the beta testing on the customers. But that seems to be the way of big corporations. Get it right before you market it. Lexus spent 10 years developing their big sedan before one was ever sold.

Dr Dave

Looks a lot like my Walther PPK and if it is half as fun and accurate it might be my next toy as well. Any idea on $$. If one buys one today will it be the “new one” or do we need to wait till October to make sure we get the new one? Also will we get the extra goodies as well or is that for only those with older stock “potentially” defective goods? Dr D


Good for Remington. It is important to maintain the credibility of your brand by admitting that you made a mistake and to correct it this way. I would definitely consider purchasing an R51 in the future.

Gene Clifford

I’m curious as to what the selling price of this new gun by Remington, is.


Looks like a fine firearm, what’s the retail price on it?

Jeff Cantwell

Sounds like Remington is doing its customers a solid. Good for them, and I’m glad to hear it. I like the look of the gun, but was scared off by the mixed reviews.


It’s refreshing to see a company do the right thing! I don’t own one of those pistols but I am going to go look at them next time I am at the store. Let’s all support companies like Remington!