Nevada Anti-Gun Group Promotes Background Checks Ballot Initiative

fake stats 86 percent for back ground checks
The group is claiming polling shows that 86 percent of Nevadans want more background checks. This is a similar spin on fake stats that we saw with president Obama's claim of “90% of NRA members Support Background Checks” that was thoroughly debunked as false.
National Shooting Sports Foundation
National Shooting Sports Foundation

NEWTOWN, Conn –-( A Nevada group this week began a campaign to collect signatures for a proposed 2016 ballot initiative to expand background checks to cover private transfers of firearms, with limited exceptions.

State Sen. Justin Jones, D-Las Vegas, who sponsored expanded gun background check legislation in the 2013 session, is a leading proponent of the ballot measure.

While Jones' bill, SB221, passed both houses of the Nevada Legislature, it was subsequently vetoed by Gov. Brian Sandoval.

This push for ballot initiatives is similar to the Bloomberg funded gun control push now on the ballot in Washington state:  Read: “Giant Gun Control Scam In The Name Of Background Checks

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  • 4 thoughts on “Nevada Anti-Gun Group Promotes Background Checks Ballot Initiative

    1. Backround checks and drug tests for politicians. Along with free speech annual permits. In duplicate with fingerprints , 3 references , 2 passport sized photos and application signed by cleo and approved by a psychiatrist .
      Whats good for law abiding citizens Second Amendment rights must be good for politicians First Amendment rights.

    2. I’m sure whereas the NRA indorsed Harry Reed in his last election that Harry will be making a public statement against this movement very soon.

    3. State Sen. Justin Jones, D-Las Vegas needs to be removed from office as soon as possible. Anyone promoting such stupidity (because it’s entirely impossible to enforce, amongst many other significant issues) should never be allowed to be in any position that would allow them propose such lame legislation on tax paying citizens….this should piss anyone everyone off..!

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