SCCY CPX-2 CB 9mm Pistol Review ~ 100% Functioning

By Bob Shell

SCCY CPX-2 CB 9mm Pistol
SCCY CPX2-CB 9mm Pistol
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Apache Junction, AZ –-( A new gun making company I ran across is SCCY.

They produce a few semi auto pistols basically for the self-defense market.

According to FBI stats violent crime is going down as gun ownership is increasing.

Anyone who produces a quality and reliable gun at a reasonable price should make out in today’s market. There is a need for companies who can produce a reliable handgun at a reasonable price. Such merchandise will go to a person with a limited budget that needs a handgun for protection. Many times they live in bad neighborhoods so a handgun such as the SCCY is a blessing to them. It is becoming evident that people are starting to realize that they are responsible for them and their family’s protection as the cops can’t be everywhere.

As long as they don’t live in an area that has draconian gun laws (read New Jersey) having a gun for protection is more popular than ever. I can see that such guns will be more popular as more folks realize the need for protecting their loved ones.

SCCY CPX2-CB 9mm Pistol with extra 10 round mag.

The SCCY produces a standard polymer frame double action only handgun. The magazine holds 10 rounds and an extra mag is supplied with each gun.

Most social problems should be solved with 10 rounds especially if you are proficient with it.

The magazine spring is quite strong which should make it more reliable though harder to load. That will be especially true once you get some rounds in it. There are some attractive features included on the SCCY CPX-2 CB 9mm Pistol model.

The rear sight is adjustable and both have white dots which aids in quick aiming. The ambidextrous safety and hold open feature after the last shot are both desirable features. The slide and barrel are both stainless steel and with the locked breech, it should be capable of utilizing +P ammo to an extent. The factories’ advice is to use +P in limited amounts. In reality +P doesn’t need to be shot much, as standard ammo is just fine for practice. You can use +P to dial it in and for carry ammo.

Like virtually all companies, they advise against utilizing handloads, as in reloaded ammo.
However, in the real world we are going to use them due to cost and shortage of factory fodder. Properly crafted handloads are just as safe and reliable as the factory offerings. As I do my testing I want to see how versatile and reliable this gun is. That requires a mix of factory and hand loads with various bullet shapes. In addition, I had several shooters of various experiences try it to give different opinions. Since shooters come in different sizes and shapes it is only fair to evaluate it that way. During testing the gun wasn’t cleaned which is a way of measuring reliability.

SCCY CPX-2 Review
SCCY CPX2-CB 9mm Pistol

The gun feels comfortable in my hand and I can pick up the sights easily. One feature I don’t like is the trigger. It is a double action only and it travels a lot before firing and it is on the heavy side. For those of us who don’t have strong hands that is a problem. If you have the ability to handle the trigger it might just be the carry gun that you are looking for. Several people have shot it, the two complaints are the trigger pull, and the magazine is difficult to load.

The poor trigger pull seems to come with a lot of these double action only handguns. One can only hope someone comes out with a better trigger system.

The MSRP is very reasonable [$314 to $334 depending on model] so if you don’t object to its shortcomings it might be a good option especially for the price conscious consumer. Based on shooting where it does well I can recommend it as long as you are willing to deal with its weak points.

The website provides the basic info that an owner will need including a parts list. It provides info and various specs plus the models they presently produce. As of this writing you can have any caliber as long as it is a 9 mm. They also have a good selection of holsters and a laser option.

For more info is the place to go.

The 9 mm has been around for over a century. It has both its fans and detractors for a self defense handgun. One inescapable fact is ammo today is much better then older production and military ball. Most ammo makers produce good hollow point ammo for carrying. As with any serious social handgun the owner should try out several brands of ammo to see what works best in their gun. For self defense, ammo that jams isn’t an option.

I would give the sights high marks. The white dots are easy to pick up and the rear sight is adjustable for windage.

First time out we shot some of the 115 FMJ handloads and there were no malfunctions of any kind. I didn’t do anything extra to insure reliability as I want to see how finicky this gun is. Three other folks shot it and the one consistent complaint is the heavy trigger pull. It is long and heavy both undesirable characteristics in a self defense gun. Otherwise it is generally comfortable to shoot.

Sig Elite 9mm Luger Ammo
Sig Elite 9mm Luger Ammo

Sig who now makes ammo donated some for this project in a 124 grain HP.

At 7 yards offhand, it displayed excellent accuracy and was jam free. Anyone who knows anything about guns knows that Sig produces excellent weapons and has for a long time. Ammo however is something new and at this time they produce 380, 9 mm, 357 sig, 40 auto and the 45 ACP. I have shot the 9 mm in 3 different pistols and it is a top drawer ammo and well worth trying. For info you can go to

Another interesting concept for the recoil shy shooter who wants good ammo is Liberty Ammo. They make a lead free 50 grain hollow point that will produce close to 2,000 FPS in this gun. It is accurate and reliable and recoil is noticeably less then most conventional ammo. For info you can go to The previously mentioned ammo is excellent for it intended purposes but is pricey so something more economical would be recommended for target practice. The more practice the better.

For practice with this pistol I used Wolf ammo. It has a steel case and FMJ bullets, which is fine for the range. It worked well with no jams or other issues and is accurate enough for target work. For info on their line of ammo you can go to If lead free bullets is your choice Barnes will fill that need and as in all of Barnes products they worked well in this and other 9 mm handguns tried with that ammo. Info can be found at

SCCY CPX-2 CB 9mm Pistol Review
Sarah shooting the SCCY CPX2-CB 9mm Pistol. The gun was shot several hundred times for the test and functioning was 100%.

Further shooting with more shooters tended to reinforce our views of the heavy trigger and large grip to an extent. However, it does not jam with anything tried so far a major plus. The bottom line seems to be if you like the gun then you should probably buy it. Another positive feature is the attractive price. With tight budgets, many face today that is a definite plus. If you are willing to practice with it some it will become easier to use. Any serious social gun (read self defense) should be practiced with a lot regardless.

Keep in mind that no price is a bargain if the gun is not reliable. Everything feeds including all of the cast bullets so that is a major plus.

To give this gun a real test I took some 38 caliber bullets to use including 2 types of cast a 125 grain flat nose and a 130 grain FMJ. I sized them to 356 to avoid difficult chambering. They worked well so for the handloader that is another option.

The gun was shot several hundred times for the test and functioning was 100%.

LOAD                                       BULLET                                 VELOCITY                                    COMMENT

7 grains of HS-6                    115 grain cast RN               1108                                          nice target

7 grains of HS-6                   115 grain cast TC                 1110                                         good load

Barnes XTP + P                       115 grain                        945.5                                         consistent          

6.8 grains of HS-6                 115 grain FMJ                        979.5                                         mild

4.5 grains of Tite Group      115 grain SNS                      1015                                         low SD

Wolf  steel case                    115 grain FMJ                      1038                                         consistent

Sig                                           124 grain HP                         1025                                          consistent

6.5 grains of HS-6                125 grain Berry FP               896.6                                       ok load

6 grains of HS-6                   130 grain FMJ                     853.6                                        decent

5 grains of HS-6                    147 grain Berry                    682.3                                          slow

Federal Hydra-Shock           147 grain                               813.3                                        nice load      


Model tested                 CPX2-CB              carbon black

  • Caliber  9 mm
  • Capacity      10 + 1
  • Action  DAO   rated at 9 LB. trigger pull
  • OA length        5.7”
  • Width                1.1”
  • Barrel Length          3.1”
  • Weight Empty          15 oz.
  • Sights   3 dot rear adjustable for windage    white dots
  • Available Finishes         Black nitrate, and matt stainless steel
  • Price  $314 to $334 depending on model.
Bob Shell
Bob Shell

About Bob Shell
A Custom Reloader of Obsolete and Antique Ammo, Bob Shell, writes about the subject of Guns, Ammo, Shooting and Related Subjects. Visit:

About SCCY
In 1998, Joe Roebuck recognized the increasing demand for a safe, simple to use, and affordable firearm as a growing number of states enacted legislation to allow concealed-carry permits to law-abiding citizens. With more than three decades of experience in the manufacturing industry, Roebuck set out to apply his skills as a Tool & Die Maker and Mechanical Design Engineer to design the CPX series of 9mm firearms. Visit:

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I don’t understand people who buy a light weight compact double action only 9mm and complain about the heavy trigger pull, recoil, or long range accuracy. If you want light recoil, buy a heavier gun or one that is chambered in a smaller caliber. If you want light trigger pull, buy a gun that can be shot single action. If you want great accuracy at extended range, buy a gun that is designed for that purpose, not a compact double action only self defense weapon. I have a large firearms collection, have been shooting regularly for over 30 years, and… Read more »


Picked one up at a pawn shop for 150……. A 9mm for 150! Hell I hope it’s a good one and not one built on a monday or Friday


I purchased a CPX-2 yesterday and purchased 160 rounds of Hornady Critical Defense 115 grain JHP. I went to the range and fired all 160 rounds. Not one problem with the gun. Recoil was minimal. I will be buying some target ammo and taking the gun to the range again.


Thoroughly happy with this purchase. I paid $265 new about 7 years ago. My dealer is also my leather smith, makes custom, unique holsters for me. He had two CPX and one CPX-2 in his gun safe for sale. I liked the two-tone of the CPX-2, I liked the absence of the manual safety, and the idea of a cheap EDC. (We don’t talk about it, but there’s a likelihood that you’re EDC will be taken as evidence if you’re ever forced to use it in self-defense, or if you just run afoul of an anti-gun LEO. So how much… Read more »

Terry layton

I’m sure this comment won’t make the board. This is the worst pistol I have ever encountered. I went by other comments and purchased one for my daughter. She complained clip was so stiff she had hard time loading it so I attempted to show her and realized even a gorilla couldn’t load the thing. Bought a clip assist loader for $30.00 and that works great. But the Problem is 9MM completely overpowers the light frame and it kicks like a mule. Jams consitantly and we are using premium brass factory ammo. (Remington) Took me over 70 years but I… Read more »


i agree! bought my wife a new cpx2 on dec 30 online , picked up gun a week later , a few days after that we took it out with 250 rds of different makes of ammo , it performed flawless initially , and then with the last several mags it was a jamomatic, i figured it was dirty so we called it a day , i had noticed the frame pins had started walking out about a 16th of an inch . got home and disassembled and found the recoil spring was trashed , i was not happy at… Read more »


Had the gun for a year over 300 rounds through it…only 1 ftf…not sure why you are having such a hard time guy. As for the mags, top notch spring must have if it’s going to be a conceleld carry.

Terry layton

If SCCY paid you for that positive comment they should have at least told you how to spell “concealed carry”!


Sorry auto spell on the phone…no need to be an asshole. If you are a real man who knows how to load a mag, then you should have no problem. I own a lot of pistols and this gun performs well and works well definitely worth the $190 price tag.


Had mine for 3 months shot over 700 rounds of different ammo including reloads and hollow points. Love the cpx-2 to me it’s not much difference in it and m&p except the trigger that make it safer and more assuring it’s not going to be a accident because a trigger bumped under seat, in glovebox, or even carrying open carry in the woods as a finish weapon for hog hunting. I haven’t had not one issue at all. Thanks sccy

Tom Secreto

I wanted to add something that might help those with trigger issues. First and foremost I think to the long DA trigger pull the same as most revolvers in DA mode (without the hammer back) this makes it pretty much the same. I have had NO failures and I carry Critical Defense Lite JHP 100 Gr they are perfect.
Second SCCY sent me a smooth triger for free local gunsmith $35 installation. The customer service and the value in this product is outstanding.
Hope that helps some.


Love my CPX2 CB. Zero malfunctions coming up on 1,500 rounds. As for the trigger, I look at it as a “Safety.” Practice will get one used to the long pull. Use good ammo and keep the pistol clean and it will serve you well.


What is the difference between the CPX-2 and the CPX-2-CB?


I have the CPX2 CB and it is all black. Perhaps the CPX-2 is a different color, or color combination? Just a guess.

Alan Y

Letters after CPX-2 indicate color. CB is all black.

Very happy with the CPX-2. As accurate as I need and very comfortable in a belly band holster.


I bought my Sccy about a year ago. Every time I go to the range I only get to shoot 4 or 5 rounds out of one magazine. It is constantly jamming. My nephew took it apart and oiled it for me. Didn’t help. One of the employees at the range saw that it was jamming. He said to hold the gun tighter. I did and it didn’t help. He shot it and it jammed. He took it and pulled it apart, cleaned it and oiled it yet again. Did that help? No. I like it as it is my… Read more »

Herb Heyman

Contact SCCY. Their customer service is #1. Sounds like you have a defective magazine. I’m sure SCCY will replace it, ASAP.

harris Allen

It comes with two mags. Does it happen with both?

Warren Dennison

Polish the feed ramp until bullet goes in and out easy.

Tom Secreto

I just got the sccy 2 CB and while only going to the range once with it so far I was quite impressed. The fact that I also used my 3 month old Sig P320 Carry made it unfare being side by side. Only issues are with the trigger, I can deal with the pull since it is like a revolver but I wish the trigger was smooth and not with those groves. The pull can be adjusted by the gunsmith and possibly swap out the trigger if it keeps the warranty in place. I was surprised to see that… Read more »

Tom Secreto

My scry 2 shoots perfect and the trigger was bothering me so I called customer support and they sent me a smooth trigger free. They really do have the best customer support. As it turns our I still have not switched out the trigger since I have gotten used to it and it really is just like a DA revolver. BTW, I also have a Sig P320 carry that I switched the lower to a compact in under 2 minutes. I agree not to compare side by side with almost anything. I use Critical defense 115 gr. HP for carry.


Tim……You have got to be kidding me! I bought this weapon and am truly thrilled with it. It is not a Glock,Kimber,or Springfield by far but it is a very reliable low budget gun. You sound like the type person that buys a Lincoln Navigator expecting to get Toyota gas mileage. Be realistic bruh!

Herbert Heyman

Bought my CPX2 CB four. months ago. Hundreds of rounds fired – zero problems. Love the gun. Great ergonomics. Solid build. Yes, trigger is long…….it’s D/A and a “Built in safety.” Great feature. Once you get used to it through practice it becomes second nature. I always use good ammo – none of the cheap crapola.

Sherle Lorentz

I purchased my CPX-2 TTSB, and love the gun! for new shooter this is not bad for protection, and practicing it handles well. I am a 45 year old woman, and truly do not have any problems with the trigger besides it being me the handler. I am also looking at a smaller 9 MM pistol that I can keep in my purse, but this gun little big for the purse I got. I recommend it for anyone wanting to keep on their hip or at home for security. I did get a really good holster with gearcraft that matched… Read more »


I bought a couple of magazines from Buds

Vernon Hammer

I must have got a dud, have been shooting Winchester 115 grain, stovepipe and jams. Sent gun back to Sccy. Still jams and stovepipes. Cost me 25 dollars to send back. Will try 124 grain, if that does not do the trick ,will use as paperweight.

George Arnott

Have the “walking” pins and frame cracking at the rear pin problems been engineered out? I’d love to try one of these pistols. Thanks and best regards

George Arnott

‘Still waiting for reply from Skyy re: walking pins and reported receiver frame cracks. ‘Love to hear as I am holding up on my purchase. I like the size, the deep grip, two mags, sights and general size and shape. Thanks and ‘much obliged.


Bought one today. My wife and I put 150 rounds through it with absolutely no issues. Trigger is a bit long but all in all the weapon is good. Accurate too.


thanks guys for the “up close and personal” on the SCCY! I have been looking at one for a couple years, as a retired Combat Vet, I go for the 1911 every time and over all- I am a revolver guy ( hunting/ paper punching) but defensively, an auto does it for me. A collector/hunter and ardent shooter/reloader, I really appreciate first hand information-especially when tempered by experience and a knowledgeable group such as this!

Gt Joe

Almost traded my sccy gen2 in on my new Cz-p09 sccy was bought for home defence for my wife recoil to much for her so now mine Cz will be hers been carrying smith airwieght for my cc 10 yrs as of late been carrying sccy shoots any thing I feed her flawless so glad I kept it great gun cheap price or not worst Gun ever had with FTF&stovepipe was glock 42 glock nation please don,t be mad at me still like glock but a+ for sccy been shooting from age 9 47 yrs 1st gun at age 9… Read more »


Punctuation, man. Punctuation. Reading this is like torture.

Steve Kolata

Had one problem with my SCCY cpx Gen 2, broken fireing pin ,quick factory repair and since then with over 750 rounds of assorted ammo. It performed flawlessly


You can not go wrong with this gun. The long trigger pull and reset are a good thing for a pocket pistol. Shoots very accurate for a smaller gun. It is rock solid at this point.


I bought the CPX-1 when Kansas first enacted its conceal carry without a permit. I have since gone through the training for my own good. Easy gun to take apart and clean, easy to put back together. Several hundred rounds with 0, none, zilch, zip, nada FTF or FTE! I don’t care what type of gun you are looking for, if you need a solid gun that goes bang every time you expect it to, this one works. I wish I would of opted for the CPX-2 without the manual safety, but seeing as it was my first gun, I… Read more »

Unknown gun slanger

I just bought an cpx 2 today and I love this mfer

Bill D

This is an Excellent very well made gun . The people complaining about the trigger on a double action pistol make me laugh ( Buy a single action if you want an adjustable pull trigger) !!!! The trigger isn’t bad at all , its a 7 pound trigger and I actually love the tight trigger because it ensures no accidental fires , its not going to accidentally fire. However when using the gun , for me ( Although I am a 28 year old man 6″3 265) the trigger is easy to pull & I can fire it rapidly very… Read more »


I picked one up about 3 weeks ago and have put about 300 rounds through it. Shoots pretty good , reliable and is accurate out to 10 yards. Because of the awfully long trigger pull I’d only use this as a “get off me gun.” It was difficult for me to get used to the long trigger reset for rapid hammer shots. I’m used to the short trigger reset of 1911s and Glocks. All in all, to me it’s worth the money…I only paid $270. It’ll get the job done, but if you’re going to carry it, like anything else,… Read more »


have the sccy,stainless&pink on layaway for the wife,i hope she likes it($285 out the door with 2 mags),not sure of the model(no safety,i felt last thing she needed to worry bout was a safety when or if needed for protection). I debated over the sccy (new with a awesome warrany),or a diamondback(barely used only guaranteed to fire or work),it was black an pink,at roughly the same price. I hope I picked the right one. I will use the ammo from academy(lowest prices)solid for practice,hollow for protection. I own a bersa 3.80( bought used for $150,with 3, 7 rnd mags),I like… Read more »


Sorry,,,, inches not feet ,,, they are 3 in, 6 in, 7 in& 8 in ,, my bad


I hate to see all the problems folks are having with the SCCY , I guess I’m one of the lucky ones,, i’ve owned a cpx2 for over 2 years now,,Serial # 076xxx (Manufacture date Dec 26th 2012 ) have over 3500 rds thru it and am very happy with the pistol. I did have to replace the extractor at about 2000 rds but that is it,, It goes bang everytime I pull the trigger. The long trigger is not a problem for me because I’m a old revolver guy. I have 8 mags for it and can get 11… Read more »


Bought the CPX2 18 months ago. Long hard trigger and the trigger slap after each round is fired begins to hurt my finger. After 2 to 2 1/2 mags, you don’t want to pull the trigger again. Called manufacturer and was told that this concern was only mentioned one other time by another customer. At the time Zi bought mine, I convinced a buddy to also purchase one. Same problem with his pistol. We even traded pistols one day. Yep same problem.. Manufacturer says they have a lifetime warranty. I have decided to send mine back to see if this… Read more »

Cliff. Helms

Just bought cpx2 I like the the Way it fits my hand trigger pull. Very good

Cami Williams

Hubby and I both have CCWs and because I’m small, 4ft 11,” I carry a Ruger .380, but hubby bought a SCCY and we took it to the range and went through 10 magazines, no problems whatsoever and he likes the long trigger pull as a safety, accuracy was excellent for a short barrel, it’s a lot easier to conceal than his Ruger 1911 style 45 and so much lighter. He bought it brand new at a pawn shop and paid $279 for it.

David Waters

I just bought the CPX 2CB.This is my first handgun. I’m a .little nervous since I’m a first timer but the price was super reasonable. I just hope it lives up to the quality of the videos .I’ve enrolled in CWP classes to learn how to properly learn how to use.


Purchased CPX2 a yr. ago, 2,000 rounds and it shoots great, clean it once a month(after 500 rds+). I am going to get another one for BU. That may be a over kill, the first one cost me $225.00. I also have Ruger SR9c. But Sccy will be my carry.

John Banks

Just got the CPX-2
Price performance is one of the best deals around. Very good to carry and no problems so far at practice range. Trigger pull not a problem for me.
Great pistol.

Kyle McNellis

I own the CPX2 and also a Glock G17 Gen 4. Both have lasers and no safety switch. I have had trouble with my accuracy with the SCCY. As a guy with XL hands I have trouble getting the grip I need for a consistent pattern. I’m terrible past 10 to 15 yds even with a laser and I have a bore sight. I think the heavy trigger causes me to pull gun to right when I fire or anticipate the recoil of this smaller gun. The holsters are neat and nice and accomodate laser which is cool. Auto shut… Read more »


Ammo is the last thing on earth you want to try and save a couple bucks on. Buy the tried and true,solid ammo, from the well known manufactures.

Bill Moore

The price is ok but if you can’t pull the trigger and hit what your shooting at its worthless , bought it for my daughter which has ccdw and so do i.the cpx2 is the one i have making a call to SCCY and see if there is a fix if not i’ll fix it for sure….


I just bought the cpx1. Have had nothing but issues. Trued to clean and oil gun Fir range shooting, the spring jammed and had to take back to store Apparently, this is an issue that happens quite regularly with this gun. Loading the mags are difficult and take forever. My finger is cut up From loading 200 rounds. Also, trigger pull isnt too bad, im used to An 8-9 lbs pull, but my gun jammed and jammes and jammed on the range 2 x’s had to get RSO to help unjam it. Shoot 4 different brands of ammo through it.… Read more »


They had some mag issues,called them,new mags mailed to me,no problem. Very good defensive weapon.

Brian Dennis

I own a sig p250, and sccy cpx2. The accuracy are both very close, the sights are close. I can put as many rounds through their SCCY as for the Sig without problems from either. The only issue that I see, is the Sig shoots faster, because of the trigger pull. I take the SCCY with me for all the Dirty Work on a boat on the saltwater and don’t mind getting it dirty. This sig I take a little bit more care of but would carry either one to defend my daughter and have complete faith in both. For… Read more »

Herbert Heyman

Couldn’t agree more. I’ve had my CPX2 since October ’16. Hit the range at least once a week. Hundreds (Thousands?) of rounds fired with zero problems. I do two things……use good ammo and clean this little gem after each use. I carry it in an On Your Six Design IWB Kydex holster. A marriage made in heaven. Only aftermarket thing I did was put a dab of orange glow paint on the front sight to help these aging eyes. As for the criticisms of the long D/A trigger pull, I have a one word answer: Practice. Brian, I hoe you… Read more »


Bought my first cpx2. Since I don’t know what ammo I’m going to use. I made 100 of fmj 115grn with 4.5 grn bullseye( dirty powder) and went to the range. First mag I shot at 15 yards I was wondering where my rounds are going on the paper plate. Found out at the upper left so a little rear site adjustments now its 5inch high from center of the plate. Not bad at 15 yards. The next week I bought another one. Unfortunately my daughter liked it now its her range gun and my son end up with my… Read more »

Mike Owens

I recently purchased the CPX-1.
I have fired a minimum of 350 rounds.
It is extremely accurate and have had no problems at all. The trigger pull is not an issue for me .
I highly recommend this little well made and
Accurate weapon.

Wayne Bennett

Nice looking gun , trigger pull is to hard and after ten rounds the palm of my hand and trigger finger hurt and I am now going to get rid of it , but it is very accurate .

Jonathan Ross

For all of the people which is most everyone that is saying that the trigger pull is to much, you can always have the trigger pull adjusted by taking it to a gunsmith and having him make a adjustment to it to where its comfortable say around 3 to 4 pounds of pressure.


With the pistol being a DAO, will a gunsmith be able to loosen the trigger pull? I’ve read that it can’t be done on this particular model.

Phil Burton

Cannot have trigger pull adjusted by gunsmith…its the nature of the beast. A company out there sells a “trigger kit” around $40 bucks … Only brings in in the 7/lb ranger and reduces trigger travel to around 2/3 rds. So add the $40 bucks and you are half way to another price range gun. As far as warranty … I bought the CPX – 2 for (only SCCY) gun store had at what I think was a great deal $249.00 my understanding the safety model being the “1” cost an extra $20 bucks … Shot gun had constant FTF, FTE… Read more »


I picked one of these up last week. But stupid me, I did not notice that there is no safety. I should have gotten the CPX-1. I am kind of new to guns, but shouldn’t they all have safety;s? And is this dangerous not having one?


Jhon, not really if you were in a defensive situation the last thing you want to worry about is the safety being off. Since the trigger pull is long and heavy bumping it shouldn’t be a promblem


The primary safety is between your ears.


with the long pull there is no need for a safety. the safety that works best is you.


I have owned my sccy cpx-2 for about 3 years, I have around 1500 rds down range without an issue I highly recommend it.


I bought the CPX-2 new recently. I had it 10 days and took it to the range. About every 4th bullet the magazine would drop. Re-seat it and it would fire another 4 and drop again. Ran about 50 rounds of Winchester FMJ target ammo through it and had trouble getting the magazine to click in. That’s when the magazine release button dropped out of the handle. Called SCCY service department and got a return UPS label and shipped it out. They were very pleasant to talk to and asked that I write up as much description of what the… Read more »

Mark Scanlan

Have the CPX2 9mm for a year now. Some break in issues FTF. Have polished feed ramp recently. Just had it out last week 75 rounds or so-100% ok. Total rounds fired-about 350 or so. Handles 115 grain Gold DOT JHP real well. Feeds first round better (all the time with JHP) when using slide release. Sometimes cranking slide back by hand with JHP-you need to give it a little tap. All in all, great gun for the money-Super accurate!! Shoots to point of aim.

Jeff Pauly

Trigger pull is a concern, but my other concern is with the ammo. My brother has a Ruger LC9 and it has a problem with some ammo like Sellier&Bellot ammo that he says a coating on the cases that come off when fired and clog the firing pin area. He says it was just cheap ammo. However, cheap ammo or not, I don’t want a pistol that will not reliably shoot anything put in (like the Glocks). So was any of the ammo you tested similar with some coating on the rounds?


Any brand gun is going to have it’s favorite ammo,, Be it Glock,S & W , SCCY or any other brand,, Try several brands and find the ammo your gun likes,, My SCCY has ate everything I fed it but I mostly buy Winchester White Box 115 grain FMJ– 100 ct Box for practice because it works and it’s the best price I can find, For Everyday Carry I like Hornady Critical Defense 115 grain Hollow point Ammo,, It works great in my SCCY

Tom Secreto

I agree and also use critical defense either 100 lite or 115 gr. Something I read last week might be of use to some of you. If you think of the Sccy and it’s trigger as a revolver with an internal hammer it works the same way. When I got my Sig p320 (which is in my opinion the best trigger and best period) I sold my trusty S&W sc340 carried every day for years at 12oz. I wanted to have an everyday carry when the Sig 320 carry model was a little large in the heat. I will send… Read more »

Doug Nicholson

I have no idea why, but from what I understand, many ammo manufacturers from Eastern Europe coat their ammo with lacquer which can cause the problem your brother mentioned. That said, when Googling them, the reports seem pretty positive.


worst thing I ever bought!!!!!!!! Took it to the range for the first time went good the first 2 clips then the third it jammed up so bad you can see the spring knotted up in a ball under the barrel ……. Don’t waste your money on this crap I don’t care what anyone says there junk!!!!! Just thankful was at the range not in a life or death struggle!!!!!

mike evans

Dont underatand what happend. Ive owned two cpx2 s for about a year with ZERO problems. They do have one of the best warranties out there so send it back. I bought a brand new colt 1911a few years ago that would not feed for anything.and what a hassle I got from colt. You can get a bad product in anything occasionally. I think over a thousand rounds thru my cpx2 with no hiccups is a success in my book.

Mr. Smith

Tim, if you have received issues with your cpx, why not send it in using sccy’s Warranty? If there anything to be taken from your experience, it’s that 1: parts can fail, and 2: sometimes you get a lemon. Flying off the handle and blaming all sccy firearms isn’t the best response. If you haven’t abandoned the gun, try the warranty. And to Mike, it sounds like there was and issue with the recoil spring assembly.


Tim send the thing back mine is flawless eats everything.

Dave P

I own an SCCY CPX-1 with over 300 round fired though it with no FTE, FTF, stove pipes or any other malfunction. FMJ included WWB, Herter’s, Remington UMC, Fiocchi, PMC and Blazer Brass. JHP included Fiocchi and Remington UMC. All was 115 grain. I carry Fiocchi JHP. I am calling B.S. on your story of your experience with “your” SCCY. There is no way for the recoil spring to “knot up in a ball under the barrel”. The spring is held captive by a steel guide rod and therefore it is impossible for the recoil spring to do what you… Read more »


Plus he calls a magazine a clip not a reliable opinion. I’m with you Dave


I have just bought the sccy cpx2 put 100 federal fmj 115 through it yesterday at the range when the gun doesnt jam it performs nicely i thought to expect it from a cheap price pointed firearm to have problems but i have been reading up on a lot of forums that this gun has feeding problems with certain ammo does anybody who truly has owned this gun for awhile tell me wich is the best ammo for this before i go through the traditional send the gun in and wait for 6 months to get my gun back. ?



If gun is jamming, could be a magazine problem. Call SCCY and see what they say – their customer service is excellent. I’ve had my CPX2 or some time now, fired many hundreds of rounds with no problems. As for the “Best ammo,” just be sure to use the quality stuff… cheapies. Good luck and enjoy your pistol


You would make a good detective very good point.

Chris Kris

I purchased a Sccy cpx2 in Jan. All my range trips been a plus. Put 300 thru it easy. I like the trigger due to not having a manual safety. Its rough after 7-8 rounds. But all you need is the 1st 2 shots on target. Was thinking about loading Zombie Max for defense carry


I like my SCCY. The double action only trigger was a selling point for me…I like it as it gives me peace of mind as a safe carry pistol, and I also like that weak-handed snowflakes seem to cry so much about the “heavy” and “long” trigger pull. The trigger feels no different than any revolver I’ve fired, and I’ve come to think of the SCCY as a 10 round magazine-fed revolver. Full disclosure: the first thing I did when I bought it, before even taking it to the range, was polish the feed ramp, clean and oil the gun,… Read more »