So Called ‘News’ Coverage of Tragic Death Of Firearms Instructor Charles Vacca

By Alan Korwin

Anti Gun Media
So Called ‘News' Coverage of Tragic Death Of Firearms Instructor Charles Vacca

PHOENIX, AZ –-( This concerns the tragic death of firearms instructor Charles Vacca during a firearms exercise with a young student from New Jersey, while in Arizona.

The Nine-Year Old (one of many letters received):

“I was wondering if you have an opinion about the tragedy that recently happened at a remote AZ gun range. Is it usual for the firearms instructor to be standing THAT close to the shooter? Or was there need for a warning of the recoil before she shot?” Kevin.

Dear Kevin, The media circus is the only reason you're asking of course; the safety questions involved and the errors made are a legit inquiry that will be studied and debated by serious people for a long time to come. Have you ever seen the International Journal of Wound Ballistics?

We have few of the facts at this point, were you able to see the actual video, I was not, if you have a link please send it. The range has had 10K kids through on MGs with no mishaps and no news coverage, “not even a band-aid,” the owner, a friend, tells me. And the media slugs are all asking why would anyone let a child shoot an MG, as if they don't all know. The place is so popular they're installing a helicopter refueling station.

Reporters and editors are so far in the tank for their self-induced anti-rights agenda they can ask a question like that and fool themselves into actually believing they don't know why thousands of people of all ages pack the place (and five others like it nearby). Then they foment this arbitrary fuhrer, or is it furor. We'll talk.

The only reason to give such massive “news” coverage to a single freak accidental death in a tremendously popular sport, is to attack gun ownership with the intent of reducing the basic human right to keep and bear arms.

It's an ongoing detestable political agenda the “news” has been perpetrating with relenting fervor for decades. If the media had licenses and registrations to operate they would be recalled with prejudice.

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  • 6 thoughts on “So Called ‘News’ Coverage of Tragic Death Of Firearms Instructor Charles Vacca

    1. much heat generated by this incident and its coverage. Not very much light, except to widen the gap in polarization between gunners and antigunners. I object to anyone using the argument that the kid was too young. That smacks of dictatorship against parental rights and responsibilities. I shot my first gun, a .45 government at age 5, no joke and remember it clearly. So what?as far as I am concerned that shoots the ” too young” argument in the ….foot.

    2. I watched the video, although I didn’t save a link, but it was clear that the instructor was violating common safety practices. He was standing alongside, and slightly in front of, the shooter, rather than behind her, and was clearly ahead of the “180 degree line” commonly accepted as a safe zone. He had her fire a single shot, semi-auto first, and she handled that without much apparent difficulty. Then he said, “OK now let’s go to full auto,” or something along those lines, and things went downhill. The girl clearly couldn’t control the weapon in full auto, but it may not have been obvious until she tried it. Had the instructor been standing behind her, perhaps with his hands around her shoulders to help her if she lost control, the accident would not have occurred. He paid a Darwinian price for his error, but it was an easy one to make unless you scrupulously and constantly, follow all the safety rules, all the time, and we are only human. I’m really annoyed at the NRA bashing that’s been going on over this incident, since they are the very outfit that develops and teaches the safety rules whose violation resulted in the accident. Not only did they have nothing to do with it, they are the primary group out there constantly trying to prevent such accidents around the country! What irony that they should be blamed.

    3. MUCH better article than the one on Robin Williams!
      A child should start with an airsoft or paint gun at about age 6, move up to a BB gun around age 9 and to a single-shot .22 at about age 12. Only when he or she is physically and mentally able to handle the recoil and destructive power of a larger caliliber weapon, should they be allowed 1 or 2 rounds in the mag at a time.
      Not to be harsh, but it seems like the person who should have God-like control over the firing range–the range officer or firing instructor–is the first one to blame here. Next is any parent or guardian who thought it would be cute to have their little “Annie Oakley” on YouTube.

    4. Yes, the libtards will use the accident to their advantage. But unless the video was heavily edited, this instructor looked like an accident waiting to happen. He appears to take the 9-year-old kid from single-shot to fully auto in a matter of seconds with scarcely any explanation of what’s happening. I saw no incremental instruction. “Okay here’s one round. Now let’s try it with two. Now three. See how the barrel wants to raise up. You want to try it on full auto?” Instead it’s, single shot, flip the switch, full auto.

      And the instructor is not standing behind the student. Guess we can’t ask him why at this point, but had he followed that practice, he’d be alive.

      I have no problem with kids learning to shoot – even full auto weapons. But maybe we should take a harder look at how well the instructors are doing their job. This one looks like complacency and lack of attention killed one and gave us all a black eye.

    5. I don’t speak bad about the dead and won’t start now. But this tragedy should never had happen. If that little girl would had been killed the gun-grabbers would be on the war path,non stop ! I would personally never let a child,by herself,go full auto with an Uzi !

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