Out West vs Life Behind New Jersey’s Iron Curtain

By John Farnam

You are Leaving Free America Welcome to New Jersey
You are Leaving Free America
Welcome to New Jersey
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- “History does not entrust the care of Freedom to the weak, nor timid” ~ Eisenhower

From a friend and colleague in UT:

“Two Russians visited us last week. They were aghast at life beyond New Jersey! They stopped moving west way too soon. Often, immigrants get to our East Coast, and settle there.

Big mistake!

‘You mean here in UT you can just waltz into a gunstore and buy a gun, or several? No permit? Scant paperwork? No waiting period? No anal examination?'

‘You mean any good citizen can demand a CCW permit from the state, without proving his affiliation with the ruling party?'

On the way home, they took pictures of our 80-mph speed limit signs!

‘In UT, and most western states, a non-government-employee can drive down a federal highway at eighty mph, carrying a privately-owned, loaded pistol(s) on his person, with a privately-owned AR (or several) in his trunk, and not fear tyrannical molestation?

How cool is that?'

I made it a point to take them into a well-stocked Cabellas.

Outside the store, I said ‘Do you hear that? Silence! No gunfights here, in spite of all these privately-owned guns in the hands of ordinary Utahans.

Imagine that!'

By comparison, NJ's western boundary represents the ‘Iron Curtain.'

Comment: NJ has a professing “Republican” as governor, and he wants to be president!

“Who asks of Freedom anything other than Freedom itself, is destined to be a slave” ~ Tocqueville


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  • 7 thoughts on “Out West vs Life Behind New Jersey’s Iron Curtain

    1. As a life long resident of SE Pa, NJ, and DE, I have watched and can attest that NJ and now Delaware coming up fast, definitely is BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN! in THE PEOPLES REPUBLIK OF NJ, you can’t even take a dump without a permit!

      Personally, I would never vote for any candidate coming out of one of the Commie “city-states” like NJ, DE, MA, CT, RI, VT or NH… these people have no concept of reality or what life is actually like in the rest of the country.. They just know they want to run it!

    2. I as many others saw Christie as perhaps a shining example of what we would want as a leader of Our Nation, but that same person has turned into another obama in waiting along with blumburg of NY !!! This NO PERSON you should ever consider as any type of leader that Our Forefathers would ever consider someone who represented the people of this great land!!! He and others like him have become Very Scary regarding Our Rights and Freedoms which we all hold dearly!!! As a long time resident of NJ before it became unbearable to live there I never thought I would see the day when any NJ governor would start assaulting Our Rights & Freedoms to the level he is doing!!!
      He is NOT ACCEPTABLE now or ever to American loving people!! Remember that when this Un-American starts to make motions toward thinking he could ever be Our President !!! JUST SAY NO ALWAYS, to anyone who takes up laws against Our Rights and this Nation!!!

    3. Those who live as a gun owner in new Jersey day in and day out have put up with this and more for years. It is almost unbelieveable gun freedom in most of america. I was at a shooting range about 2 years ago and a person who had just moved into the state casually aske one of the store clerks what was the procedure to get a carry permit. He was told to go to his house of worship as it would take an act of the almighty to get one. Jokingly put but essentially true.

    4. So why pick on New Jersey? What’s the matter with identifying NYC, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Illinois, California, Washington, DC and Washington state? I know there are more places that are also communistic but the fault lies not with the location. The problems and fault lie with a) uneducated voters, b) lazy voters, c) democrats and d) the lying and misleading “media.” YEP! You heard it right – the lying and misleading “media.” You might just recall the “unarmed teenager” but you probably heard little to nothing of the extremely large criminal thug who ostensibly was, in addition to a thief, an illegal drug seller and illegal drug user most probably with a history of assault. Bet you also didn’t hear the declaration “Good riddance to another criminal thug.” Surprise, surprise. You can bet the communists and muslims currently in office, elected and appointed, are still at it until they are thrown out of office and even better, out of the country. Aided and abetted by “the media” with their lies, half truths and misleading reports. Just a wild guess.

    5. Christies fat ass will never be president,not in the US anyway ! I really like the fact that in Texas I dont have to go through the NICS call in b/g check with my CHL ! (although I dont think we should have to have a license at all to exercise a constitutional right) Erik is right,Alaska has the best constitutional gun laws in the country !

      1. ” the best constitutional gun laws”

        Ummm that quite a contradiction as all the gun “Laws” are UN constitutional in the first place.

    6. Come up north to Alaska , no ccw permit required , no handgun ownership permit , open carry is allowed , concealed
      carry is allowed , no bullet restrictions , just duty to inform law enforcement of carry status . Of course no bank and bar carry but food places that serve alcohol are ok. Hunting with supressors is ok . Lawful NFA weapoms , items with tax stamps and forms are ok. Full auto is allowed but no hunting with it. Alaska uses NICS so purchases from a FFL usually take 10 minutes.

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