Bigot Bryant Gumble Calls Millions Of Americans ‘Pigs’


Bigot Bryant Gumble Calls Millions Of Americans 'Pigs'
Bigot Bryant Gumble Calls Millions Of Americans ‘Pigs’
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Manasquan, NJ –-( HBO Sports host Bryant Gumble will make an appearance during the Superbowl (the single most viewed night on TV) in an ad for BMW. Only days after he insulted millions of football fans around the country, calling them “pigs” and “a stain on America” and that “they do not care about human life

What could so many people have done to draw such outrageous insults from Gumble? They are members of the National Rifle Association.

Gumble spewed the unbelievably intolerant insults during a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine concerning an episode of his HBO Sports program that featured UFC Host Joe Rogan and the “Eat what you kill” movement. Gumbel’s hateful and venomous comments were directed specifically at the NRA, and the millions and millions of Americans (many of them football fans, and some of them certainly BMW owners) that are members of the organization.

Gumble clearly shares the same myopic, and wildly inaccurate view of the NRA that gun control groups and their supporters have invented and continue to cultivate.

That the NRA is a front group for the firearms industry, instead of what it really is, a member-driven civil rights organization, the oldest civil rights group in the country.

NRA members are one of, if not the most diverse group of citizens sharing a common goal, they come from all walks of life, from every conceivable socio-economic, educational level, ethnic and religious background. NRA members are cops, doctors, lawyers, soldiers, firefighters, business owners, farmers, men, women, moms and dads, brothers and sisters, neighbors. NRA members are young and old, straight and gay, Christians, Muslims, and jews, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters and so on.

NRA members are good, decent, tolerant, law-abiding citizens that merely want their Second Amendment Rights respected and protected from those that seek to take them away.

Sadly, NRA members or gun owners, in general, are one of the only groups left in America that bigots like Gumbel and others feel justified in publicly discriminating against, often with impunity and with the vilest language, slurs and threats.

One need only examine the discriminatory acts and language used to vilify minorities or homosexuals and compare it to the hateful language used by gun control groups, their followers, and celebrities like Gumbel to see the striking and stomach-turning similarities.

BMW should pull Gumble’s ad due to his extreme comments, but they won’t. Even though his comments are certain to have deeply offended BMW owners, as well as potential future owners.

Pro-freedom, pro-gun comments from other celebrities, far less extreme and hateful than Gumbel’s has resulted in advertisers, show sponsors, guest hosts and speakers being dropped, from tiny boycotts against companies by the other side. With the haters even going as far as to try and get innocent people fired.

One such example the ongoing campaign by CSGV (Coalition to Stop Gun Violence) to get Fox 5 Investigative Reporter Emily Miller fired from her job.

Gumbel’s vocal hatred for millions of his fellow Citizens is celebrated and encouraged by gun control groups and their supporters, while anyone that supports freedom of choice and the right to self-defense and the Second Amendment is demonized, belittled, and spoken of as subhuman animals.

So much for tolerance in America.

More articles, commentary, and information by D. Roberts available at That Every Man Be

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So sad to see a once popular, now “has been” self important celebrity pontificating on a subject he knows absolutely nothing about. We all, including Mr. Gumble, to own, possess and use firearms so long as one is not a felon or adjudicated mentally unfit. So what’s his problem.


These are the types who get drunk in the back of their limos and shake their finger at others who’s cars have broken down along lifes way…. liberal douche bag – all that and in anal brown to boot


These peaceful caring types are the first to call for violence against others Not like them….

Just Say NO

NFL is anti-gun also. They refused to air a Daniel Defense ad. Just like smug presenter , they know what’s best for you.


That POS fat pig best not ever show his face in the South. He will be run out faster than he got here. We have no use for his kind South Of Mason Dixon at all.


When people get older and feel themselves useless they tend to get hateful toward anything that does not stroke their ego. He DOES look like a pig in that picture.
He thinks we are pigs……..
Let’s oink on brothers!
Better a pig than a hateful old has been.

Bob Shell

For many years he has been an overpaid asshole that contributes nothing. He is also a bully especially to people who work for him. Not much talent either

Bob Noxious

Ironically, he looks like a pig.


Liberalism is a disease. Those afflicted should be forced into treatment for serious mental illness and until treatment is successful they should be barred from public office and or making public statements.


Well I guess I am not going to be looking at the BMW any time soon I think I am going to spend that money and get a FORD instead, BMW just lost this customer.


I agree with RDNK You can’t be a Nig*er if you dont act like one. None of the azzhole say anything to the people in person but use the useless media to voice there [email protected] Why don’t you go to NRA meeting and spu your crap. We all know why


What else would you expect from this ‘boy’ ?


FU*K that POS negro !