The Oh So Tolerant Gun Bigots At CSGV Launch Campaign To Get Pro 2A Reporter Fired


Gun Banners want Emily Miller Fired
Gun Banners want Emily Miller Fired
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AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-( Once again the “I am more tolerant than you” and “open minded” bullies at CSGV ( The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence) have publicly revealed they are anything but tolerant or open minded.

They just launched an online smear campaign on their Facebook page urging their followers to contact WTTG General Manager Patrick Paolini and insist that he fire investigative journalist Emily Miller over her appearance and speech (see video below) at a recent Virginia Citizens Defense League rally and lobbying effort in Richmond VA a week ago.

A lobbying effort that paid big dividends, as the entire slate of Anti Gun proposals were defeated in the Virginia Legislature just days ago.

Miller was formerly the Senior Opinion Editor at the Washington Times. Becoming well known for a series of articles she wrote describing the tortured methods a Washington DC resident was required to go through to be able to legally purchase and possess a firearm in their own home.

The series was so damning in exposing the DC Council and Police’s scheme at subverting the rulings in Heller v DC as well as McDonald V Chicago ( which incorporated the Heller ruling on the Second Amendment as binding nationwide) it eventually led to her writing a much more expansive book detailing her efforts called “Emily Gets Her Gun” ( ). Now she works as an Investigative Reporter at the Washington DC Fox affiliate WTTG Channel 5.

Her time at WTTG/Fox 5 hasn’t been spent exclusively reporting on firearms or the Second Amendment, she also exposed how parking violations and excessive fines for those violations were routinely being squashed for the politically connected like former DC Mayor, Councilman and crack fan Marion Berry, as well as numerous other stories.

It is apparent that CSGV wants Miller’s head on a pike because she is an effective, recognizable and credible journalist who hasn’t sold her soul to the Anti Gun propaganda groups like CSGV. They want her silenced because they cannot and will not tolerate any voice other than those that parrot their preferred talking points and dutifully sell CSGV’s vision to a gullible public.

It certainly isn’t because of any actual concern over journalistic integrity or ethical concerns, even if they claim otherwise.

They haven’t said a word of opposition about the planned journalist conference scheduled for May 29th and 30th 2015 in Phoenix Arizona, hosted by the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma and fully funded (including travel and lodging stipends) by Michael Bloomberg, Chief Sugar Daddy financier of Moms Demand Action and Everytown Gun Control Groups.  Truly an example of flat-out buying the press off to receive preferential treatment in reporting.

CSGV also hasn’t said a peep about recent revelations that former host of Meet the Press David Gregory openly flaunted DC law. Dramatically waving around a standard capacity 30 round AR15 magazine in a live broadcast with the NRA’s Wayne Lapierre in the immediate aftermath of the Newtown Mass Shooting. This was after being warned by authorities that doing so was illegal. Nor did CSGV they complain when the DC Attorney declined to enforce an arrest warrant on Gregory giving him a free pass on breaking the law.

Trying to get Miller fired is simply another variation of the Anti Gun Groups standard procedure to silence the opposition of those that cant be bought or intimidated. It is a tactic worthy of organized crime, play ball or be eliminated. CSGV is showing that their contempt for the First Amendment is equal to their hatred for the Second. Even this is no great surprise, as they routinely delete and ban anyone that posts anything in opposition to the echo chamber they operate with their Facebook Group.

Every Anti Gun Group in the United States, as well as their sheep-like followers loudly insist that all they want is a “reasonable discussion” about gun laws. Their actions paint a starkly different picture.

Feel free to contact CSGV HQ and let them know how you feel, they don’t really care, but it will surely piss them off and that’s worth an email or phone call.

(202) 408-0061
[email protected]

Better yet, contact Fox 5 WTTG General Manager Patrick Paolini and let him know you stand with and support Miller and her First Amendment rights.

WTTG Fox 5
Newsroom (202) 895-3000
Facebook Page

More articles, commentary and information by D. Roberts available at That Every Man Be

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Liberty Seeker

If Al Sharpton can pretend to be an unbiased arbiter of the truth on MSNBC, Emily Miller and her agenda promoting truth, freedom, and traditional American values SHOULD have no trouble keeping her position. Perhaps she will even be invited to the White House 92 times as a reward for her courage.