NY Assemblywoman To Ban Children From Gun Shows, She Knows What’s Best for Your Kids


Linda B. Rosenthal
Anti-Gun Political Hack Linda B. Rosenthal (D)

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Manasquan, NJ –-(Ammoland.com)- Meet NYC Based, NY State Democrat Assemblywoman Linda B Rosenthal .

Assemblywoman Rosenthal has decided that she knows better than parents how to best raise their children and is pushing State Legislation that will ban all children under 12 from attending Gun Shows in New York state for any reason. There is no provision for an exemption for children accompanied by an adult in her bill. There is also no mention that Shooting Sports are statistically proven safer for children to play in that all other sports including badminton and ping pong.

You can read her memo on this here.

Here is one telling excerpt from the above memo

“For example, a minor is restricted from watching films or playing certain video games that portray deadly weaponry and gunplay. Currently, however, minors of any age may gain unfettered access to a gun show.”

What Ms. Rosenthal strategically leaves out from this statement is that kids can attend PG 13 or even R rated films if their parent or guardian decides to let them do so, just as tens of millions of parents around the Country routinely ignore the video game ESRB rating system and purchase first-person shooter video games for their kids.

An examination of four large Gun Show listing sites online shows that of the 60 plus gun shows scheduled thus far for 2015 in NY State, none are taking place in Rosenthal’s district of the Hell’s Kitchen section of Manhattan. In fact, the closest one is scheduled for Long Island, fifty miles from the area Rosenthal represents.

Rosenthal’s carefully worded statement in her memo, coupled with the fact that her bill targets something that doesn’t even take place in her district show her efforts to simply be one more in a litany of Legislative assaults on guns, gun shows and the people who attend them.

It is nothing new of course. anti-gun groups, their media propagandists and their enablers in numerous State Legislature’s have been trying a variety of efforts to shut down gun shows for decades. From complaints about the so-called but non existent “gun show loophole” to claims that terrorists could arm themselves at these events and several other imagined “threats” that the gun grabbers can dream up, they have routinely used the flimsiest of arguments in the efforts.

Gun Shows are a threat after all, but not in the way the gun bigots claim. No, Gun Shows are a threat to the gun banners and their goals.

Gun Shows must be shut down, not because hordes of gang bangers and terrorists are shopping there like an arms bazaar in Somalia, but because gun shows are a gathering place for those that enjoy their Second Amendment freedoms. Gun shows are an avenue to distribute information, for assorted State and National gun rights groups to get their message out and recruit new members, without being filtered or silenced by the Anti Gun Media.

Gun Shows are a threat because families go to them and children might be exposed to the idea that guns, in and of themselves can be used safely and with enjoyment, as a family activity.

Gun grabbers like Ms. Rosenthal know very well that in order to obtain their long-term goal of total decimation of the Second Amendment, getting to the kids is the key and if they can’t do that, then they will do everything they can to block or obstruct kids from any exposure to firearms in a positive light, regardless of their parents wishes or beliefs.

Because, as they reveal so often, statist gun grabbers like Assemblywoman Rosenthal know better than parents how kids should be raised.

Looking through Rosenthal’s Facebook page reveals she is extremely proud of fully supporting a woman’s “right to choose” an abortion. But her stance on guns, Gun Shows and the families that attend them proves she really only approves of and supports the freedom of choice for people that make the “right choices”, choices she agrees with. Everyone else’s right to choose must be blocked or outlawed,

We should all just listen to her and do it for the children….

More articles, commentary, and information by D. Roberts available at That Every Man Be Armed.com

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will she require kids to be banned from the nail gun aisle at Home Depot?

Al Schmidt

What is so shocking? Parents haven’t been allowed to raise their kids for years. Liberals raise the kids these days. That is the reason we have so much juvenile crime. Children are taught by liberals that if they don’t get their way to yell child abuse. Soon you will not be allowed to take your children to church. Why didn’t the Conservatives in her district pound on every door explaining what liberal really means, Marxism.

Tom L

If the people elected this weirdo, then they must want her Liberal cowardly ideals and laws..


Butt ugly. If she looked in a mirror she would turn to stone.


I usually don’t comment on looks. But, in this case she looks like the south end of a cow facing north, I have seen better faces on iodine bottles, she went to have a face lift and when the Dr. saw what was underneath he put it back down. Ever wonder why most stupid liberal women are butt ugly?


How about a law banning STUPID, IGNORANT people like her from serving in any legislature anywhere.

Gregory Romeu

Walking along with this woman dictates you wear the t-shirt with the pointing arrow stating, “I’m with Stupid!”


Jews and Blacks were some of the most recent to face deadly tyranny and, yet, they continually vote for leftist politicos. I smell irony.


I’m one of the lucky ones who had a Gunny Sergeant for a grandfather. He made damned sure I got my hands on my own firearm when I was old enough (10) to handle it properly.


Like ALL liberals…”she” knows best…but…boy does she look “dim” as-far-as intelect goes…kind of like a second Shannon Watts…IF that is possible.

Gerry Emery

This photo is intended to erase from your mind that last bullshit post. Note that the beeotch above is Jewish. So is the babe below. The one with the least clothing on wins. The one below is a member of the IDF.
How is that working out for you now?


Why are Democrats so worried about how people raise their children? I was taught about firearms as far back as I can remember. I shot my first 308 win rifle when I was about 8 years old. Still have the rifle 41 years later and I repaired it myself. Why because I was broght up right that firearms are not toys , and I don’t show them to friends and just pull the trigger. I was taught safe firearm handling. All this is another attempt to alienate our children , keep them ignorant about firearms grooming them for another round… Read more »


These extreme ‘Progressives’ and loopy ‘Liberals’ make me want to puke. Hopefully one of them will be close by when I do. LOL