Baltimore Residents at Mercy of Looters as Police Retreat

Baltimore Burning
Baltimore Residents at Mercy of Looters as Police Retreat

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Baltimore, MD -( Baltimore residents have been left high and dry as Baltimore PD have been over whelmed and under prepared for the chaos and looting encouraged by Black Gangs and racebaiters.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake had since Saturday to prepare for riots but instead made sure police left room for protesters to “destroy property”.

Sheriff Clark was quoted on Fox News as saying lack of leadership in Baltimore lead the residents and police to slaughter as rioters burned the city.

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Baltimore Burning
Baltimore Burning
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The past tense of “lead” is LED.


Most states allow deadly force in encounters with arsonists if the building is thought to be occupied.


The Law-abidding citizens of the United States are going to have to pick up where LE won’t,can’t,or are ordered to stand down in sitiuations like this. (the SOB’s call in the NG after the damage is done,ie.Ferguson) I personally think this is all a conspiracy for Osama Hussein Obama to to declare martial law. That will fail too like everything else the black piece of shit tries ! It’s not coming,it’s here !!!!


Damn right the police are pulling back. I would too, if they take ANY actions there is no way for them to win. All police in the country need to pull back and de-escalate. Let the peoples do their own police work and let it burn if thats what they want……


What we are seeing in Baltimore is just the tip of the iceberg. All one needs to is go back to the earliest days where progressivism and and then Alinsky Marxism started to get a solid foothold in our culture and political system. The Cult of Alinsky: “True revolutionaries do not flaunt their radicalism, Alinsky taught. They cut their hair, put on suits and infiltrate the system from within. Alinsky viewed revolution as a slow, patient process. The trick was to penetrate existing institutions such as churches, unions and political parties….simply following Alinsky’s counsel to do and say whatever it… Read more »

Dr. Strangelove

Just drove through Milwaukee. No riots in Sheriff Clarke’s territory. Funny how that works.


Sheriiff Clarke is a patriot and a real man ! I have nothing but total respect and admiration for that man !


Sheriff Clarke is one of the most courageous men I’ve ever seen. He has my fullest Respect for actually standing up and telling it like it is. When he came out and said “We can’t do it alone and told citizens that they needed to arm themselves because law enforcement can’t always be there to protect them”. Finally someone with some weight in law enforcement spoke the truth. He truly is a great man this is the kind of people we need in our Federal Government!!


I may not live in the area but from what I can see and from people that I have talked to, that mayor sure needs to be sitting in a very small cell with a bunch of others. She is doing what she can to protect the criminals but not the rest, this mayor has proven that she is one of the race biters that are out there. I can only hope the only ones that get hurt are the ones that are burning the city to the ground. Isn’t it strange how the rioters will scream for justice and… Read more »

Carl Stevenson

I wouldn’t live in that sh*thole for all the tea and rice in China.


Aren’t you tired of hearing the media lie about the cause being ‘outside instigators’?

The Rifleman

Sailor. Have you checked on what the laws are there on open carry?


Maryland competes with NJ, NY, MA, CA, etc. for the “worst gun state in the nation” title.

You must have a permit to open carry in Maryland …. and it’s probable that if you actually did open carry with a permit they’d revoke your permit.


Chip nailed it. You have to either have a protective order or have a business that deals with large sums of cash to be considered. Regular, everyday, law-abiding citizens are given lip service.

Maryland is counted among the 31 states with CCW permits, but it is a facade. Most people carrying concealed in MD didn’t go through the State Police, they are either criminals doing what criminals do – or they are law-abiding citizens that are FORCED to be criminals for exercising their 2nd amendment rights; a truly disgusting situation.

Edwin Whetstone

Lock and load, fire at will.


You got that right my brother !


I live in Baltimore County, about 8 miles away from this nonsense. My wife wants to live in the city near Inner Harbor and has been pressuring me for years to make the move. Besides taxes (Baltimore City is 2X the property tax rate in Baltimore County) and crime in general, the one reason I won’t move there is that the city is a Second Amendment free zone. My wife now understands my feelings, and I will no longer have to argue with her about the virtue of living within walking distance of the Inner Harbor and all the great… Read more »


I grew up in Harford County … I’m no longer a Maryland resident but still visit the state occasionally (and am a fan of some of the sports teams). I wish Hogan would change things but as long as the legislature is what it is, I don’t expect anything positive to happen. I’m glad you won’t have to fight with your wife about moving / not moving to the city. Downtown Towson would probably be a lot better option if she wants “city life” without the danger of Baltimore itself. I do know one person with a Maryland permit. Of… Read more »


Sailor,i’m shocked ! I thought MD had CCW ! Protect yourself and family however you have to !


@Tincansailor: I’m glad you stuck to your guns about moving on And it looks like it paid off big time for you and your family. And honestly if I was in your predicament I’d be carrying regardless to! They have no right to tell you with riot’s all around that you can’t carry, that’s absurd. And even without the riots i’d still carry knowing that type of criminal element in those numbers are close by. I travel all over the USA and I love it, however I do everything I can to not travel to NY,CA,MD, and there’s a… Read more »

Timothy-Allen Albertson

Why do I hear the rustle of briefcases on their way to Baltimore? But rest assured that this idiot mayor will defend those suits by crying racism and sexism which seem to be well on their way to becoming synonyms for dumb ass liberal criminality.