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Ghost Gunner Gun Making CNC Machine
Ghost Gunner Gun Making CNC Machine
Defense Distributed
Defense Distributed

Teaxs – -(Ammoland.com)-  Ghost Gunners,

Today the first wave of orders has finally shipped for our pre-order campaign that began all the way back in October 2014!

It’s difficult to even count the obstacles we’ve faced since almost that very month, but by your patience and support we are today able to announce our product’s shipment and the release of its design files and operation software to the public. We thank you immensely.

Backorders and Wait List

Over 100 units are shipping/will have shipped since the end of last week. Our output is at such a pace that we estimate current backorders from the original campaign will all be fulfilled within six to ten weeks’ time. Our manufacturing processes were difficult to engineer and perfect since December, because of our troubled part stream, but we now realize our capacity and are doubling our work force to increase throughput even more than in the past two weeks.

For those on the Wait List, I will be sending you an email update separately inviting you to take one of 200 spots of additional machines we feel comfortable we can make through the summer. First come first serve! But I realize many of you are probably too impatient to wait up for that email, and if so you can claim your machine here.

We estimate we can finish the backorders and the additional spots off the wait list by Q4. You guys have been waiting for a while, so we’re working overtime to catch up and fulfill!

Design Files and Operating Software

Today DD is also releasing GG’s design files and operating software to the public. This step was largely delayed because the Feds literally took until last week to give GG a commodity classification. But today’s good news is also a fine occasion for announcing the release of our software and specifications, which will be permanently found at http://ghostgunner.net/downloads/ and http://defdist.org/downloads/ from this day on.

As you receive your machine in the mail, you will find in your package a card with credentials to give you access to the Ghost Gunner forums. We expect this will be a place of exchange and development that will quickly travel more adventurously afield of DD to see just the range and extent of Ghost Gunner’s capabilities.

But forum membership is not a must! Everything you need to operate the machine comes in the box, software and guide included. No need to connect to the internet to access what you’ve purchased.

International Orders

Lastly, at least for this email, we will begin selling and shipping Ghost Gunner outside of the United States. Many of you are not from the US and have inquired for months about access to the machine. Well, we now have the clearance to ship to over 30 countries, of which you are likely a citizen. Our international backers will be reached out to individually at this time, but you will note a separate path to get on the wait list if you’re outside the US when you now visit http://ghostgunner.net


Above all else, THANK YOU for your support. We’re a small shop of friends and relative kids from Texas (and parts) around who had no business opening a manufacturing operation. But we wanted to see this concept succeed [the American dream], and we wanted it to succeed on bold and defiant terms.

Though it will still be some weeks before we’re caught up with orders, we know it was you, our backers, with your patience and good will that allowed us to get to this moment.

I for one will not forget it.

Cody R Wilson



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Park Quan

Let me start off by saying, I’m Not a barbaric islamite animal!!!, nor am I a wanted criminal running from the law, of which they are trying to turn that into Sharia!!! Now getting to my point!!! Fing UPS and FedEx refuse to ship the Ghost Gunner, so how will I get the unit, and two, California will be confiscating weapons starting Jan. 1st, that tomorrow, and the rest of the country will follow suit shortly. Do you keep records and name lists of all your buyers, or can people drop by your shop and make purchases directly from you… Read more »


I’m gonna order one of them machines !