Open Carry Texas Comments on Passage of Texas Licensed Open Carry Bill

Oct Statement On Passage Of HB 910.

Open Carry
Open Carry Texas Comments on Passage of Texas Licensed Open Carry Bill
Open Carry Texas
Open Carry Texas

Temple, TX –-( Recently, the Republican led house passed HB 910, the licensed open carry bill on 101-42 vote.

For the first time in Texas history, an open carry bill has passed two chambers of the legislature. We would like to thank Chairman Larry Phillips (R-Sherman) for his hard work in building support for this important legislation that allows handgun license holders to decide whether to carry a firearm openly or concealed in Texas and across the country.

We also are extremely appreciative of the legislature for voting to adopt Rep. Dwayne Burns’ (R-Cleburne) amendment to lower the penalty from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class C misdemeanor for accidentally walking past a 30.06 sign.

We’d also like to recognize and commend Chairman Harold Dutton (D-Houston) and Rep. Matt Rinaldi (R-Irving) for their amendment which would prevent law enforcement officers from stopping law abiding gun owners simply for wearing a holstered handgun.

We now encourage the legislature to hear and pass bills that will affect the other 97% of Texans that choose not to pay for a handgun license and surrender their rights. HB 910 is a step in the right direction for fixing the CHL, now let’s fix the loss of our right to keep and bear arms.

“Our members have worked hard the past two years to make this happen,” remarked OCT President CJ Grisham.

“Obviously, it’s not everything we’ve been fighting for, but if you don’t fight, you can’t win. Anyone in business will tell you that you never ask for what you think they’re going to give you. You always ask for more and you might be surprised with what you get.”

About Open Carry Texas: Our purpose is to 1) educate all Texans about their right to openly carry rifles and shotguns in a safe manner; 2) to condition Texans to feel safe around law- abiding citizens that choose to carry them; 3) encourage our elected officials to pass less restrictive open carry legislation for all firearms, especially pistols; and (4) foster a cooperative relationship with local law enforcement in the furtherance of these goals with an eye towards preventing negative encounters.

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You cant open carry just yet in Texas Even with a CHL, The bill has passed but is still now hung up in the Teas Senate with a couple of Amendments that have to be worked out.Even when the Governor signs the bill it wont take effect till January 1st 2016. That is the way House Bill 910 is set up. In other words the bill is not quite done for signature.
As for the Senate bill 17 it has yet to be heard in the house .
So nothing is a done deal yet .


Its a done deal ! Abbott will sign open carry into law in the next few days ! There is nothing the douche bag liberals can do about it ! Sweet !


Texans overwhelmingly want those carrying guns among the public to be trained and background checked and not have a record of crimes against persons. Texas CHLs have a long track record of being the most law abiding and trustworthy. THAT is what will continue to put citizens at ease when they see someone carrying a holstered visible gun. –knowing that person is likely ok to do so. The behavior of OCT has not made the average citizen eager to allow Constitutional carry. Quite the opposite.


I was not going to post but here goes. I have a CHL, glad to have it ! The House bill refereed to as House Bill 910 and Senate bill 17 are no where done deals yet. There hung up in committees right now, There are 2 amendments to House Bill 910 that will have to be ironed out , and depending on the Senate Committee agreeing to them depends on the outcome . Senate Bill 17 has sat in the house for a month. no activity since it was turned over to the House. I would suggest that folks… Read more »


Hey I’m glad what we got and every one that fought for it,I think it’s been a lot of hoopla over open carry,it has really educated me since it been in Congress and check up on the process every day and been reading every ones comments. I DO have my chl and I’ve been all over the United states and did not know legally I had the privilege to carry in a lot of states open or concealed and it amazing I never saw anyone with an open weapon. So with that I don’t think much will change from the… Read more »


Open Carry, Concealed Carry, unbeknownst, are extremely primitive compared to the pragmatic co-presence methodologies of technical mediation. We’re at a stage of cave men arguing about who gets to wave a stick without knowing what’s really out there being and getting ready to use.


a limit of caliber should be applied as to your knowledge and trained ability to handle any weapon . most folks will never carry if they never been around weapons, but age limit, back ground check should be strictly enforce. This is a doubled edge sword, Some folks been pushing this amendment for alternative reasons, others our genuine, CHL and permits should be the norm for all weapons period long or short and no autos Civilian’s are not knowledgably. If you have never seen what death is like you can’t know what it is.You have to walk the walk and… Read more »

TSgt B

And just who died and made you the Supreme Arbiter of what RIGHTS we may exercise?


Any one who carries concealed or open should be trained in hand gun safety and, be aware of the laws. Any person who carries should be registered carrier with a permit.


Lance, I notice you are on her exercising your 1st Amendment right to express yourself, sooooo…
Are you “trained and registered” in writing, and do you have your “permit” to exercise your 1st Amendment right to write??!

TSgt B

You don’t understand the FIRST THING about FREEDOM, do you? If we are not FREE to exercise that which Shall Not Be Infringed, it is no longer a RIGHT, but a state-granted, and therefore REVOCABLE, privilege.


license = registration. Wake up. First place “they” go is to the idiots that volunteered to be registered.


If you live in Texas they will come to every home. No paper work needed. The thought is EVERY ONE IN TEXAS HAS A GUN!!! So it doesn’t matter if you have a license or not. YOU WILL BE CHECKED.

TSgt B

“They” better bring a SWAT team and a lunch truck; they’re gonna need ’em.


I’m a little lost so do I have to have a chl to carry or not


Yes ! Constitutional carrry didn’t move. With a CHL you can carry open/concealed.


I’ve had a Texas CHL continually since ’95 ! There is no reason to have to pay for a license to carry a handgun either concealed/open if you are a law-abiding citizen with no felony convictions. It generates alot of revenue for states that opt out of ‘constitutional carry’ and reguire a license to exercise a constitutional right.Training in firearm safety,knowledge of your weapon, is so very important for anyone who carries a handgun,although it shouldn’t be mandated by the states.

Warren Tune

We don’t need people with out license carrying guns. I do have a chl

TSgt B

Haven’t you ever heard of a CONSTITUTIONALLY-AFFIRMED RIGHT the Keep and Bear Arms? Since when do I need a state-issued “permission slip” (a.k.a., license) to exercise Freedom of Speech, resist unlawful search and/or seizure, or any other Enumerated Right? “Government” is our SERVANT. THEY don’t tell US what to do or which RIGHTS we may enjoy. People like you are the problem.