Being a Knucklehead Is a Good Thing – If You’re a Great Knife

White River's Knucklehead
White River’s Knucklehead
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Coopersville, MI -( The unique Knucklehead from White River Knives is not a comment on those in or running for elected office.

Constructed of only American-made CPM S30V high-carbon stainless steel* at a 60 Rockwell hardness, its 2.875-inch, chisel-ground blade is intended to hold a highly effective edge for a lot of heavy cutting. At just 1.7 ounces, the Knucklehead is near feather-light for its potential uses.

The ergonomically designed CNC manufactured holes make a super-positive, slip-resistant finger-inserted (if desired) grip in most any conditions. The rearmost hole even doubles as a bottle opener. Two models are available – a natural stone finish and a black PVD ionbond finish.** PVD is an ultra-hard, abrasion-resistant finish that is rated at an astounding 85 Rockwell C hardness.

White River’s intelligent Kydex sheath allows you to wear the Knucklehead as a neck knife, boot knife or on the belt by using its unique multi-position clip to adjust the wearing position to your preference.

In addition to its American-made steel, every Knucklehead component is U.S.-made and manufactured; there is nothing foreign in White River knives.


  • Blade length: 2.875 inches
  • Overall length: 6 inches
  • Blade thickness: 0.145 inches
  • Steel type: CPM S30V (available with optional PVD ionbond finish at extra cost)
  • Hardness: 60 (Rockwell C Scale)
  • Sheath: Kydex multi-position, multi-use design
  • MSRP standard model: $65.00
  • MSRP PVD Ionbond finish model: $80.00

*About CPM S30V Steel:  It is a high-carbon steel with a very high chromium and vanadium content. This creates very tough, wear-resistant steel that is highly efficient in cutting tools and can take and hold a razor edge. CPM S30V is a high-end steel that is generally found only in custom and top-quality production knives. Each Knucklehead is somewhat unique as the knife retains the original foundry markings when the steel was formed between the wide chisel ground and polished blade creating a neat contrast between the polished blade and the rest of the knife.

**About PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) Ionbond coating: Basically, this is a vapor-deposited metal finish – either titanium or chromium – deposited at a molecular level on the metal surface in a high vacuum environment at temperatures between 100 and 500 degrees Centigrade. This process creates an incredibly tough, abrasion-resistant surface.

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