John Lott Comments On 3-D-Printed Gun Designer’s Constitutional Challenge To Feds

3-D-Printed Guns
3-D-Printed Guns
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AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-( John Lott was interviewed by Fox News about the Obama administration’s latest attempts to ban computer files that allow 3D printers to print guns.

This isn’t just plastic printers.  The metal 3D printers can produce a gun that is identical in many ways to a gun that you could by at the store.  A court suit that has been filed to stop the Obama administration’s restrictions.  From Fox News:

The possibilities of 3-D technology are mind blowing for Americans who in many states live under strict firearms regulations that require them to register firearms they purchase or sell. As long as the 3-D firearm or magazine is not being sold, traded or shared, there is no license required.

“3-D printers mean an end to any gun control,” said John Lott, the president of the Crime Prevention Research Center and a columnist for “The government is not going to be able to ban magazines for guns, or ban guns themselves, and the notions of background checks would be even more impossible to do. Anyone with access to a 3-D printer can make guns functionally and indistinguishable from a gun that can be bought in a store. I don’t know how the government will stop people from obtaining a printer.”

While he understands why the government wants to regulate 3-D firearms, Lott called it a “pretty futile effort.”

“Just look at the illegal download of television shows and movies,” Lott said. “Millions of copies have been downloaded and the government has been unable to stop it. Why would the government be successful in stopping other information like these files from being downloaded?”

A metal printer that can build a firearm costs about $10,000 and the price continues to drop. Meanwhile some government agencies have proposed forcing those who purchase printers to register them as they would firearms.

“The government does not know how to even begin to deal with these problems,” Lott said. “I understand what government wants to regulate this, but it is too late. Technology moves faster than government.” . . .

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This is similar to Pretty good Privacy encryption and the government actions against those that made PGP . In the end I believe a printing of the code was the final answer to freedom of the press. Maybe print the cad files as text. Let people convert the text to cad files for use.


when will people start to remember that we are allowed to carry for the protection of our selves and our community and that our right “shall not be infringed”


I’m aghast that the federal, state or local government doesn’t know what every citizen is doing, when and why. I send them a monthly report on my visits to the “Jim.” (That’s what I call the room with the toilet.) The “government” doesn’t have a very good track record in controlling its citizens. Look at how prohibition was enforced; ditto “the war” on illegal drugs, enforcing the 55 MPH during the Carter years, illegal guns going from the U.S. into Mexico; illegal aliens entering the country; welfare fraud; tax fraud. I think they should put up toll booths at each… Read more »


As any constitution loving American, it seems
like a good idea. he he he he he

brian winters

As a New Jersey gun owner it seems like an idea.