Medical Hope for Gun Fearing Hoplophobia Sufferers

By Alan Korwin

Hoplophobia Awareness
Medical Hope for Gun Fearing Hoplophobia Sufferers

PHOENIX, AZ –-( Discovery process for new mental illness shows cracks

The lamestream media told you:

“Chronic Fatigue Syndrome redefined by name, diagnosis”

The New York Times — Feb. 10, 2015 — “Doctors are getting a new way to diagnose chronic fatigue syndrome — and influential government advisers say it’s time to replace that hated name, too, to show it’s a real and debilitating disease.

“The Institute of Medicine on Tuesday called on doctors to do a better job diagnosing an illness that may affect up to 2.5 million Americans, and it set five main symptoms as the criteria.

“And the IOM’s choice of a new name — Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease, or SEID — reflects a core symptom, that exertion can wipe patients out.

” ‘This is not a figment of their imagination,’ said Dr. Ellen Wright Clayton of Vanderbilt University’s Center for Biomedical Ethics and Society, who chaired the IOM panel. ‘These patients have real symptoms. They deserve real care.’

“Here are some things to know about the disorder: Whatever It’s Called, What Is This Illness?”

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

With randomly timed decision making, disease without germs, federal funding hanging in the balance and high-powered medical terminology like “exertion can wipe patients out,” and “replace that hated name,” the medical establishment and federal government made it clear that diagnosis of medical conditions depends more on who’s in control, than on what people suffer from. A few in the medical community have decided to rename a condition for which there is no test and for which, “No one knows what causes it.”

What this means is, hoplophobia, an easily observed debilitating medical condition that drives a huge portion of the hateful political rage against human and civil rights in this country, now has a renewed chance of medical recognition, given the transparency with which new diseases are being “discovered” be modern medicine. The hoplophobic condition is frequently observed by those in the RKBA community.

Although the 5th edition of the “official” list of mental conditions (the DSM) failed to list this ailment, it omitted others that doctors vigorously lobbied for, which is now the standard model for discovering and identifying certain medical problems. Internet addiction and parental alienation disorder, despite last-ditch efforts for recognition by advocates, did not make it into the new directory, and so are not eligible for funding, grants, conferences, insurance coverage and other benefits recognized diseases and conditions get. Those disease proponents have vowed not to quit. Internet addiction alone has received funding for 300 peer reviewed studies, so far.

Hoplophobia continues to take a huge toll on the nation, distorts the political climate, and costs lives as innocent people are disarmed or subarmed (inadequately armed due to infringing laws) to help salve the irrational fears of its sufferers.

The White House had no comment.

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Okay so there is a lot going on in this article/post. I don’t know anything about hopolophobia so I’m going to step back and let you be the expert on that one. I do know a couple of things about CFS though, and I am concerned about some of your misunderstandings about CFS history here so I would like to set a few things straight strictly related to the facts of CFS: With randomly timed decision making, Actually the timing of the IOM report results were not random at all. The report is based of an extensive research study that… Read more »

Esther Siebert

Hoplophobia is a phrase that 2nd Amendment supporters made up to ridicule gun control advocates. It’s just political humor…for the gun-loving set. Thanks for your effort to set the record straight on ME/CFS/SEID.

Esther Siebert

I realize your disparagement of Myalgic Encephalomilitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/SEID is only a device to introduce your own issues. Nevertheless, this devastating disease affects up to 2.5 million people in the US alone and 17 million worldwide. Remember when ulcers were considered psychological and caused by stress? Now we know that they are caused by bacteria and can be treated with antibiotics. My illness, whatever you call it, began with an EBV infection 29 years ago and I never recovered. If anyone is actually interested in learning about this life-destroying disease, and the research showing it is indeed a physical, biological… Read more »


Esther, You equal lack of compassion for the millions of families who have lost loved ones because of the carnage of Hoplophobia is the same. So I guess we can call it a draw.