New This Week – Can Julie Pull off the “Annie Oakley” on Impossible Shots?

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots – The Modern Annie Oakley

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots – The Modern Annie Oakley
Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots – The Modern Annie Oakley
Shooting USA
Shooting USA

Nashville, TN -( Shooting by sighting with a mirror. It’s the famous exhibition shot simply known as the “Annie Oakley.”

All of our Pro Shooters have tried it in the past, except Julie Golob, until now. Julie is shooting over her shoulder with an M&P 15-22 as her take on the Modern Annie Oakley. Plus, Mr. Flintlock tries for a long-range shot with a round ball.

Shooting USA – IPSC World Shoot

It’s the handgun world championship that begins with the parade of nations, as the IPSC World Shoot returns to the U.S. after more than 25 years. The best in the world are competing in the sport, with the modern technique Jeff Cooper created more than 40 years ago. Plus, the breechloader that would change gun-making forever, the Hall Carbine is one of History’s Guns.

Shooting USA – IPSC World Shoot
Shooting USA – IPSC World Shoot


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Bow School

He’s the Master of the Longbow, and also a personal instructor. Legendary archer Byron Ferguson is running the Bare Bow Shooting School in Tennessee, and Impossible Shots Producer Michael Buchanan is playing student – plus, he’s covering the action from the 3-day training. Stay tuned for our coverage in the coming weeks!

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