Why It’s Total Bullsh#t You Don’t Join the NRA

Stop the NRA
Stop the NRA

By Tom McHale

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Tom McHale

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- About 14 years ago, my wife and soulmate said something I disagreed with. So I divorced her. As if that wasn’t enough, about a week later, my kid got a detention at school. So I sold him into a life of slavery with Tusken Raider Sand People. My actions may sound harsh, but I have principles.

There are certain issues where I simply won’t compromise!

What? You think that’s harsh? Or maybe ridiculous? You’d be right. But that’s exactly the argument I hear from people all the time when the proudly tell me they will never join the NRA again. Ever. So there.

By the way, although I did sell my kid to Tusken Sand People, I didn’t really divorce my wife. We just resolved our disagreement like adults and are continuing to live happily ever after.

Back to the NRA issue.

I get that the NRA sometimes does things we don’t agree with. Sometimes, they make mistakes. Other times, they’re playing long term chess, and may make a short-term move because they have no other option or because it’s step one of a longer term strategy.[like supporting Harry Reid to block Chuck Schumer as head of the senate.]

It’s easy for us to sit on the sidelines and throw stones and yell about how they should never compromise, ever. That kind of strategy sounds great on paper but rarely works out in your favor in real life. Think about the years 2008 through 2010. President Stompy Feet had full control of the United States Government. Oval Office, House, and Senate.

Do you really want to pick a no compromise fight when your opponent holds all the high cards?

But I’m not here to defend the NRA – they tick me off too sometimes, and I’m sure I tick them off on occasion. I’m here to discuss how the real world of politics works, whether you like the NRA or not.

Wayne Lapierre
But Wayne Lapierre & the NRA just want my money! …(duh yeah, to fight the 100’s of millions of $$ the other side gets from Bloomberg and Soros for FREE)

We’ve got four groups of government gnomes to worry about when it comes to protection of gun rights: The executive branch (President Rhetoric or whoever is in office at the time and all the minions that work for the Prez), The Judicial (Supreme, Federal and local courts), Congress (House and Senate), and of course state and local government. For this discussion, we’ll focus on Congress and state and local representatives as that’s the NRA’s main playground.

Yeah, they get involved in legal actions, but quite frankly, organizations like the Second Amendment Foundation are far more successful (and aggressive) in the court system.

So when it comes to influencing legislation, we have to remember one thing about elected officials. All they care about, without exception, is getting re-elected. They spend their days, night and weekends worrying about how many people love them and how many hate them. There’s always another election around the corner.

When they take a meeting with someone from the NRA or any other organization, you can probably guess the first question that Congress-Critter asks.

That’s right. “How many members do you have now?”

They’re not stupid. If someone from some podunk gun rights organization that has seven members waltzes in, that politician could care less. It doesn’t matter how pure that organizations positions are.

However, if Uncle LaPierre sashays in and says, “Well, we added 2 million new members last quarter,” you can bet your bippy our favorite re-election marathon competitors are going to take notice. Heck, they’ll probably offer to wax Wayne’s Suburban.

Right now, the NRA has about 5 million members give or take. There are somewhere around 90 million gun owners in the U.S. That means just over 5% of gun owners forked over $35 to sign up. I know it’s a fantasy but just imagine for a second what life might be like if every gun owner was a member of the NRA. I can pretty much guarantee that your local politicians would drive your kids to school and deliver supper to your house – daily. On a national level, our Senators and Congressmen would flock to the NRA Annual Meeting in droves to volunteer and hand out donuts. Heck, they’d give Congressional Gold Medals to every employee of the NRA home office.

I know that’s a pipe dream, but 10 million members is not. Heck, if only the people who refuse ever to join the NRA because they have some past gripe with them, grew up, held their nose, and renewed, we’d get to 10 million members in a heartbeat.

To be serious for a moment, I’d stand behind the statement that if the NRA had 10 million members, we’d never hear a credible member of Congress so much as whisper something like “common sense gun legislation.” Yeah, crazy Aunt Dianne out in California would still rant and rave, but she wouldn’t have any votes. We certainly wouldn’t be facing the constant battles that we do now.

AmmoLand Join NRA
AmmoLand Join NRA

The bottom line is this: If you don’t grow up and send the NRA a lousy $25 bucks, (Discount NRA Membership) you’re exacerbating the problem. If you’re too angry at the NRA to know what “exacerbating” means, think along the lines of “you’re making our gun control fight harder than it needs to be.”

Yes, there are lot’s of gun rights organizations out there doing great work, and I urge you to support them. But when it comes to influencing legislation, our best bet is to grow the NRA membership number. The more members they have, the more Congress pays attention to whatever it is they have to say, and the more they can take a “no compromise” approach.

By the way, I really didn’t sell my kid to Tusken Sand People. That would be as ridiculous as refusing to support our best chance at stopping all this nonsensical gun control legislation.


Tom McHale is the author of the Insanely Practical Guides book series that guides new and experienced shooters alike in a fun, approachable, and practical way. His books are available in print and eBook format on Amazon. You can also find him on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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I was working on an EPL membership, paying my quarterly $25 payments every three months. I got on my computer to make my next payment. My account on their website said I had a yearly membership, however on my previous payments my account clearly said EPL. I sent three e-mails, each about a week apart, asking them to fix the problem. I never heard back from them. The first e-mail was polite, the next two were i increasingly angry. After the third e-mail was sent, I checked to see if my status was fixed. Not only was it not fixed,… Read more »

Silence DoGood

The NRA has grown fat and lazy, in large part because most of its members aren’t really activists, they joined just for the bragging rights. And because the sheeple naturally think the best organization to join is the one that’s the largest and most conspicuous. So there’s too few of us holding their feet to the fire. So it grows ever larger, not because its performance merits it, but because its size itself creates its own positive reinforcement loop. Gun activists as a group are largely a conservative lot so they should understand the importance of the effect of competition… Read more »


Is it passion that drives the BS banter in these comments? As the author Tom McHale suggests, TAKE A DEEP BREATH! Don’t be persuaded by anything other than the facts, for the issue at hand. The 2nd Amendment has as equal value as any of the others, we should be adult enough to recognize that. Let’s substitute the 2nd Amendment with the 1st, now make the statement let’s have some ‘common sense legislation on freedom of religion’. Now, take another (much deeper) breath and think. Don’t open your mouth, just think about THAT. The fact is, maybe that would be… Read more »

Jerry Day

I had no idea that there were this many NUTS in our Country. We have a 8% tail wagging a 92% dog and all you poor misguided members of the NRA whine constantly about the 2nd Amendment like it was one of the Ten Commandments. The NRA is like ISIS only they cut off nuts instead of heads. I do NOT need the NRA and neither do you. Be honest with yourself for about fifteen seconds, take a deep breath, put on your big boy pants and grow up!


You’re a commy pinko rat bastard moron. Without the second ammendment, there is no Constitution. Since you don’t like the USA. Move to Iraq.

John Osborne

Well, your page confirms my thoughts.

Where is that “bullet pen” made?

Why is the NRA sending money to china?

Wouldn’t that money be better spent on lawyers or advertising?

When the NRA stops handing out china made trinkets I’ll join. . .

Greg Adkins

I live in(unfortunately)in California,and the NRA,didn’t even put up a fight against the Bloomberg liberals,maybe it was a lost cause.But nothing no effort,i wouldn’t give these ASSHOLES,A F##CKING DIME.

Richie Rich

You answered your own concern. Why throw money at a lost cause. Move if you don’t like the people surrounding you. Your money still protects gun rights on a national level and your argument makes as little sense as the people surrounding you. Be careful who you surround yourself with or you might find you’ve become them. You sound useless to me.


I’m with you Greg. The NRA are a bunch of thieves.


Sandy, do tell! Is every gun owner a gun-loving stooge in your mind? That would be a large percentage of our military personnel. Secret service members protecting politicians would be included there. Democrats and republicans alike who are lawyers, doctors, engineers and other professionals you rely on for services are part of that group. Those individuals who believe that gun ownership should be a right and who teach gun safety to their families are stooges? Those individuals who spend time with their families engaged in outdoor activities instead of sitting around on facebook while their unattended children play video games… Read more »

Barry Luke

Unsubscribe me. I don’t have anytime for bullshit as above, I am the NRA. I don’t need your commie crap.

Richie Rich

Unsubscribe yourself you helpless loser. Uh- get out.

Sandy mackenzie

You gunloving stooges in the NRA are only one of the reaons that U.S.A. Has lost its power and resolve to lead the world. Hello China, but he you crazies south of the border!




You should stay away from that stuff when you are trying to post something, SM. Your sentence is not even a sentence.
Maybe you could crawl back in your hole.


How does it feel to be an absolute and complete idiot, Sandy?


Sandy obviously has not lived or worked much outside the comfort of our country’s borders. – If our ancestors and forefathers had caved-in when the British tried to implement “governmental gun control” in the 1700’s, we would probably still be a British Colony. They wanted to limit individual weapon ownership to “hunting and sporting” also. – The Emperor of Japan hesitated to attack this country because he believed “there would be an armed citizen behind every blade of grass”.. Let’s address the true problems of failing family units, mental health, gang influence and proper education. I couldn’t be selective about… Read more »

Richie Rich

Hey commie liberal, we’re coming for you soon. Sleep well. You’re welcome in Venezula or China.


Ammoland can kiss my ass, I have been NRA member for over 60 years. Oh how old is ammoland and what have you done lately sh*t head to help the 2nd. Oh and John (aug. 5 12PM). You are the type of CCW carrier I want to stay away from! Announce your a ccw, what a dick head!


It pains me to have to donate to any organization to protect my 2nd ammendments rights also to pay for permits to do so,I,M fed up with all of this crap ,and I will still carry and if someone doesn,t like it ,come see me


Oh, Oh, you carry, tell the world. I’m scared to death. Do practice or do you just talk. You are the reason I hide from guys like you Been a NRA life member for many years, to many to count. Your just to much into yourself, see ya when the shtf, bub.

Charles Nichols

I don’t know why AmmoLand chose to post this again but one of the reasons why most people don’t join the #NRA is because of the NRA’s long history of supporting anti-gun laws and the NRA’s long history of supporting anti-gun politicians which continues right up to the present day and which will continue until the current leadership is replaced. Giving money to the nations largest anti-gun organization would make anyone who purports to be a defender of the #SecondAmendment a #moron. And looking at these posts it is clear even to a blind man that there are a lot… Read more »


Wayne Lapierre salary of $972,000.00 to $1.2 million is why I will never join the NRA again in my life time!!!

Nick C

I stopped reading when I got to the sentence “If someone from some podunk gun rights organization that has seven members waltzes in, that politician could care less.” I’m sure you *meant* to say “couldn’t care less”. Think about it.


Those who have actually thought about it realize that “could care less” is sarcastic.

What one says is less important than what one means.

Should I care? I should be so lucky ? that you understand why there are two ways things like this can be stated. Like couldn’t care less..meaning I care the very least I can possibly care. Now I agree with nick in a small sense but not because he was correct because he was not entirely ,had there been a “?” At the end of “that politician could care less?” That would make it work as sarcasm so you both are a little bit less than right, but don’t feel to bad ,as you both are a little bit more… Read more »

Richie Rich

There are plenty of patriots that will take your place commie.


Here’s an idea.
If the NRA is actually effective influencing legislators because of member count, which I think we would all agree they are, and as suggested earlier would be more effective with more members, then in addition to the NRA continuing to accept the $25 donations from all of those who would continue to be to pay it anyway, offer free honorary memberships as well. If properly promoted membership could double almost overnight. Now that would be a very powerful way to say don’t tread on me or my constitution.


“Rights Cheat” I like that!


When you talk about sucking it up or having to ‘compromise’ remember some of us have to do it every day. I am a gun owner with a carry permit. And want just like you to protect my gun rights. However I am also Gay and in a same-sex marriage. And support the NRA gives to those in office most likely will go to a religious nut who wants to destroy my marriage. Yet I swallow hard and still give to the NRA to support my gun rights. And I send in extra to help them. And with each victory… Read more »


Liberal NRA member here as well!

John Stepuporshutup

Not many of you are going to like this but here it is. We are cheap and petty as a movement. Progressives are willing to fund raise for criminal rapists and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars with no shame even demanding their friends who have no idea who they are raising money for contribute. They will drop a hundred dollars and more without even breaking a sweat. While we argue about pennies and every minor disagreement. Make no mistake the 5 million NRA members make the gun grabbers shake with fear. Other gun groups? Are you people kidding me?… Read more »

Tim Toroian

I agree with Tex. If every firearms owner in the U.S. was an official member of the NRA it would be the largest political bloc in the world let alone this country. He’s right. Watch our national legislators take real notice of a group of that size. And we could tell the U.N. to stuff it’s arms treaty.


yeah.. well that’s nice.. and no.. not interested.. the constant cash requests.. the quisling methodology and the back room circle jerks DO NOT get my support.. not joining and stop the pathetic.. NRA or bust BS.
NAGR/JPFO are BOTH more effective and have way less members.. do NOT assume that larger numbers mean something to liberals.
still not joining the NRA and flame away.. no amount of you all bitching about MY choices means jack squat to me


I have principles too, and I will never join the NRA because they allow the likes of Grover Norquist – a muslim operative – on their board of directors.

Mike the Limey

To all those “the NRA did some things I disagreed with so I left in a huff” types, I have this to say: It’s a MEMBERS’ organisation, so don’t leave if you disagree; campaign to get them to change. I’ll bet there’s more than a few “ex NRA” types here who STILL vote Republican despite their multiple failings & lack of conservative ethics. Heck, I’m a Brit & live in the UK but I’m a mamber of both the NRA & GOA because to me the RKBA really MATTERS. Stop bitching FFS, rejoin the NRA & campaign for change &… Read more »


Count me as someone who wants nothing to do with the NRA.. It’s an exclusive club for fat cats, who derive their income from gun owners donations. It doesn’t care about our rights. It cares about perpetuating the NRA. I joined the NRA over 35 years ago – even before I owned my first gun, so important was it to me to protect our 2nd Amendment rights. First thing I noticed, was although I sent my membership dues, (they cashed the check), I never got any membership materials, insurance notifications, or the free magazine. I wrote several times but they… Read more »


35 years is a long time. I received a range bag, 2 hats, a mug, and 2 pens. Not that I really wanted that stuff. And I got all of it, in a 2 week period. It isn’t about the “stuff”


Like every issue in America today, we think we have to choose a side and defend it vociferously till the veins bulge out on our necks. To that I say bullsh#t. I have owned guns since I was 16 (that’s 5 decades) and think law-abiding citizens should have the right to defend themselves. I also have little use for the NRA. The organization overall has done some good in protecting gun rights, but that seems to be a small portion of its agenda. I am familiar with the NRA in Florida, whose lobbyist is one of the most powerful in… Read more »

Michael Phillips

I cannot prove that I am not insane and neither can you.


Maybe you would rather have Bloomberg’s Moms Demand or Everytown “fight” for your 2nd Amendment Rights?


Ask yourself a question, have you ever heard an anti gun group opposed to NAGR or GOA? I’ll bet the answer is no. The NRA is always a target, when you select targets you don’t pick unimportant things to go after. If our opponents think NRA is the most important thing for them to attack why don’t we think it’s our most important line of defense? Yes I’m a NRA life member.


My gosh!

Do you NRA haters even begin to think how big a laugh Bloomberg and the Libs get when we fight among ourselves? If the NRA does something you don’t like, then tell them. But don’t try to destroy the organization that has done more for gun rights in the USA than every other organization combined. There’s a reason Bloomberg and his clown posse hate the NRA . . because they . . WE . . have the political clout to get things done.

Calin Brabandt

>Do you really want to pick a no compromise fight when your opponent holds all the high cards? Yes–depending on one’s beliefs and goals, a no-compromise fight is the right one. When it comes to the fight to have the liberty to keep and bear arms, ANY compromise is just another step toward total and absolute defeat in the end. If your goal is to limit the damage to your liberty that your masters and rulers inflict on you in your own lifetime, compromise might be a good strategy. Just let members of future generations live with the end result!… Read more »


The NRA does do good and so does the Second Amendment Foundation and I also belong to GOAL which is the Gun Owners Action League and they all do there part to fight the anti gun legislation

James B. Towle

Nice job Tom….

Bob Sadtler

Here’s a great compromise: Join. Annual, Life, doesn’t matter. By law, those dues can only go to training and education, conservation, insurance programs, things that the NRA does very well. DO NOT EVER CONTRIBUTE A PENNY TO ANYTHING THAT SAYS “ILA” or “PVF” ON IT! Both the IgnorantLousyA$$#oles and the PettyVindictiveFools are hopelessly corrupt and incompetent. Fortunately, BOTH must solicit all monies directly, and CANNOT (legally, anyway) receive any funding from NRA itself. It is, of course, entirely possible, if not highly probable, that NRA is as corrupt as the other two, and funneling money to them illegally. Join. Enjoy… Read more »


I walked from the NRA after they did Washington wrong on 594. After we the Gun Coalition, and another group did the will not comply rally they sent one person….and then took credit for it. After doing research, right in thier bylaws, gun control.

MD Boy

Didn’t the citizens of your state vote on 594? How exactly is it NRA’s fault that you folks voted for it?


Would you care to share your better plan with us and how it will help restore gun rights at the national level?

Dawn Appelberg

Yeah actually….push for constitutional carry. Stop mucking about with these nickle and dime legislative maneuvers and go for broke….constitutional carry across the nation.

Lawrence Smith

I have been married for 58 years. If either one of us had demanded perfection of the other????? Why do the enemies of the second amendment hate the NRA? We can get a very good idea as to where we stand on most subjects if we check and see who our enemies are. The gun grabbers, liberal politicians and most news media all hate the NRA. We have a good carry permit system here in Tennessee. I dare say we would not have if not for the support of the NRA. Of course others helped. Support all them if you… Read more »


It’s disheartening how petty we get with each other isn’t it? Last I heard we all have the same goal. Yet we do more to erode gun rights than our opponents.

michael Phillips

Best comment yet. The constant drone you hear from the left when an anti-gun bill fails is, blame it on the NRA. They don’t understand some of us are reassured when we hear the NRA killed the bill.


Harlon Carter, were he alive today, would not believe what ILA has turned into.

Chip Saunders

Well,…still the same 4 comments after ALL DAY. Where’s mine from early this afternoon? Censor much?


Refresh your browser.


You are right. The NRA IS the gorilla in the room. And that IS the problem, the “gorilla” is using our “Rights” as bargaining chips at the compromise table! The anti-gunners are continuously chipping away at our Rights and the NRA is surrendering them one at a time in the name of diplomacy and calling that a victory. When another organization like Open Carry Texas wins a battle (not a war, just a battle), the NRA jumps in and claims they did it after belittling the movement in the first place. Our Rights belong to each and everyone of us.… Read more »


Well, I’m having a little trouble understanding how I personally am eroding your gun rights. But we’ll let that slide. Getting practical for a minute, it’s real simple. Once again, I won’t apologize for any actions the NRA has taken, past, present or future, but, there is no other gun rights group with a 5 million member number attached to it. None. What’s GOA now, 300K maybe? Guess what, Congress doesn’t give a rats behind about them. They’re not going to influence elections.300K voters spread across 50 states means essentially nothing. So, you’re left with a choice. You can recognize… Read more »


Would 10-20 million NRA members take away Obama’s ‘phone and pen’ ?


Actually it would. You wanna see Congress jump and start talking aggressive things like impeachment? Waltz into a few offices with 20 million voters behind you and you’ll be amazed how high they go when we say jump.

Chuck Cawood

Instead of complaining about the NRA become a life member so you can VOTE for the board. Shut-up and make a difference. Yes, I am a life member.


This ^^^^^^^

People who whine about the NRA are no different that non-voters who complain about their elected officials.


It’s the NRA themselves that cause members,former members, to complain about the NRA. They take credit for legislation they had nothing to do with if it passes,silence when it doesn’t. They aren’t aggressive and cave into a lot of the gun-grabber demands. You don’t negotiate with tyrannists. I would like to become an NRA member again at some time,but they have to change,not its members. I just wish at this point in time it was GOA that had 5 million plus members.


Wishing doesn’t accomplish Jack Squat.


The way it is now structured Wayne and the boys have made another Cinncinatti revolt impossible. They’ve effectively locked it up. I knew Harlon Carter and he would have kicked the lot of them in their collective rear ends out the door. Neal Knox tried to follow in Harlon’s footsteps but they outnumbered him and he died of cancer far too soon. Don’t believe for one minute that NRA/ILA is working as hard as they can. They’re maintaining the status quo, nothing more.


Currently I am $75 from Patron Life Membership. As a resident of New York, it is pretty much meaningless but I do get extra satisfaction when the media disparages the NRA and its “clueless” members. It makes me feel extra specials knowing I could be considered “Extra Clueless”.

Dave Friece

I’m afraid that I have to disagree. You can thank the NRA in part for Loretta Lynch being our current USAG. The NRA stuck their nose into the Primary process here in Utah, where they had No Business sticking it. We had (hopefully still have) an excellent, conservative and pro gun candidate in Dan Liljenquist, unlike Hatch is no longer (if ever) excellent, conservative or pro gun. The NRA threw a ton of money into the Hatch campaign and ran numerous commercials on his behalf. I had one of their fools argue with me on Facebook about getting invloved in… Read more »

Al Aho

I am a life member of the NRA. In 1975 I had a problem with NRA but I grew up and faced facts. If you don’t support NRA then join Moms against peanut butter and jelly. Make yourself useful, support the largest gun rights and educational organization, or take your blanky to the nearest corner and have a good cry. Join, support, and pay or lose a right too many already think is a priveledge.


I don’t think you other “posters” get the point of McHale’s article. There is a reality one MUST face when dealing with politicians. Unfortunately i know many politicians personally and the ones who can actually win an election are the ones who have the ability to make deals with “the other side” when necessary. And yes all they care about is winning the next election, so a large organization like the NRA carries A LOT more clout with them than a small-but-pure organization. Pick the hill you want to die on. You’ll get nothing at all if you can’t get… Read more »

Bradford Scales

The NRA is the 800 lbs Gorilla in the room, where I greatly appreciate them being. I am an advocate and I support advocates. When my quarter is approached by small minded, self absorbed supporters of socialism, I want them to see the specter of my gorilla standing right behind me. I seriously don’t care if he farts and scratches himself in an inappropriate manner on occasion as it is MY 800 Lbs Gorilla.

NRA Gorilla


Lets face it: the real reason people don’t join or donate to the NRA is because they are selfish cheapskates that are comfortable with letting other “stupid” citizens carry the load. I’ve seen this type at church, always looking for a rationale for why they don’t donate (money is wasted, pastor is living in sin, they get enough, etc etc). My favorite on here is the Chinese crap rationalization. Or the too much junk mail whine. Take the NRA haters comments that they donate to other gun organizations with a grain of salt. Either attach a copy of your cancelled… Read more »


First, I don’t hate the NRA at all but ask your self, with the exception of the protection of lawful commerce what major Federal legislation has the NRA gotten passed in the last 15 years? It’s in their interest to maintain the status quo. Why? Simple, if gun control and gun control efforts were totally rolled back there would be absolutely no reason for ILA to exist. There would be no excuse for Wayne to have a million dollar salary or drive a 7 series BMW. Face it, NRA is a money making machine and they are very, very good… Read more »

Chip Saunders

The NRA has actually fought AGAINST the 2nd Amendent too many times to be considered it’s defender. They plainly are NOT!!! Simply because they have opposed the most active traitors more often than they have engaged in same alongside them in no way excuses them for their own Damnation. They are too interested in being merely an adjunct of the Republican Party and have shown loyalty to their agenda rather than hours. And why? Because of people like the author, who they count on to come crawling back to them, over and over, no matter how many times they abuse… Read more »


You realize all the NRA is a collection of members right? So “bring on the pain” does nothing except move us backwards.

I’m never going to agree with or apologize for bad decisions from the NRA, but guess what, if it evaporated tomorrow we would all be in a world of hurt with respect to gun rights. Those 5 million members who vote keep Congress in check whether you want to believe that or not.

Chip Saunders

Keep liking those boots you obedient lemming.


People like you are exactly the problem. If you’re a customer of a restaurant, and that establishment treats you poorly, you leave and never come back. When you’re a MEMBER of an ORGANIZATION working TOWARDS A COMMON GOAL, you don’t stomp your feet, throw a tantrum, and make accusations about the other members licking boots. You get off your butt and fix it rather than sit on the sidelines and bitch. In the legislative arena there are only TWO CHOICES. 1. Make the NRA more effective 2. Find another organization to influence legislation that takes the place of the NRA.… Read more »


You are correct! There is NO ORGANIZATION in any area of politics that Congress fears like the NRA. And this is true at the grass roots and state levels as much as it is at the national level. That took since 1871 to establish. It needs MORE backing from casual shooting sports enthusiasts and hunters, not less. And that includes unsolicited donations, not just an annual membership fee.

Wild Bill

@MyGun and Terry, you all are correct. To others, absent the NRA your guns would have been gone by 1969. Not saying that all the other gun organizations are not helpful and useful. Join them all. But none is feared by politicians as is the NRA. Remember the TV ads this past presidential election. They were very effective. Disparaging any of the pro-Second Amendment organizations is playing into the lib era/progressive/socialist game plan of divide and conquer.


Let me guess, your last name is Goldstein, no? Silverstein? Cheap Jew’s won’t spend a dime if it kills them.

William Montgomery

Reduce the dues to $10 with NO subscription to a magazine I never read. Then you could probably get 50 million members.


They do. It’s called the associate membership. 10 bucks. no magazine…

Roy Payne

Agree. Skip the magazine. Skip the free duffel bag or the bullet-shaped ballpoint pen. GOA membership is $20 rather than the NRA’s $35.


Even the NRA ad in your post should be a reminder. “Join and get a free NRA bullet pen” Yes waste donors money on cheap crap, made by slave labor in a China, country with no gun rights that is constantly attacking the US? How about give your money to an organization that wont sent it to China?

Dr. Strangelove

All of the 2A groups do good work. I belong to most of them, including the Iowa and Illinois groups. Too bad some people can’t set aside their petty differences and look at the greater good the NRA does. And those who won’t bother to join any of them, don’t worry, we’ll protect your rights for you. That’s the same reason Obama got reelected, too many lazy-assed Americans unwilling to protect their own rights.


Isn’t that the truth.


The NRA over the last few years has made many statements I disagree with,esp.comments made about Open Carry in Texas,then of course retracted when thousands of members cut up their cards and mailed them back. They compromise and negotiate behind closed doors with the gungrabbers. I joined GOA instead of renewing with the NRA, and I’m a lifetime member of TSRA. (they are an NRA affiliate but are very aggresive for gun rights in Texas) But no more NRA. They never attack in the sense of our 2A freedoms,but seem to be counter punchers willing to apppease the tyrannists. The… Read more »


agree 100% THE GOA, GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA is a way better organization


This is not about which Organization to belong to ,But banning togeather numbers count when Gun Grabbers want to pass yet another stupid Gun law , there are power in numbers if the Government would want to yet take another grab on law biding Citizens rights to bear arms, and we banned togeather as one. I think they would think twice, if all Gun Clubs ban togeather we would have millions and millions ban togeather that way if one club dosnt like something the other club does,so be it we are banning togeather as one for the soul purpose to… Read more »


You’re right. GOA is more purist and not willing to compromise. But guess what else? Congress doesn’t give a rat’s butt about GOA because their membership numbers are not big enough to cause Congress Critters to lose seats, so they GOA can be right and pure all day long, but they’re never going to get Congress to jump through hoops until they get 5 or 10 million members. Solution? See the comment above. Send the NRA $25 and a photocopy of a check to GOA for $50 and tell them why you give GOA more money. Then you’ll actually be… Read more »

Tim Toroian

NRA is the best way to go but membership in 2 or 3 organizations is not bad. IF EVERY FIREARMS OWNER IN THE UNITED STATES WAS A MEMBER OF THE NRA NOT ONLY WOULD WE BE THE LARGEST LOBBY IN THE COUNTRY, WE WOULD BE THE SINGLE LARGEST POLITICAL LOBBY IN THE WORLD!!!! Love to see the U.N. deal with that. Who ever that was who said the GOA was a more purist organization and to join it doesn’t understand politics, liberals or what the NRA , Institute for Legislative Action or Second Amendment Foundation has accomplished. The lobby if… Read more »

Roy Payne

I agree, based on what I’ve seen. #1. Ron Paul, whom I respect, calls the GOA, “The only no-compromise gun lobby.” #2. The three top execs at NRA are making almost $3 million a year (average of $1 million apiece) and I resent my dues going to support their lavish lifestyles. #3. The NRA backed Koster, a liberal democrat, for Missouri governor because he had a good voting record on guns as AG. But his opponent, Greitens, a retired Navy SEAL , as an outsider who had never run for office, had no voting record. So even though Greitens sent… Read more »

Charles Nichols

The #NRA has been telling 9th Circuit courts these past five years that states can ban #OpenCarry if they want to and is arguing to uphold California’s 1967 ban on openly carrying loaded firearms (which the NRA helped write) and is arguing to uphold California’s Gun-Free School Zone Act of 1995 in the Pertua v. San Diego case. The US Supreme Court in its 2008 Heller decision published its first extensive analysis of the Second Amendment in which it cited to ante-bellum cases saying that they perfectly captured the meaning of the individual right to keep and bear arms. Both… Read more »


you sir are part of the problem,. did you even read the above few paragraphs?


So your point is? This is exactly what I am talking about. You are right. But you can be right all day long and still lose. The 2nd Amendment is clear as day and finally the courts have figured that out with Heller and McDonald. Yet we have over 20,000 gun control laws on the books nationwide. We’re right, and we’re losing, so being right means nothing in a practical sense. My whole point is that it’s not enough to be right. We still lose, even being right, unless we fix this stuff. So stop whining about being right and… Read more »


To everyone who has read this guys post, he’s a troll who, with minor variations, posts the same thing on every forum when the topic comes up. His “I don’t carry a purse” is his catch phrase. Call him out where ever you see him.


That’s pretty funny, I’ll have to set a Google alert for “I don’t carry a purse” 🙂


You’re right ! He has used that ‘I don’t carry a purse’ thing several times before. They can take away concealed carry,..,, blah blah blah,but open carry is guaranteed by our founding fathers !


he actually has a lawsuit and is challenging California’s open carry ban. He’s got to troll and say the same thing every time because people, like this author don’t get it. The NRA and its “stand and fight ” motto is purely for bringing in money. The NRA has big money invested in its trainer certification scheme which is heavily dependent upon permits, this is something they don’t want to relinquish. In 40 separate testimonies on Maine constitutional carry the only time the NRA appeared was when a NRA certified trainer testified AGAINST it yet they’ll issue a press release… Read more »


Oh, I get it plenty. You’re the one missing the entire point of this article. It’s simple math There is a group of 5 million voters under one voluntary dues paying membership roof. This alone is a major deterrent force to Congress. Do you really think that if the 5 million NRA members evaporated, that Congress would hesitate 10 seconds before passing more anti-gun legislation? How about if that happened during 2008 through 2010? How long do you think it would have taken the White House, Democratic majority in the House, and Democratic majority in the Senate to stomp all… Read more »


At this juncture in the battle to preserve the 2nd Amendment and the U.S. Constitution gun owners should be ‘equal opportunity’ supporters and donate to as many legitimate ‘gun rights’ organizations that they can afford.


The writer is right about one thing…the NRA is BULLSHYT! I dropped those phony bas-ards, when they turned on veterans and backed obozo in removing any veterans right to own a gun if he went to a mental health clinic! That was BULLSHYT, every VA you go to asks if you are depressed, angry, need to see someone in mental health VIOLA….then you lose your right to own a gun…it is and was a conspiracy of the lowest order…..you want to support the phony money grabbing a.h.s, go ahead but don’t be trying to con the rest of us into… Read more »


Then join the NRA and tell them what you have to complain about from the inside. From the outside you are as irrelevant as a citizen who doesn’t vote.

What to influence the NRA? With your $25 NRA dues send a photocopy of your $50 check to some other gun organization.


Brilliant idea! I love this! ^^^^^^^

Exactly right, fix it from the inside. No other organization has 1% of the legislative clout the NRA has.


Agreed. I generally start out by shaking my head when some . . . person does the typical keyboard ninja attack on the NRA. But, eventually I just have enough and tell them I don’t appreciate the damage they’re doing to the pro-gun movement by supporting the Liberal’s divide and conquer tactics. I’m proud to be a member of the NRA, but I’m also a NAGR Front Line Defender and a member of GOA, along with being a member of my state gun rights organization that only focuses on the state laws and legislature. If you don’t stand up and… Read more »


Well said!!!!


I’m FRENCH and I don’t understand : how can NRA exist in this world , and above all how can put guns in your chidren’s arms? YOU are responsible for more and more violence , murders and racism . In addition , you Americans are basically born from melting pot, did you forget ? i LOVE AMERICA , except NRA, sorry


Fave, How very wrong you are about American culture. I was born in America in the year 1970. At that time in the south it was common for households to own multiple firearms, not just one (Oh, the shame!). Families used these guns to hunt for food (Still a practice today by millions of people.), and some dads simply liked collecting firearms for sport. The difference between then and now is that the good dads at that time taught discipline, respect and honor to their children. Children who grew up in households with guns respected the gun as a tool,… Read more »


I’m going to renew my membership just to pisses off a french bastard that thinks he has any right to comment on out rights. Without America and our guns you would be speaking German right now!

Larry b..

I’m glad you are French. Be glad you are not German, – and thank the NRA for training the troops who made that YOUR reality.

Mary B.

The NRA trains troops?


Last I checked France list 150 lives from a terror attack…..if one Frenchman had a pistol then maybe 1 life would be taken….a terrorist life….if a child has a gun in his arms then the parent is an idiot and should be shot himself for being an idiot….my guns on my hip or safe as is most lawfully carrying Americans so don’t assume sh*t…

Bob Stamp

This is to James

If it were not for the French in the American Revolution we probably would not be flying the flag we are today. They helped us out when our need was the greatest with finances and troops.



Gun Totin' Granny

Desert…maybe you should consider going back to the desert where you can’t harm anyone, or better still, to the Mental Health Clinic you attended and discuss with them all your ANGER issues. Taking into consideration your rantings and ravings, I certainly wouldn’t want you having the responsibility of a gun either. If you insist on being such an angry person, vent your anger on those who are trying to take your God given American rights away from you. Also, YOU are NOT the “rest of us”, you speak from your OWN point of view. Consider the fact that YOU may… Read more »


The way I heard it was if you want to join the military, never tell them all the illegal drugs you did. ..so when you get out don’t tell them your phucked up, unless your family/friends do report you

Dennis Montfort

I think every gun purchase should include a years membership. That would help. Also membership should include membership in the NRA state militia, that would cover our constructional right to bare arms.