Ammunition Background Checks Suspended in New York State

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Ammunition Background Checks Suspended in New York State
National Shooting Sports Foundation
National Shooting Sports Foundation

NEWTOWN, Conn –-( In a default victory for Empire State gun owners, background checks for ammunition purchases, a centerpiece in New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 2013 SAFE Act, have been scrapped for now.

An agreement announced late Friday signed by Republican Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan and Director of Operations Jim Malatras suspends this section of the SAFE Act.

The document stipulates that no state money will be used to implement the database, which also means the ban on Internet sales of ammunition is discontinued.

The New York State Police acknowledged that currently there is a “lack of technology” for supporting the database. Read a New York newspaper account of the politics.

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Isa Akhbar

This is a no-brainer: My advice to anyone living in New Yawk state is to MOVE! Rejoin us somewhere in the land of the free.


Yeah, it’s that simple. Just up and move. I mean, it’s not like we have jobs or lives or families, etc.

You give new meaning to the term “no-brainer”.

David S Pollot

Cuomo should have been arrested in the fist place for pushing this ridiculous law through in the first place based on the under handed way he passed his law. He did it in the middle f the night while we were asleep and no warning was given us about it, we weren’t given the opportunity to vote, yea or nay on it. After all isn’t he there to represent us and not him self. He acts like he is our boss and not the other way around. Lord knows how many laws he has broken. As for me personally I… Read more »

TSgt B

I agree with your position, David. It was actually Dianne “arms for ME but not for Thee” FrankenFeinstein that stated something close to “if I were up to me I’d say Turn them ALL in, Mr. and Mrs. America. But I didn’t have the votes in the Senate”. While possessing a concealed carry license from Kalifornicatia and waving AK’s with magazines in them around press conferences with her finger on the trigger and safety off.


My guess is the Cuomo administration thought they could pin this together with the NICS system, but the FBI told them to pound salt. So now they are left going it on their own. Well, let’s think about that for a second. New York State itself won’t create the technology, they will have a bid process to multiple companies, and whoever submits the lowest bid will get the contract to design the system. Very likely this would cost much, much more than anyone could have anticipated. So much more that any political capital gained would be negated by the extreme… Read more »


Every gun owner in NY should write or email Cuomo and tell the SOB to kiss their ass !


Most of us have, though in other words. He never responds, go figure.

Anonymous Patriot

No, every gun owner and conservative in NY should MOVE. Leave the liberals to be murdered by their own ‘laws’ and rot in their socialist utopias.


The law itself has not changed and will not as result of this “memo of understanding”. Although much, if not all the SAFE Act related to ammunition sales is predicated on the implementation of the ammunition database. There is no specific prohibition of online ammo sales, only that ammo sales be conducted face-to-face by FFLs or licensed “sellers of ammunition”. It’s not clear whether the face-to-face requirement is also predicated on the database. If so, online merchants who stopped shipping ammo directly to consumers in NY, when the law went into effect, never really had to and they simply ran… Read more »


The Libs at Government Radio PBS actually reported this news item early on Sunday morning. Methinks they were very upset.

TSgt B

AWWWW. Poor widdle wefties. I would say “cry me a river” but we’ve had enough rain and flooding.