McMinnville, Oregon Passes Unenforceable Ban On Loaded Carry

McMinnville, Oregon
McMinnville, Oregon Passes Unenforceable Ban On Loaded Carry
Oregon Firearms Federation
Oregon Firearms Federation

Salem, Oregon –-( On Tuesday, with very little fanfare or attention, the City Council of McMinnville, Oregon unanimously passed a pointless and unenforceable ban on loaded carry.

In an email to OFF, the McMinnville City Attorney said “We discussed that our police officers could not walk up to someone openly carrying and demand that they show whether the gun was loaded or not unless there were (sic) probable cause.  We discussed that, if someone wanted to, s/he could simply keep walking and not engage with an officer at all.”

She also said “While I would not say there’s been an “issue” with people carrying in our parks, I would say that the incidents are increasing and that interest in the subject is increasing.”

CHL holders are not affected and non chl holders can open carry if unloaded, and police have no authority to determine if guns are loaded or not. So really, what was the point?

It seems McMinnville is hoping to become the new “go to” location for open carry protesters.

Contact info for the City Council can be found here or see the webpage version of this alert.

The Oregon Firearms Federation has proven itself to be Oregon’s only no compromise lobbying group, OFF takes the same tough stands and serves as a vehicle for educating gun owners, promoting their rights and when necessary, fighting the freedom haters in court. Visit:

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Seems lately oregon has the been the testing ground for some real bad laws including taxing your driving by the mile.


My odometer would be swapped everytime they looked at it.

Clark Kent

Big Boy, Leonard and Doug (aka the Three Stooges): Your posts were so stupidly ignorant they made me laugh out loud. All three of you have no idea what police work is about. The ULTIMATE silly comment is ‘walking up to someone when there is no crime is harassment’. Hey, idiot, what about an officer returning something your dropped? Or telling you your wife is the victim in a car versus pedestrian accident? Or letting you know you have a nail in your tire? You bozos are embarrassing yourselves. Just because you got a (deserved) speeding ticket does not mean… Read more »

Doug White

Perhaps at your next meeting you could bring beer and cheese and crackers. That way you would at least have an excuse for such a waste of time and public money.


Walking up and firing off questions when no crime has been committed is bullying. Cops deliberately harassing innocent persons carrying is bullying. Interviewing witnesses implies that a crime has been committed. Locating victims implies a crime has been committed. Walking up to someone when there has been no crime is harassment.

Sgt. Friday

WELL…. along with the real BRIGHT bunch in Salem comes another in McMinnville ? ,…. who would think thats possible ? They have a real problem here in Oregon… a lot of them are growing and using , and we just found some more,… what do you expect ?

Clark Kent

George: The police do not ‘abuse their authority’ by asking people questions. How do you think they solve crimes, interview witnesses and locate victims? If you think that is ‘bullying’ you are truly clueless. THINK before you post……

Big Boy

The purpose of 90% of citizrn contacts initiated by the police are citizen harassment. After all, that is their job as this new ordinance makes clear. Always ask “Am I free to leave?” If you do not get a clear “No!”, then you are and you should do so. Any equivocation indicates that you ARE free to go and to shut up. If you have ever tried to initiate a friendly conversation with a cop, you know they are not interested in you except as an added arrest number.

Mr David Light

I understand your comment about “how do they do their job” but legally you do not have to answer any police questions and for that matter even stop unless you desire to. If they stop you anyway it is called being detained and they can’t simply do that out of desire or interest they have to have cause Simply possessing a weapon in a state with legal open carry is NOT cause. The police can not walk up to everyone carrying openly and ask them to prove the weapon is loaded. The law states you are innocent until proven guilty… Read more »


You have to love our city council OreTards up here. But do not forget how police abuse their authority by walking up to you and asking you questions. A lot of people still do not understand that they can refuse to answer them, so the police bullying techniques are still effective. So you can bet they will be walking up to people ans asking them if their gun is loaded, and people will answer.