New Line of COAST Headlamps Deliver Precision & Brightness for Camping & Hiking

Powerful, Bright Headlamps. Innovative Design.

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Portland, Ore. -( With adventure seekers in mind, COAST Products introduces the high-powered all-new FL headlamp series.

This line offers some of the most innovative, brightest – up to 540 lumens – and most durable LED headlamps available, offering specific features every camper, hiker or outdoors person will immediately appreciate. The new headlamps combine COAST’s industry leading optical technology with a compact size that includes both light and battery compartment in the front of the light, providing great comfort and durability.

COAST Products will display its new FL line of headlamps during this year’s Outdoor Retailer Show – at Booth 28045 from August 5-8 in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Salt Palace Convention Center.

Battery Pack and Light All-in-One

The new FL line includes three innovative LED headlamps—the FL85, FL75, and FL60. All feature COAST’s proprietary new design that combines both battery pack and light into one unit on the front of the headband. These easy-to-use, powerful and lightweight headlamps make outdoor adventure, cooking, reading or trail finding simple, providing crystal clear light right where it’s needed. FL headlamps have heavy-duty, adjustable headbands that provide ultimate comfort and include reflective material for increased visibility of the wearer. The oversized power switch and an easy to grip bezel are hinged to make focusing and beam positioning fast and easy, particularly for close-up tasks like cooking or reading. The red light function on FL75 and 85 headlamps is particularly useful at night for moving about without disturbing other campers or animals.

Pure Beam Focusing and Dual Color LED Headlamps – Multi-Use Functionality

The top models in the line, the 540 lumen FL85 and 405 lumen FL75, feature a combination of COAST’s patented Pure Beam Focusing Optic, which allows for seamless transition from a spotless flood beam for up-close work to a long distance Bulls Eye spot beam and Dual Color red and white beams. The lights are operated by two separate switches, allowing for easy switching from white-focusing pure beam for far away illumination to red for night vision and low light situations around camp or on the trail. Separate switches also allow users to turn on and off the red light without cycling through the white light settings. The FL85 delivers 540 lumens of power, projecting a clear, bright light more than 172 meters (565 ft.). The FL75 packs 405 lumens of power and illuminates targets more than 140 meters (460 ft.) away.

Introducing Wide Angle, another COAST Breakthrough

COAST’s industry leading light system continues to be updated with the introduction of the new FL60. This headlamp features the all-new COAST Wide-Angle Flood Beam which is ideal for shedding light on up-close work and provides wider illumination than a long distance spot beam. The FL60 has an impressive 300 lumens and a run time of up to 22 hours. Perfect for preparing food, reading at night or prepping gear for expeditions, the FL60 is the ideal headlamp for camping and other outdoor activities.

“Our new FL headlamps deliver breakthrough standards in lighting technology for campers, hikers, cavers, backpackers and adventure seekers everywhere,” remarked COAST President David Brands. “With impressive power, beam clarity and runtime, plus red light features on most, the FL headlamps provide exceptional focused, dual focused or fixed beam LED lighting for just the right illumination for any adventure or project. Whether prepping before a long day in the wild, seeking all-day adventures or preparing for a night at base camp, these powerful lights are the go-to headlamps.”

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Following are the specs for each light, certified to ANSI FL1 Flashlight Standards. Each requires three AAA batteries for power.

Coast FL85 Headlamp :

Coast FL85 LED Focusing DUAL Color LED Headlamp :
Coast FL85 LED Focusing DUAL Color LED Headlamp


  • Lumens: 540 (High), 320 (Med), 75 (Low)
  • Beam Distance: 172 meters/565 ft. (High), 129 meters/423 ft. (Med), 63 meters/207 ft. (Low)
  • Run Time: 1 hour 45 min (High), 2 hours 15 min (Med), 17 hours (Low)
  • Dual LEDs for red light function

Coast FL75 Headlamp :

Coast FL75 Headlamp :
Coast FL75 Headlamp


  • Lumens: 405 (High), 230 (Med), 53 (Low)
  • Beam Distance: 140 meters/460 ft. (High), 105 meters/344 ft. (Med), 51 meters/167 ft. (Low)
  • Run Time: 2 hours (High), 2 hours 45 min (Med), 20 hours (Low)
  • Dual LEDs for red light function

Coast FL60 LED Headlamp :

Coast FL60 LED Headlamp :
Coast FL60 LED Headlamp


  • Lumens: 300 (High), 175 (Med), 39 (Low)
  • Beam Distance:29 meters/95 ft. (High), 22 meters/72 ft. (Med),10 meters/32.8 ft. (Low)
  • Run Time: 2 hours 45 min (High), 3 hours 30 min (Med), 22 hours (Low)

All COAST LED headlamps are also tested and rated to ANSI FL1 standards. They feature unbreakable LEDs and are impact and water resistant. And, they’re backed by COAST’s lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship.

The headlamps are scheduled for shipment in the fall of this year and suggested retails will be available shortly. Follow COAST at one of the social media channels below, or check the COAST website for the latest information.

About COAST Products – A History of Innovation:

Well-known for their knives and multi-tools, for nearly 95 years, COAST is now a market leader in premium LED flashlights – developing innovative products trusted by everyone from the weekend warrior to the Navy Seals and soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. COAST’s technologically advanced products are safer and easier to use, while at the same time being extremely functional and enjoyable to own. COAST Products was founded as COAST Cutlery Company in 1919. Originally established to provide quality knives to the farmers, ranchers and workers of the Pacific Northwest, today COAST produces premium LED lighting products, including top-rated flashlights, headlamps and EAL (emergency area lighting), as well as fine-crafted knives and world class multi-tools. Every COAST product reflects an investment in skilled craftsmanship and quality materials and is backed by a COAST guarantee. COAST products are available from leading home centers, hardware stores, professional outlets, automotive stores and supplies, sporting goods stores, and numerous online retailers.

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