Major Airline Lifts Misguided Restrictions on African Hunting Trophies

African Hunting Trophies
African Hunting Trophies
NRA - Institute for Legislative Action
NRA – Institute for Legislative Action

Fairfax, VA -( On Monday; July 20, following the release of Cargo Policy and Procedures Advisory No. 278, South African Airways (SAA) effectively lifted their embargo on transporting legally-harvested African wildlife.

As we previously reported, other airlines had followed SAA’s lead, placing similar bans on legally-hunted African game that vastly exceed requirements of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species and Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). These embargoes were put in place as a response to pressure from anti-hunting extremists, under the false pretense that they would curb poaching and the illegal trade of restricted wildlife.

Ironically, embargoes like these actually increase poaching, as the revenue generated from legal hunting funds the vast majority of anti-poaching efforts. Therefore these embargoes only serve to undermine the sustainable use of wildlife resources through regulated hunting, conservation efforts funded by sportsmen and the legal trade of wildlife under the CITES convention.

NRA-ILA applauds SAA for lifting its embargo and hopes that other airlines with embargoes in place will follow suit.

We will keep you updated on the latest developments regarding misguided transportation restrictions on legally-harvested African trophies.

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Joe Lee

You’re barking up the wrong liberal tree. I’ve been there and have seen how the meat goes to feed families that live on the land and I have seen how owners have stopped grazing cattle to manage wild herds of animals that the land can support. I know I’ll not change you mind as you’re such a smart game manager but I’ve seen with my own eyes how things work there. Rant as much as you want as we hunters will continue to feed ourselves and others.

william huard

Change is coming to wildlife management policy- like it or not. The days of gun lickers in the NRA and the canned hunter in Safari Club dictating wildlife policy will come to an end. Keep those bumper sticker talking points about how much self centered narcissists like DR Palmer do for conservation….Dr palmer is so proud of his “sport” – having a lion delivered like a pizza into the line of fire, I wonder when he will show us his grinning idiot photo with the dead Cecil?

Jim Greaves

Mr. Huard – I suppose you’d like to see the end of all “legal” hunting. That is the kind that is licensed – of course, I forgot that forgot more about wildlife management than the rest of us ever learned. So, end licensing. That will definitely bring back poaching, and then it is “fair game for all without restrictions”. Apparently, the leftists who want to end ownership of “arms” will stop at nothing – even plain logic – in the quest to CONTROL “others”, calling it “gun control”. “That’s for other people,” said Hanoi Jane when she reported a break-in… Read more »


You’ve been “coming for” hunters and conservationists for a long time and about all that you’ve actually accomplished is to impede the efforts of hunters to stop the poachers that threaten the wildlife you pretend to care about. And of course line the pockets on animal rights groups that prey on the gullible and stupid for funding but do nothing for animals. One would think that a person who actually cared about something would make at least the smallest effort to learn something about the subject but I guess it is much easier and more hip to pretend to care… Read more »

william huard

I’ve forgot more about wildlife management than you will ever know. So far- the elite wealthy fake hunters have largely flew under the radar. No one is buying your stupid talking points about how hunters combat poaching. The NRA and the canned hunters in Safari Club talk about conservation as they continue to undermine any restrictions on imports of ivory into the US. The vampires in South Africa kill lions raised for the bullet and then they sell the lion bone to the chinese. Isn’t capitalism awesome! For the wildlife- not so much. Does Ben Carter fax you idiots talking… Read more »

william huard

Pretty soon ALL major carriers will stop shipping trophies for fake trophy collectors.
We are COMING for your BLOODSPORT make no mistake.

Jim Greaves

I await the day when all major airlines REFUSE to serve self-serving “political tourists” – the kind that go to foreign nations to protest and ride boats to Gaza, and claim they will be “human shields” to protect the likes of Saddam Hussein and others who needed to be lawfully hunted to rid them from the human family. You know, the ones that ran away as soon as Rumsfeld opened up on Iraq, going so fast there was only dust in their pathetically impotent wakes.