IMR 4007SSC Powder RECALL & Product Safety Warning

IMR 4007SSC Powder Recall & Product Safety Warning
IMR 4007SSC Powder Recall & Product Safety Warning
IMR Legendary Powders
IMR Legendary Powders

Shawnee KS –-( IMR Legendary Powders is officially announcing a product safety warning and recall notice for IMR 4007SSC on the six lot numbers listed below.

IMR has received reports that this particular powder in 1lb and 8lb containers may have become unstable due to possible rapid deterioration.

Use of this product from these lot numbers shown on the enclosed label may result in spontaneous combustion, fire damage or possible serious injury.


  • 10130139

  • 10131139

  • 10429139

  • 10430139

  • 80425139

  • 80426139

What to do:

Stop using this product immediately! Fill the powder container with water which will render the product inert and safe for disposal.

Mail, email or fax a copy of the powder label showing the lot number to the contact information below to include your name, address, phone and email.

Replacement choice of any other IMR smokeless powder product will be shipped to you for no charge.

If you have loaded the powder subject to this recall into ammunition, we recommend that you pull the bullets, remove the powder and wet the powder with water for safe disposal.

IMR deeply regrets any inconvenience this may cause, but we believe in safety first. Contact information: IMR Powder Company, 6430 Vista Drive, Shawnee, KS 66218, email [email protected],, call 1-800-622-4366 or 913-362-9455 and fax 913-362-1307

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Warren Wenner

Same here with lot #1013113. Just checked my powder. The lid was totally rusted through. It was gone. I had it in bag. when I pulled it out it was like no top at all. I couldn’t even find the lid. It seemed to have deteriorated. I went on line and just found out about the recall. What to do now?

douglas kolar

Simple question: I bought my 8 pounder about 4 years ago but has NO marking (numbers as stated). Looks and smell normal to me. Should I be concerned?……Thanks!

jeff ball

seen the recall notices in a gun shop where i buy my powder came home check my stock of 4007ssc. What a surprise did I find the 1lb that I had reloaded with in January was in a state of deterioration ( strong ammonia smell, the metal cap is almost rusted through, red residue in powder ) and this is from LOT # 1013113 which is not listed will be contacting IMR ASAP

Joseph Johnson

A few years ago I bought four one pound cans of 4007ssc for use on 22-250 with heavy (77 gr.) bullets in a short twist Savage with short twist & heavy barrel. I used up one pound but still have the other three. They aren’t marked with the lot numbers you show here. Two are marked 1062707 and the other has no lot number marking at all. By my recollection they were bought at the same time in the same store but I’m not positive of that . Should I be concerned?