Maxim 9 Integrally Suppressed 9MM Pistol – World’s First

Maxim 9 Integrally Suppressed 9MM Pistol
Maxim 9 Integrally Suppressed 9MM Pistol

USA – -( The biggest announcement at SilencerCo's recent Maxim Vice event was the reveal of the Maxim 9 – an integrally suppressed 9mm pistol.

Never before has a company successfully managed to produce a handgun with an integral silencer that is holsterable and hearing safe with any factory ammunition.

This product is primed to take the industry by storm, and we’re proud to to show it to you – our loyal SilencerCo supporters – first.

We’re keeping exact product details under wraps since it is still in the final design stages, but one thing is certain – the Maxim 9 will forever change the way people think about firearms when they realize that there is no longer any reason guns have to be loud.

World’s First Integrally Suppressed 9MM Pistol – Maxim 9 Integrally Suppressed 9MM

About SilencerCo

Founded in West Valley, Utah in 2008, SilencerCo started with a belief in the fundamental premise that firearms don’t have to be loud and has now become the market leader in sound suppressors, muzzle devices and related products. By investing in innovation, customer service, organic manufacturing, advocacy, education and talent, SilencerCo is now focused on making firearms hearing-safe for all hunting and shooting applications, introducing products that have never been made before, and making the buying experience a better one.

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  • 16 thoughts on “Maxim 9 Integrally Suppressed 9MM Pistol – World’s First

    1. Never let fact get in the way of marketing propaganda……

      Worlds first integrally suppressed 9mm pistol is the British Welrod of WW2. Most Welrods were .32ACP, but sizeable quantities still made in 9x19mm.

      Brugger and Thomet of Switzerland released their version around 3 years ago.

      So not a world first….

      The Chinese type 64 and 67 are in unique calibre 765×17 rimless (.32acp cases can be used if you turn off the rim in a lathe).

      Let’s not forget the Russian Makarov PB in 9mm (9x18mm makarov). Purpose built, integrally suppressed – not a modified Makarov.

      So, far from “Worlds first integral suppressed 9mm pistol”……..

    2. Actually in Europe one company makes a silenced single shot 9mm pistol for veterinarians to euthanize livestock in the field. However I doubt if it has a rifled barrel since it’s intended for point blank shots to a cow or horse’s head.

      1. Technically that is an updated welrod. B&T VP9 I think it is called. Its bolt action. Technically the Maxim 9 is still the worlds first integral silenced 9mm if you mean semi auto.

            1. Also the type 67 which is an upgraded version of the Type 64 is not available for sale on the commercial market. Its restricted to the Chinese military and political operations of the Chinese gov’t.

      1. Yes like all other integral silenced guns or ones converted such as putting in an silenced barrel like with certain bolt action .22s it requires a 200 dollar tax stamp and ATF approval.

      1. Or 3500 or more. An integrated .22 such as the AAC Amphib sets you back about 1500 and those have been around for close to 30 years.

      1. Search youtube, A video of the prototype was shown off by a party goer at the Maxim Vice party. It had run several hundred rounds without a jam until the video and the gun didn’t get hot either.

        1. I’ve see a vid; of a couple dozen rounds there was one FTF, but that could have easily been from an un-broken-in weapon. It didn’t seem like a huge dB reduction, but was enough to make a good difference. Form-wise, the weapon is a bit larger and more bulky than a typical 9mm, but no more so than a full-size one with a rail-mounted light.

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