Tell Oklahoma Governor Fallin to Say NO to Refugees

German Police fighting ISIS Flag waving Refugees
German Police fighting ISIS Flag waving Refugees
Oklahoma Second Amendment Association
Oklahoma Second Amendment Association (OK2A)

Oklahoma – -( In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris, France many governors have made it clear to the Obama administration that their states will not accept Syrian refugees.

The President seems determined to bring these refugees into our nation without knowing much about them.

Are they refugees or are they terrorists?  No one seems to be able to answer that question.

The Governor released a statement on Monday urging the President “to suspend accepting Syrian refugees into the United States” until  the administration could “assure the public that the background checks they are doing are rigorous and that American lives will not be endangered in the process.”

This simply is not good enough.  Please call Governor Fallin and tell her to tell the President Oklahoma will not be accepting any Syrian refugees.  The Governor’s telephone number is 405-521-2342.

To email the Governor, visit her website and click “Email Governor Fallin” in the “Contact the Governor” link in the main menu.


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OK2A seeks to defend our Second Amendment rights and remove the infringements placed on it by our government.

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Did you notice media stating airline security is horrible allowing all kinds of weapons and prohibited items through security at most major airports. Talk about false flag setups .
Get it over with bomb all DAESH vehicles carrying a weapon, oil , gasoline, troops, round the clock 24/7. Known strongholds should be hit using the new MOP- GBU57 and a bunch of AGM-114N’s .
Since the U.S. will not cutoff DAESH’s water maybe France will using some of their new BANG 250 warheads.


These people are using freedom of religion policies against us to get here and have moor potential terrorist right here in our back yard ,enough nice guy keep them over there this is common sence.


That is true. Also true is that the issue is a Legislative matter and not an Executive matter. The responsibility of immigration lies squarely on congress to legislate and the president to execute. So contact your congressmen and let them know how you want to be represented. American governance is still of, by & for the people.

Clark Kent

Like it or not, refugees entering the USA are a Federal matter, not a State matter. And I hate to break it to you, but a refugee accepted by State ‘A’ can freely travel to State ‘B’ even if State ‘B’ does not want said refugees. Yup, it stinks but ‘that’s the way it is’.