Chipping Away at Gun Banner Cuomo’s NY SAFE Act

by: Raquel Okyay

New York's "SAFE Act"
Conservative lawmakers, diligently working to abolish Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s landmark gun control law – the NYS SAFE Act.
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AmmoLand Gun News

USA –  -( Conservative lawmakers, diligently working to abolish Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s landmark gun control law – the NYS SAFE Act, said they will never stop fighting for Second Amendment rights for all New Yorkers.

“Sadly, the Second Amendment in New York State is under continued siege,” said two-term Republican Sen. Kathleen A. Marchione. “Gun control forces are continuing to push for even more unconstitutional measures [even as we lock them up for corruption] that would further restrict our right to keep and bear arms.”

The SAFE Act, which was passed by the state legislature and signed into law by the Governor on Jan. 15, 2013, was in violation of state law for bypassing the required 3-day review period. Under the guise of a “message of necessity” Cuomo, by executive fiat, ignored that law and turned law-abiding gun owners into criminals with the brush of a pen.

Marchione, a proud gun owner who enjoys target shooting, said she introduced two comprehensive bills (S.1193 and S.1476) that would completely repeal the SAFE Act.

“Even though we face continued strong opposition from the Governor and anti-Second Amendment downstate legislators – especially in the Assembly where they have control – passage of these bills remains a priority for me,” she said. “This is an important fight for the personal safety and security of all New Yorkers.”

Particularly in light of the recent terror attacks both in Paris and on our homeland, she said the people must be vigilant. “There is no question that our Second Amendment freedoms are more important than ever.”

Thomas H. King, president of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, said there is an expectation of the passage of meaningful SAFE Act reforms in the 2016 session. “This is nonnegotiable.” NYSRPA is the largest National Rifle Association state association in the nation with over 41,000 members.

“American citizens who just happen to reside in New York are demanding their Second Amendment rights be respected and protected,” said King. “We will be in the streets and in the courts to see this fight through.”

NYSRPA, along with its co-plaintiffs, filed a lawsuit against Cuomo and N.Y.S. for violating both the state and the U.S. Constitutions.

Marchione, who filed an Amicus Brief in support of their lawsuit, said NYSRPA are terrific partners. “The New York State Rifle and Pistol Association do very important, and appreciated, work advocating for our right to keep and bear arms.”

King, who is running for reelection to the NRA Board 2016, is a true patriot and a proven leader, she said. “He is one of the most respected and authoritative voices in the vital effort to preserve and protect the Second Amendment rights of all New Yorkers.”

Their lawsuit is moving in the courts and he expects it to be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court, said King. “We are in a perfect position to take the appeal to the Supreme Court which we had planned on doing right from the beginning.”

Joining N.Y.S. in these efforts are NJ, CA and IL who have similar actions that fight state usurpation of gun rights, he said. “Those cases will be joined together in our appeal to the Supreme Court which will make for a much more compelling and encompassing suit for the rights of all the people of the United States.”

Since there are contradictory rulings in various courts as to how far the state’s can regulate firearm use, he said they are hoping this will insure acceptance by the court. “Justices don’t like ambiguity; they don’t like splits in various courts.”

The Second Amendment is a fundamental right, said Marchione. “The right to keep and bear arms is about our God-given right to defend our families, our property and our very lives.”


About Raquel Okyay

Raquel Okyay is a political columnist and commentator. She is frequently published at Human Events, Bearing Arms and Rockland County Times. You can follow her on twitter @RQPoliticalBlog

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The Constitutionalist

How can we the people ever get justice when the courts are filled with far left wing justices? We are being railroaded, and unless there are “drastic” measures taken to secure our freedoms they will be completely stripped away. The NY “SAFE” act is the biggest farce of a law since prohibition turning law abiding citizens into criminals. The second amendment was included in the constitution to fight tyranny such as this “law”. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land an attempt to undo or circumvent the rule of law is illegal and treasonous.


Anyone who has a brain can see Vermont with no guns laws has no gun problems. Pretty much anything goes there and No GUN Problems. Ergo the NYC Problem. NYC is NY’s problem and it isn’t the law abiding citizens causing the problem. Several things came out of the “SAFE ACT”. None of which make us safer in NY. What makes me happiest is that, the clown who should be in Jail with the other two clowns, “ANDREW CUOMO” (OUR FUROR) killed his chances of EVER being president and so did Hillary Clinton When she spouted out Full Gun Confiscation.… Read more »

Lee Carroll

Blomo rhymes with Cuomo.A true blowhard.

Garry Charland

When u have to pass a law in the middle of the night that is just wrong.

Steve gigliotti

Respect the constitution. It’s as simple as that.


Sure hope the Supreme Court hears the NYSRP case and dosn’t refuse to hear it like the Illinois case turned down today.


Word I hear is Cuomo and Co. are starting to feel “froggy” after yesterdays decision by SCOTUS to not hear the Illinois case, and are ramping up the efforts to crack down on The Armed Civil Disobedience of Non-Compliance. NY State Police are supposed to be in possession of form 4473s from an unknown source, and may go after some “low hanging fruit” (read: those that had purchased banned scary firearms and did not register them). Stand strong folks, it could get hairy soon. If it goes bad, you WILL have brothers and sisters in arms from around the country… Read more »

Capn Jack

“97 % of NY State voted against him but only NYC votes counted”

WTF ??? How does that work ???

“Vote early and vote often?”

Joseph Marotta

97 percent of NY State voted against Cuomo but only NYC votes counted !


“97 % of NY State voted against him but only NYC votes counted ?”


The majority of NY State voters 97 % voted against Cuomo but alas only NYC votes were counted !


I happen to live in the State of New York and like to call him “IL DOUCHE”. For all those bashing New Yorkers, keep in mind that there are more conservatives here than in most other states. It is part of the progressive plan to have us outnumbered and, if it can happen here………….. Why else all of the illegal(and massive legal) immigration, government bribery and general corruption, if not to control all of us eventually. Our Founders warned us about every issue that we face today and we, as a nation, have failed to remain vigilant. Now, a good… Read more »


What rhymes with Cuomo? Having a hard time coming up with a ‘politically correct’ word to use in a slogan supporting repeal of the S.A.F.E. act.


Well said Tex.


Too many on the welfare payroll , they only vote for Socialism.


It would be a huge help if the voters in NY would vote the right people into office.


Target shooting is one of my all time favorite things to do. In fact it has become a great bonding time for my mother and I. The smiles and fun we share doing this is price less to me. I also feel the sport has helped to teach me a whole new level of respect. For us to be so limited on what we can have and do is just not right. For the years of growing up that I can remember, we as a family would go out to the sand pit or target range on weekends and really… Read more »

christine plunkett

It is our right to protect our homes and family.we have a right to own guns..


The Supreme Court today turned down (7-2) hearing the Highland Park (suburb of Chicago) challenge of banning “assault rifles” and limiting magazines to 10 rounds. I doubt they will hear this case with the current justices as the majority unwritten opinion was that states/cities can ban what they want for any falsely perceived things that may scare people. Libtards will do anything to destroy the 2d Amendment, Cuomo the criminal will be glad to lead the charge.


Well im glad to see people fight against this dummy


I hope he gets arrested for being the punk that he is before he does more damage to legal gun owners and our great state. Lets call it like it is. This jackass thinks he is the Teflon Politician…. He will fall! New York State has no need for a self appointed king. His father almost ruined this great state and he’s trying to finish the job! Enough already!