Once Pro Gun, Profit Takers Selling Out Permitless Carry in West Virginia

With Friends Like These…

Profit Takers Selling Out Permitless Carry in West Virginia
Profit Takers Selling Out Permitless Carry in West Virginia
West Virginia Citizens Defense League
West Virginia Citizens Defense League

West Virginia – As the momentum behind Permitless Carry builds, just as last year, Judas Iscariot once again rears his head. Last year, it was EJ Smith (Charleston area) as a prolific concealed carry instructor standing on TV, betraying gun owners in the interest of protecting his wallet.

Already, Judas has emerged for this session. Scott Calhoun, of Gunsmoke Indoor Pistol Range was quoted in a misleading WVNS TV as advocating for MORE gun control.

Calhoun, the owner of Gunsmoke indoor range, believes there aren’t enough regulations in place for concealed carry training.

“Even if you skip the concealed carry classes, take that out of the equation, I still feel that they need to go through a background check, in order to acquire or carry a pistol in public,” he said.

So right there in an article that’s titled with one of the five lies, Calhoun, whose website lists courses that “meet the requirements set forth by the state of West Virginia for acquiring a concealed Pistol License,” stands another Judas, profiting from infringing on your inherent rights.

Beckley, WV folks may wish to spread the word that this range profits from selling your rights back to you, and wants to keep it that way.

We may see more of these, as media will leave no stone unturned when looking for “gun people” that oppose Permitless Carry. Near univserally, these turn out to be people who profit from the permit process.

Calhoun’s number is 304-929-2546 if you feel like expressing your appreciation for their profiteering.

West Virginia Lobby Day

February 15, 2016. Come stand with us in defense of your rights!

I look forward to seeing you all in the Capitol in Charleston!

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Keith Morgan
West Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc.

About West Virginia Citizens Defense League:
The West Virginia Citizens Defense League (WVCDL) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, all-volunteer, grassroots organization of concerned West Virginians who support our individual right to keep and bear arms for defense of self, family, home and state, and for lawful hunting and recreational use, as protected by the state constitution and the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. Visit: www.wvcdl.org

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Michael Goldman

E.J. Smith was my teacher in high school and i assure no man alive is as giving as he was and he could care less about your money you bastards. He was worried about more violence happening by people buying guns who weren’t trained in how to use them. Mr. Smith is my dear friend and how dare you Sum bitches call him names.

Milford Dawson

Anti American let his business wither thanks for the number

L.L. Smith

Any parent who would let a child grow up without training them how to shoot should be prosecuted for child abuse.

Charles Sunderlin

Whether training for a carry permit is required in your state or not I highly recommend getting good training if you are going to carry. TV and other media show grossly illegal misuse of firearms by nominal good guys and if that is all of the indoctrination you have ever had you can get in trouble quick with your gun. Yes, I collect money for many of the classes I teach. I have never had a student complain that they didn’t get more than their money’s worth. Get good training so you do know when you can pull out your… Read more »

Wild Bill

Dear Kent,
I know that the 2 Amendment Civil Rights movement needs all gun owners, and that we must stick together, but it is really really difficult to not refer to your Class 3 FFL holder as a Papa Oscar Sierra because HE is not sticking with US.


Pennsylvania has no ‘gun training’ requirement to get a CCW and we have no problems. Firearms training has become a racket in those states that require it. Instructors have a vested interest in preserving the income stream. Just how gun ignorant do you have to be to need such a waste of time and money? Many of these yokel instructors are hardly more gun savvy then the noobs they teach.


Then YOU pay for it…


I’ve carried for 13 years and am against permitless carry. I’ve been through 3-4 carry permit courses (to renew or when we changed states) and there are always guys in their 20s who enter the class with ZERO understanding about when they can legally use a gun and when they can’t. Half of them think they’re Junior Sheriffs or something, and another bunch can’t wait to open carry so they can look like they’re somebody. Make them sit and listen for a day.


Why buy from these Anti-American Aholes ???


I believe I’d find a different dealer for those items. And, I’d tell him why I was doing business elsewhere. Get your friends to do the same. Pass out flyers in front or near his store. He will probably find people opening their wallets at his competitor’s businesses.

Kent San

It isn’t just this. My Class 3 FFL has come out against eliminating the BATFE paperwork for suppressors as this is his highest profit area. He also opposes the legalization of full-auto weapons because to quote him, “I will lose a ton of money on my collection if it passes.”