Special Alert: This Weekend is “Illinois Family Security Weekend”

Protect Your Family – Prepare for the Worst

Protect Your Family
Protect Your Family
Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association

Chatsworth, IL -(AmmoLand.com)- The closing months of 2015 provide chilling proof of just how successful Obama has been in engineering the decline of the USA.

In less than 8 years, the USA has gone from world power to whimpering “also ran.” There is no better illustration of this sad state of affairs than the happenings of the last several weeks.

In October, cultists bombed a Russian airliner killing more than 200 people. In November, cultists bombed and shot more than 100 people in attacks on Paris’ entertainment district. In response to these attacks, Europe banded together under the leadership of President Putin to deliver a staggering military attack on cultist strongholds.

Earlier this month, cultists attacked a Christmas party in San Bernardino – killing 14 and wounding at least a dozen more. In response, Obama got on TV to tell law-abiding citizens to give up their guns and to lecture Americans about how they have to do a better job of making friends.

Get the picture here?

If you think that Obama is capable, or even willing to faithfully discharge his duty to protect this nation and its people from cultist attacks, you are sorely mistaken. That means that the safety and security of you and your family is totally up to you. Are you prepared for that mission?

Your Illinois State Rifle Association has declared the weekend of December 12-13 as “Illinois Family Security Weekend.” The purpose of this declaration is to emphasize the dire situation our nation is in and the necessity for all good citizens to be prepared for swift and devastating changes to our way of life. The Illinois State Rifle Association is asking all Illinois citizens to make a pledge to themselves and their families to spend some time this weekend preparing for the unthinkable, yet inevitable horrors that could be inflicted on our nation at any moment.

Key things that you and your family need to be working on this weekend:

1) Develop a master plan for family security

a) Assess your home for security weaknesses. Put yourself in your enemy’s shoes and ask yourself what would be the best way for your enemy to inflict injury on your home and family. Develop a plan of action for remedying security weaknesses.

b) Assess your neighborhood for security weaknesses. Anticipate how topographical, architectural or other features of your neighborhood would either aid or hinder an attack. Develop a plan of action for any eventualities.

c) Develop a survival plan for family members who may be caught in an attack on a public place. Train family members to remain situationally aware while in public, to identify and monitor at least two means of egress, and to identify and assess behavior exhibited by others in the area. Train family members to act in a clear-headed and directed manner when under attack.

d) Develop a multi-tiered family communications plan to be used in the event of emergency. Identify and train in the use of primary and alternative means of communication so that all family members are effectively aware of the status of all other family members.

e) Designate at least two emergency rendezvous points to which family members should retreat in the event of serious emergencies. One rendezvous point should be located well away from urban areas.

f) Assemble “bug out” bags for each family member that contain basic survival necessities, weapons, and at least 5-days’ worth of any medications prescribed to family members.

g) Develop and stick to a drill schedule for your family security plan.

2) Assemble required weaponry

a) If you and your family are not already adequately armed, go out to your local gun shop this weekend and acquire the tools you need to ensure survival. Avoid purchasing firearms chambered for exotic or uncommon calibers. Stick to common calibers such as .223, 9mm, and 12 gauge. It’s also important to acquire edged weapons such as tomahawks, folding knives, hunting knives and a small saw.

b) Enroll in appropriate weapons training not only for the weapons you and your family own, but for common weapons types that you may recover from your enemy.

c) Develop and execute a follow-on weapons training plan for you and your family. Schedule regular visits to the range for marksmanship practice.

3) Don’t overlook the importance of physical training. Under terrorist attack, your survival may depend on how physically fit you are. So, make sure your family security plan includes adequate time in the gym preparing for rigorous physical challenges.

4) Other things worth considering:

a) Keep cash on hand – plastic may not work during times of emergency.

b) Make sure that your vehicle fuel tank is always full as you never know how far you may have to drive to escape a threat.

c) Be sure to have your family trained in Red Cross First Aid/CPR.

d) Have a heart-to-heart talk with family members about how serious the issue of survival is. Be sure that they know not to be distracted by horrible things they may see. Drill them on the fact that their survival is paramount to all other concerns. They need to understand that the time may come where they have to kill others in order to ensure their own survival. They need to understand that this is not TV or the movies.

Probably the most dangerous frame of mind for you at this moment would be a state of denial. The San Bernardino attack is a sobering reminder that cultists are here in our country waiting for the green light to attack. Unlike 9-11, future attacks will probably not involve high profile targets like office buildings. The cultists know that they are most effective when they attack soft, familiar targets frequented by everyday Americans. Your community pool, your grocery store, your church, your town’s July 4th Parade are all ripe for the picking as far as the cultists are concerned. From a practical standpoint, future attacks cannot be predicted or prevented. However, that does not mean that you cannot be prepared. So, take some time this weekend to start the process of preparing your family for whatever the cultists may throw at us.

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The ISRA is the state’s leading advocate of safe, lawful and responsible firearms ownership. Since 1903, the ISRA has represented the interests of over 1.5 million law-abiding Illinois firearm owners.

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