Comcast Bans NRA Gun Images – You Have To Be In This Fight

Gun Images Banned by Comcast
Gun Images Banned by Comcast
Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association

Illinois –  -( The 2016 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) has passed into history.

It was certainly heartening to witness battalions of firearm dealers, wholesalers, factory representatives and friends of the shooting industry descend on the Sands Convention Center.

Despite the threats against law-abiding citizens, I left the SHOT Show each day euphoric. The problem with that is in the back of my mind I still knew that anti-gunners like Michael Bloomberg, George Soros and their fellow travelers are constantly pouring millions and maybe even billions into the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Super PACS and individual candidates.

These are perilous times. Don’t be an audience member; you have to be in the fight.

While I am on the subject of politics, I was reminded that voter registration lists are no longer used to select juries, driver’s licenses are now used. So, go vote pro-gun.

Several years ago the NRA took over The Great American Outdoor Show after a British promoter decided there would be no firearms at the show. All of the companies, Fishing Equipment, Boat, Camper, Archery, along with many other companies stood with the NRA and we sent the British packing – again. The NRA has taken over the show and it is attended by hundreds of thousands. Now Comcast, the cable network, has told the NRA that they cannot show any firearms in their ads. Many of you readers are Comcast customers so I have a couple of ideas for you – 1. DISH Network 2. DirecTV.

Illinois companies are well represented at the SHOT Show. The big news comes from Rock River Arms. By midsummer Rock River should be producing both their all steel and polymer framed 1911’S. I will let you know more as summer comes closer.

As you may have heard, the CMP 1911’s are going to be offered for a price of $1000, or more for some models. We will have to wait and see.

There are still some openings for the March 12th 2016 ISRA Junior Team Fund Raiser and Recruiting Event M4 Match. You can register at [email protected]

We also have openings left for the February 6th and March 5th 2016 Women on Target clinics held at the Chillicothe Sportsmen’s Club. Don’t forget the Utah CCW Permit Class on February 13th at the ISRA Range Clubhouse. You can call the ISRA office at 815.635.3198 to register for these events.

Thanks for being a member.

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About Illinois State Rifle Association:

The Illinois State Rifle Association is the state’s leading advocate of safe, lawful and responsible firearms ownership. Since 1903, the ISRA has represented the interests of over 1.5 million law-abiding Illinois firearm owners Visit:

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Anson E. Long

Commie Cast…


I’ve been using an outdoor VHF/UHF antenna since I kicked Warner cable out of my house back in 1988. With a $40.00 UHF antenna connected to my TV with it’s digital receiver I currently receive 24 different over the air channels and that’s after I deleted 8 more channels that I didn’t want. My biggest problem with this system is that I miss most of the second half of the NASCAR season but those races are hardly worth watching anymore anyhow. It’s surely not worth a hundred bucks a month to me to watch a handful of decent channels on… Read more »

2nd Amender

“Fat Eddie” Rendell, former mayor of Philadlphia, former governor of Pennsylvania is a MAJOR SILENT partner of Comcast, which went from a small local company to the largest cable company in the country. While he was governor the biggest of the regional cable companies was shut down via a “witch hunt” style of prosecution by Rendell’s henchmen in the attorney general’s office. Misdirection of funds and tax fraud….oh wow! Rendell was Chairman of the DNC, for short time, too. And lest Philadelphians forget, while mayor and with a glut of unoccupied office space he advocated, and had built with 10… Read more »


I have already gone to DIRECTTV because of all the crap and poor quality service of COMCrap. I am now seriously considering leaving them when it comes to internet. But they own AT&T as well .. .

But nothing else is available. Believe me it is as bad as Cricket.


There will never be Comcast in my home.


TV – The Big Propaganda Box.


I have DirecTv and there are all sorts ofoutdoor shows on there, that includes the NRA all access channel, Comcast no such luck fact is most all of the outdoor channels were shut off with comcast. Comcast cable does NOT have the best channel selection to start with, and for my location they wanted way too much for hookup fees ($1800) to run the cable. DirecTv has what I wanted so there you go.


Comcast has been ‘in the tank’ for Obama since Day 1. Comcast executive David Cohen has even held ‘fund raisers’ at his home for Obama. Maybe it’s time to switch to a satellite dish? Is this how Net Neutrality works?


Sadly, DirecTV is now owned by AT&T, an entity even more evil than Comcast. I will write the CEO of Comcast, as most executives get irritated when their “icky customers” contact them. I urge everybody to do the same.