Cannon Safe Promotes System to “Protect Your Tech” at CES

Offers 4 Types of Safes for Ultimate and Complete Protection

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Las Vegas, Nevada -( Cannon Safe Inc., the leader in home safe design and technology, again showed its commitment to providing ultimate safe protection today by announcing their “Protect Your Tech” initiative for 2016.

This includes an existing tech-related feature provided in most of their home safe models that will dramatically advance the concept of the multi-use safe. Cannon’s digital media tech is found in their Media Power Box, which goes beyond today’s safe technology by allowing safe owners to securely store and charge electronics for daily use.  The safe now becomes a secure location for backup hard drives for maximum protection of the new, digital-age irreplaceable family keepsakes such as digital photos and digital documents.

The system incorporates a 110V electrical outlet, a RJ45 Ethernet connection, and two USB ports that act as a central hub for electronic safekeeping, or data backup. The Media Power Box will:

  • Store computer towers, flash drives, or hard drives in a secure, organized central location
  • Securely charge multiple USB enabled devices at once
  • Eliminate the need for storing family electronics in multiple locations
  • Provide ultimate peace of mind for electronic keepsakes with Cannon Safe’s True Fire Rating

Additionally, Cannon Safe Inc., through its subsidiary companies and brands, offers various types and sizes of home safes that provide security for any occasion and that matches the lifestyle needs of the typical consumer.

  • Long-term protection: Cannon’s larger home safes like the Cannon Wide Body or Home models
  • Daily, or short-term protection: Cannon’s more compact Home Office Collection or the GunVault Biometric MiniVault or MultiVault
  • On-the-go, or quick-access protection: GunVault MicroVault or NanoVault
  • Hidden-in-plain-sight protection: Cannon Security Product’s WallVault or TV Mount Wall Safe

“Many home safes in the market today do not provide the needed digital equipment support that matches current consumer lifestyles,” said Aaron Baker, Cannon Safe Inc. CEO. “Now consumers can have the peace of mind by protecting their digital valuables more easily. Additionally, Cannon’s goal of providing ‘A Safe in Every Home’ with great quality and warranty at an affordable price, is becoming a reality by simply matching consumer demand for variety in protection.”

Cannon is exhibiting at the Consumer Electronic Show running January 6-9 in booth # 20331 in the Tech East Venue at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The Media Power Box is the first of many “Protect Your Tech” safe enhancements that Cannon is introducing to the home market.

More tech-specific features will soon be added to the home protection lineup.

About Cannon Safe:

Founded in 1965, Cannon Safe is the most trusted name in protection and the leader in home safe design and technology. Designed to be part of everyday life, Cannon Safe products offer ultimate protection from fire, natural disasters and theft. Cannon Safe is the only safe company to offer free parts, free labor and free freight for safes damaged by burglary, natural flood or fire for the lifetime of the safe.

Cannon Safe Inc. subsidiary brands include Cannon Safe (, GunVault (, and Cannon Security Products (