Media Mislead Public Over Constitutionality of Trump’s Proposed Immigration Policy

Mainstream Media Mislead Public and Themselves Over Constitutionality of Donald Trump’s Proposed Immigration Policy – New York Times Blathers Nonsense – Political Rhetoric Does Not “Trump” Law: Trump’s immigration Stance is Constitutional.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Brian Anse Patrick Rise of the Anti-Media
Brian Anse Patrick – Rise of the Anti-Media

USA –  -( Republican Party bigwigs remain frustrated at the American electorate’s continued refusal to support their hand-selected favorite, Jeb Bush.

But while their money may not buy public support it can certainly buy media coverage.

The latest episode in the big media attack on establishment outsider Donald Trump falsely asserts that Mr. Trump’s ideas on limiting immigration are unconstitutional.

The assertion is absurd on its face. Syrians and citizens in foreign countries do not enjoy the rights, privileges and immunities granted under the U.S. Constitution. In legal terms, they are not party to the U.S. social contract.

The more the threat of Trump’s popularity grows, the more desperately the leftist-leaning New York Times and the big business-centric Wall Street Journal have attacked him. Mainstream media attempt to demonize Trump by sheer name-calling, using “devil words” such as demagogue, toxic, extremist and racist.

Even though FBI Director James Comey admits that the hundreds of thousands of potential Middle-eastern immigrants cannot be vetted, and clear evidence shows that Islamic terrorists pose a tangible threat to the U.S, media bigwigs treat Trump’s appeal to a reasonable exercise of prudence as if were an outrage.

Trump simply proposes to protect Americans from Islamic terrorists by employing the temporary expedient of banning non-citizen Muslims from entering the U.S. But there is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that precludes Congress from enacting quotas, consistent with its authority under Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution. And the editors of the New York Times must know this.

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Mike McCormack

I,m curious about specificaly where in our Constittion it says that all immagrants be accepted? We control how many and who from many countries including China and Canada imigrate legally to the U.S. If we must accept all Middle East and Mexican immigrants the it should follow that we accept all immigrants,no matter how many and where from. Gonna get awfully crowded really quick.


The critical question is can Donald Trump whip Hillary Clinton in the general election ? (Assuming Clinton isn’t in jail for any one of a myriad of crimes she has committed agains’t the United States of America !) I think he could easily whip her socialist butt !

john carr

Y’ll can hash this out and in the end it means nothing. Only two things really matter. Jesus Christ is lord and vote Trump.


It’s a amazing that Trimp is still blowing everyone away at the polls esp.when the liberal biased media still lies and misrepresents everything the ole boy says ! Then you got your establishment republicans that are conspiring and will do anything to get him out of the race,anything ! Jeb Bush blames everyone for his problems except himself ! PEOPLE DONT LIKE JEB BUSH ! Before it’s said and done Cruz will be the biggest problem that Trump has !


PERFECT Mr Smith! iSLAM is a form of government masquerading as something else. Much like Mr. Obama. “Theocracy, according to the dictionary, is the “government of a state by immediate divine guidance or by officials who are regarded as divinely guided.”[1] The Oxford English Dictionary has this definition: A form of government in which God (or a deity) is recognized as the king or immediate ruler, and his laws are taken as the statute-book of the kingdom, these laws being usually administered by a priestly order as his ministers and agents; hence (loosely) a system of government by a sacerdotal… Read more »


Religion, religion, religion. This is all I hear here in these discussions. . PUBLIC LAW 414 removes the aspects of being considered a religion. Basically this applicable law states: If an ORGANIZATION is out to destroy, hinder the government or wants to “conquer” the American Government or the People; That ORGANIZATION’S members CAN be REFUSED entry into America. Based of this LAW; the islamics’ koran identifies itself as a group that intends to “conquer” all other countries and destroy all other countries “culture” and Governments. . Therefore, islam, acting as a TOTALITARIAN POLITICAL SYSTEM, disguised as a religion, CAN SHOULD… Read more »


President Trump ! Sounds good don’t it ?


JohnC Moron says, ‘warfare is only justified as a defense’ ! Dude where the hell did you come from ? Wherever go back ! Check with your Kenyan African Muslim that’s stinking up our WHITE HOUSE !


If the Feds actually enforced the law , 9/11 would not have occurred , the students would have been sent back to their countries when their visa expired. If the Feds arrested most of the 2 million blocked attempts to purchase firearms , a general reduction in crime would occur since many would be in jail . The Feds are now selectively enforcing drug laws does this mean we don’t have to selectively pay income taxes then. Seems that the Feds are more interested in appeasing the causal drug user than upholding law. If these people are dangerous why does… Read more »


freewill,. I can not say that I can recall your situation, but there has been a maniac that killed people in Colorado, then muttering about no more dead babies, most likely inspired by Religion or certainly theology. Again, I do not support Islam, nor am I against Christian religion. I am against going to war by or for any religion. T KSM, Trump is an Egomaniac with no one’s interest except his own. His big arrogant mouth is going to cause more and more resentment in the world. Unlike most or maybe all of Trump supporters I do care about… Read more »


I think we have all hade enough the bush family !!!!!!!!! Time for a change and Trump will rock the house !!!!!


when was the last time a Christian ran up to people screaming? ..Jesus is King of all Kings while murdering them


@Johnc…any group that commits murder on innocent people is not a religion worth defending..


I guess I was not clear. I am not a supporter of Islam or of any part of it. Stopping the influx of immigrants is OK. However excluding a religion is not the American way. I believe Trump is creating more hatred for America. I do not support that. I also feel sorry for the Dr. minister that feels that we should engage in war. Thank you all for your comments. I love America and will not agree with those of you who either express hate for our government or attack others on a religious basis.


Trump is the (Answer, (although I’m “not” a supporter)) push back for all these years and decades of this (P.C.- B.S.) crap everyone has been (brain washed) subjected to. Were tired of hearing it, and seeing it, thrown in our faces (TV, Print, Radio) we’ve stayed silent for far too long and it ends now. . . . NO MORE ! ! !

Carl Smith

John C. You are almost right. Islam, #1 is Not a Religion, it’s a THEOCRACY. It is a form of Government with Religious overtones. We are still a Constitutional Republic ( unless Obama has issued another Presidential Decree) and as such cannot rightfully co-exist within our Constitutional form of Government.


Hey John C, Our country may be evolving, more diverse and even less Christian. However as a whole we (and most civilized countries) have a set of standards that exclude murdering anyone who does not follow allah. We as a country also do not condone burning people with acid, pedophilia, genocide, the throwing of gays off buildings and the stoning to death of anyone who farts in the wrong direction. The point is, they do not want to fit in, learn the language and endorse our collective ways of life. They want to remove any and all from the planet… Read more »

"Hoss" Cain

Mr JohnC: When the ISIS types come to your home and make their way with YOUR family, I do so believe that you will change your outlook. As one that spent a number of years in the Military (U.S. Air Force ) including several years of being very close (within a very short distance) to my B-47 “Strato-Jet”, for a month at a time, sitting somewhere either in Europe or Northern Africa, loaded with “Ther-Mo-Nukes” and 100%-studied in the Targets of the day, (4 nukes in the bomb bay) I am very opposed to your childish stupidity. It is people… Read more »


John C You obviously did not get it. I am for freedom of any religion besides mine as long as they don’t practice murder. You are the part again that does not get it. You should not make comments about any religion that you do not know about. I have traveled the world and have prayed for people and fed people of all religions and no religion. You simply do not get it or you are a bleeding heart liberal that says anything goes in America. Sir, it does not. You do not even know what Islam teaches or you… Read more »


Dr. D.C. Your comments fall just a little short of displaying the hatred of one religion for another. Yes our nation was more Christian than any other at our beginning. But like many other things our Constitution brilliantly insured freedom of religion . You sir are not espousing that but quite the contrary. Religion has been one of the biggest cause of wars. You sir are part of the problem.

Dr. Dewayne Chappell

The media are simply put liars and they are clearly afraid of Trump. I think Trump is somewhat arrogant but he sure is right on this. I am a pastor in the Christian religion and am an American who believes in freedom of religion as our first amendment says but as our first amendment also says we have freedom of speech but you cannot yell fire in a crowded theatre. The Islamic religions own bible has demande to destroy anyone who is not Islam. I say I and our constitution says we allow all who do not threaten harm. We… Read more »