Recent Rescues Make SPOT’s Life-Saving Technology a Must-See at SHOT Show 2016

SPOT Devices
Recent Hunting-Related Rescues Reinforce Spot as a Vital Piece of Safety Gear for Any Outdoor Enthusiast
SPOT Devices

Covington, LA -( SPOT LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Globalstar, Inc., (NYSE: GSAT) and the leader in satellite messaging and emergency notification technologies, will be showcasing its affordable satellite communications solutions at the upcoming SHOT Show, January 1922, 2016.

Thousands of hunters have come to rely on SPOT to provide peace of mind, both for themselves and basecamp back home, with SPOT recently surpassing the major milestone of 4,000 worldwide rescues.

In just the past few months, several hunters have had to rely on SPOT to make it home safely, including two men who were seriously injured after being attacked by a grizzly bear (full story here), another who needed emergency medical treatment from an unknown infection and an outdoorsman who broke his leg after being thrown from a horse.

Joe Hiscock, who needed emergency medical treatment while on a hunting trip with his son, says without hesitation, “Everybody who goes out in the woods should have a SPOT. It could save their life. It saved mine.”  Read Joe’s full rescue story here.

Larry Reeves, who used his SPOT to initiate the rescue of a friend who had broken his leg, is thankful he was prepared.

“Without SPOT, the hunter may have had more serious issues and could have died from shock or internal bleeding.”

Reeves, a SPOT owner of five years, says he uses his SPOT device to check in routinely from the mountains, and never leaves home without it.

According to Reeves, “If you spend time in the wilderness, this is cheap insurance for you and your loved ones.” Read Larry’s full rescue story here.

SPOT recently announced that its family of products has initiated 4,000 rescues around the world since its launch in 2007. SPOT is currently being used by customers to initiate almost two rescues a day and delivers location-based messaging and life-saving emergency notification technology to hundreds of thousands of users, completely independent of cellular coverage.

The newest addition to the SPOT family, the $99 SPOT Trace, offers an affordable and inconspicuous option for tracking high-value assets such as ATVs, trailers, UTVs and boats.  Leveraging satellite-based theft alert tracking technology, users can receive SMS texts or emails when movement is detected. SPOT Trace’s battery life of up to 18 months and available line power option lets users confidently monitor assets on and off the grid, in near real-time via the SPOT App.

Katie Rehkop relies on SPOT Trace to monitor her equipment while she is away from her camp and states with confidence, “If someone or something messes with our four wheeler up at the cabin, we know within minutes of activity. It provides real peace of mind in leaving an expensive moto unattended in deep Appalachia.”

  • SPOT Gen3 is a rugged and affordable GPS tracking device providing off the grid messaging, emergency alerts, extended battery life, and extreme GPS tracking upgrade at 2 ½ minute intervals.
  • SPOT Trace is a GPS tracking device allowing users to track anything, anytime and anywhere by receiving theft-alert SMS texts or emails when movement is detected.
  • SPOT Global Phone a portable, easy-to-use and data-enabled satellite phone, provides industry-leading, 2-way crystal clear voice quality where cell service won’t work.

SPOT is on an aggressive growth pattern in 2016 and actively looking for additional retail partners. For more information on becoming a retail partner, visit:

To learn more about SPOT products and services, stop by booth #1910. To schedule an appointment, contact Erica Kelt.

About SPOT, LLC:

SPOT LLC, a subsidiary of Globalstar, Inc., provides affordable satellite communication and tracking devices for recreational use. SPOT Global Phone uses the Globalstar network to transmit two-way voice and data communications. SPOT messaging devices use both the GPS satellite network and the Globalstar network to transmit text messages and GPS coordinates. Since 2007, SPOT has provided peace of mind by allowing customers to remain in contact completely independent of cellular coverage, having initiated over 4,000 rescues worldwide. For more information, visit Note that all SPOT products described in this press release are the products of SPOT LLC, which is not affiliated in any manner with Spot Image of Toulouse, France or Spot Image Corporation of Chantilly, Virginia. SPOT Connect is a trademark of Spot LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

For more information, visit:

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Brian McCrary
Brian McCrary
4 years ago

I had one I bought in 2011 for a sailing trip on my 16 foot Hobie cat . I had planned a sail from New Buffalo north to Grand Haven and then to Chicago. Storm hit and boat was breaking apart. I hit the emergency button and NOTHING happened…. Boat went down 5 miles off shore and was blown in. Called Spot Tracker they refunded my money. I would not ever buy another one. They told me AFTER the fact that the model I had was defective REALLY?????