ISRA Thursday Bulletin – A Message from ISRA’s Executive Director ~ 2/18/16

Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association

Chatsworth, IL -( A champion has fallen! Antonin Scalia was a champion for every American because he was a champion for the Constitution of the United States.

Justice Scalia was an “Originalist” which means he applied the meanings of the words in the Constitution as they were understood then, and not a perversion of the meaning that has occurred over time. Because Scalia applied his interpretation of the meaning of the Constitution this way, he reversed a trend known as “the living document” interpretation which was eroding our freedoms. Whether Scalia’s interpretation continues is what is at stake in this Presidential election.

I have mentioned the critical nature of this election with regard to its effect on the United States Supreme Court several times in the Thursday Bulletin but I never thought we would face the consequences so quickly. In a sad and dark way, it is good that we must face this now otherwise many would never know the importance of this election until it was too late. The nomination of the next Supreme Court Justices is a consideration that overrides all other issues in my view.

We are already seeing the importance of this issue to both sides. I’m sure the President will nominate a political hack to fill the vacancy to further divide the country. It is the usual divide and conquer ploy we have seen in the past. If there was ever an election that was for “all the marbles” this is it.

The 2016 Presidential primaries and caucuses are about to begin in earnest. On February 20th the Nevada caucus takes place. If Bernie Sanders wins or makes a good showing, Hillary Clinton is in trouble. Of course Hillary gets the “Super Delegates” and Sanders is stuck with the regular delegates. What that means is the Democrat party leadership has stacked the deck against the will of its own members. In short “the fix is in for Hillary” even if Sanders wins the popular vote. This is a serious case of undemocratic Democrats.

The Nevada Republican caucus will be held on February 23rd. On February 20th, the Republican primary will be held in South Carolina. The Democratic primary won’t be held until the 27th of February. March 1st is the next big day for the primaries, but more about that next time.

In Springfield we are leading off with some very nasty anti-gun and anti-gun owner bills. I will not reiterate on them at this time. Please check the latest alerts for the distasteful flavor of what is coming our way. The future won’t be any better.

Recently we have seen bills introduced such as SB2211, HB3160 and HB6008 which all are attacks on the Second Amendment. We are going to see more of these attacks this session of the Illinois General Assembly. What these bills and the ones that follow will show is ever increasing well organized vile attempts to chip away at the rights of hunters, sportsmen and gun owners. We are entering a critical period in which all gun owners will have to stick together. We will be sending more alerts than ever. Please don’t become fatigued by all of the alerts and notices.

The anti- gun barrage is designed to wear us down. We cannot let that happen. There are openings for the March 5th Women On Target clinic held in Chillicothe Sportsmen’s Club. Please call the ISRA office to register.

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