Local Sales Are Now Always Free on GunsAmerica

GunsAmerica - FREE LOCAL
GunsAmerica – FREE LOCAL

United States -(AmmoLand.com)- On March 2, 2016, GunsAmerica, the oldest and most trusted name in internet gun classifieds, since 1997, introduced a new program to promote both person to person private sales, and dealer sales to consumers at the local level. It is called FREE LOCAL.

The premise of the program is that all sales with a 50 mile radius, zip code to zip code, will have no posting fee and no aftersale fee on GunsAmerica.

GunsAmerica homepage. As you can see, the FREE LOCAL ads are ordered by date, newest first. Click here to go to the GunsAmerica homepage.

This also introduces a new type of ad at GunsAmerica that will be shown only to local buyers. It may be tough to imagine how this works at first, but if you think about it in terms of fees, it is pretty easy to understand. If you are selling a gun locally and you absolutely do not want to pay a fee to GunsAmerica, you will be able to list the gun as LOCAL ONLY. This is the first choice when you are posting ads, LOCAL or NATIONAL, just to be clear.

GunsAmerica - FREE LOCAL
GunsAmerica – FREE LOCAL

This program introduces a new ad type, FREE LOCAL, which shows up only to local buyers. NATIONAL ads still show up in local, and the LOCAL SALES ARE STILL FREE, even though you will pay an aftersale fee if someone outside of your 50 mile radius buys it. Click here to start selling now.

If you then decide that you can’t get your price locally, it is easy to upgrade the ad to NATIONAL later. Then, if someone not in your local 50 mile area buys it, you will pay the GunsAmerica aftersale fee of 1% or 2%, $10 or $20 minimum, depending on your account type. Nonguns are less.

If someone local does end up buying it, you still pay no aftersale fee.


  • You may only have 5 FREE LOCAL ads running at one time.
  • FREE LOCAL ads expire after 30 days.
  • You may renew FREE LOCAL ads twice. This is comparable to a Facebook board where you bump.
  • NATIONAL ads will show up in local searches along with FREE LOCAL ads.
  • The NATIONAL ads do not expire, so they will be available to local buyers until they sell.
  • The local ad search results will always be listed by date, so that even if a local dealer has 1,000 listings, the new ads will always come up first.
GunsAmerica - FREE LOCAL
GunsAmerica – FREE LOCAL

For buyers, the local results are great because you can see ads by date, to be able to snatch the good deals first. For sellers, you’ll find the buyers looking for what you are selling, at your price, with the ad lasting as much as 90 days. FOR DEALERS, unlimited NATIONAL ads will show up in local, until you sell it! Click here to check out your local listings now.

This system will allow gun dealers to reach a local audience with their entire store inventory using our Bulk Upload system. Contact [email protected] if you have not been introduced to this system.

Local buyers will be able to search local dealer inventories before making a (usually less money saving than expected) decision to buy a gun online and ship it in.

Private sellers will get top dollar for oddball guns, modified guns, custom guns, and guns that someone boogered with a masking tape and Walmart spray paint job reaching an enormous audience of 2-5 million buyers per month here on GunsAmerica.

Take a shot at FREE LOCAL first, and then easily find a NATIONAL buyer at real market price if nobody local wants it.

FREE LOCAL on GunsAmerica will revolutionize the way you think about selling guns.

Transactions are built in secure! If you are a private seller, you can hide your real name and easily Google’able address from potential buyers unless/until you choose to reveal it. The Faceboards, which are now defunct, were really dangerous. So is posting for sale ads on discussion sites were someone can look through your old posts and find where you live.

If you are a dealer, hopefully you’ll start to realize that GunsAmerica has never been about selling guns online. Our local dealers USE ONLINE TO SELL GUNS…in the store. A big footprint on GunsAmrica will bring a surprising amount of customers into your store, and FREE LOCAL will be a great tool to expose your entire inventory to a local crowd.

Remember, ALL LOCAL SALES ARE FREE, so you can select NATIONAL in the posting process, and not worry about the 5 per month, the 30 day expiration, or the renewals. Trusted Seller Account listings never expire on GunsAmerica. Your listings will be in FREE LOCAL, and NATIONAL, until they expire.

Please give us your feedback in the comments below, or if you are reading this in an email, click into this article let us know what you think! This system was created for you! And thanks as always for being part of GunsAmerica!

About GunsAmerica:

GunsAmerica is where everyone goes to research gun purchases and buy and sell their guns. Based on a classified ads and auction combination format, the website caters to gun dealers as well as individual sellers, and buyer from all over America.

For more information, visit: www.gunsamerica.com.