Chicago’s Urban Paradise, A Good Place To Stay Out Of

By John Farnam

"Who loves your tax payments, baby?" ~ Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel
“Don’t go! Who loves your tax payments, baby?” ~ Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( “When in a tug-of-war with a tiger, and losing, give him rope before he gets to your arm. You can always buy a new rope!” ~ Max Gunther

And, you can always live somewhere else!

That is currently the inescapable conclusion of many of Chicago’s wealthy residents. Record rates of violent crime (and continuing to rise), along with simmering racial tension in BHOs “urban paradise” are compelling the wise to move away from the city.

There are two kinds of “rich” in Chicago, (1) the political rich, who get that way by trading in favors, rather than goods (as Ayn Rand would put it), and there are the (2) legitimate rich, who create genuine wealth by actually producing something of value.

The former are staying, not wanting to divorce the goose that lays golden tax-payer eggs. The latter, who pay those taxes (in exchange for the privilege of living in a war-zone), are frightened, fed-up, and departing as fast as they can.

Once vibrant Chicago is rapidly deteriorating into another Newark, Patterson, Camden, Philadelphia, or Memphis (take your pick).

Chicago’s pitiable mayor changes chiefs of police like underwear, as it that would have any effect. Of course, it hasn’t, as all residents with any kind of assets continue to vote with their feet!

Like towns enumerated above, Chicago is a good place to stay out of.

And, it’s going to get much worse, with leftists in control!


“The fall to death rarely begins with a great leap. More often than not, it begins with a slight slip!” ~ Robert Troi



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Might add Chattanooga to that list. 23 Gang shootings in 3 days. Libtard mayor and his crime prevention task force is a joke.

Winston Smith

Chi’Congo more like it . But they haven’t the Belgians to blame! Or republicans for that matter either. 50 years of democrat rule on the other hand ? I patently REFUSE to patronize any business, or pay ANY tax to the neo marxist shake down artists. I REFUSE to shop at Wal-Mart as well due to their financial support of AL Sharpton and Hillary , (I should be in jail ) Clinton. And not ironically I have Black friends I served with in the US Armed Forces with who feel the same way. And for your own safety I’d not… Read more »

2nd Amender

I was born and raised in Philly, Clark. Long before your snide opinion would objectify your ignorance!

Clark Kent

Then you are living proof that you can’t fix stupid…..


The ‘Monochrome Coalition’ thinks because they run the big cities they run the country. They’ll be shocked and surprised when the pushback begins. The resulting chaos will make them wish for the ‘status quo’ their leaders so often denigrate. That’s not a threat, that’s a prediction based on prior historical events.


We have so many people that have so much that they didn’t earn, that they can appreciate nothing.
Three generations of being provided for produces an entitlement mentality and like spoiled children the result is If I cannot have what I want I’ll just destroy everything in sight. The Federal Government created this problem and will compound it by apologizing for the American taxpayers lack of empathy. How sick is that?


Not long ago we were sitting at a Sunday dinner with the kids and their wife, girlfriend boyfriend, and the grandkids. 14 of us in all. The meal was awesome, everyone was talking and the subject of a weekend trip came up. As they talked, they thought that Chicago would be a nice getaway. Navy Pier, Restaurants, American Girl Store for the granddaughter. Yeah , sounds great . Then I stood up and spoke. ARE YOUR ALL NUTS? DO YOU KNOW THE SHOOTING AND KILLING GOING ON.? You all have your phone, pull up the news about Chicago now. As… Read more »


If Kim Jong Un accidentally nuked Chicago, I’d buy him a beer.

Clark Kent

Why just accidentally?


We have this.
Stay North and East.
I live in the Far Northwest burbs. Being a licensed for CCW, I don’t want to go to Chicago for work or play. The criminals don’t care about the Gun Free buildings but I do.
Most places have metal detectors.
I am a hillbilly with a gun and a knife on me every day. Chicago does not work for me.


At some point, those who support and vote as Democrats will recognize that more than any other group in the history of the United States the Democratic organization has suppressed minorities, suppressed self defense and voting rights for minorities, and continued to push policies that have actually hurt the economic potential of minorities in this Country. Frederick Douglas in an 1867 speech said that “the three most important boxes for a man to keep his freedom were the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box.” When I see and hear Hellery Clinton and other Democratic politicians speak down… Read more »


Sorry, but you’re being overly-optimistic, Michael. There is no “some point” at which a majority of rank-and-file welfare recipients (OK, Democrats) will just magically wake up.


Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups

Clark Kent

Actually, it was President Lincoln who said ‘soap box, ballot box, cartridge box’.

Wild Bill

Funny that you should mention Lincoln, isn’t this the day that he was assented? Maybe he shouldn’t have said anything!

Clark Kent

How does one become ‘assented’?


As a resident Philadelphia my whole life,I think that you are miss informed about the city.Sure there are parts that are horrible,but the majority of the city is great.When I think of cities I would not want to be in Trenton,Baltimore,Wilmington,St.Louis and Detroit.

Clark Kent

That is like claiming your leg with gangrene has parts that are horrible but the rest is great!


Have you ever been to Philadelphia to no what the hell your are even talking about?

Clark Kent

Yes, unfortunately I HAVE been there. Could not leave fast enough. By the way, catch the National Geographic ‘Drugs, Inc.’ TV show that recently featured Philly. WHAT A TOILET!


Sorry you feel that way.There are areas that are bad and others that are great places to live.When you highlight the worst of anything you can say it’s shit.Sorry every city is not as wonderful as yours.


Don’t go to Chicago for any reason. Soon under failed Democrat policies the city’s going to be another Detroit or Baltimore. Pathetic politicians since before the 1960’s


Of course it would help, in the painful but quicker end, if we stopped all Federal funding. Let them go completely under with no bailouts and then start rebuilding with a new regime.


mayor Daily would not let this happen .


Mayor Daily started it all. He was a thug. He disarmed everybody, once the law abiding are disarmed the thugs take over..


Hmmm, it sure is odd the 5-6 horrible, violent, trash cities that were mentioned – what do they all have in common my friends? A HUGE, huge black population!!!! MY God, they are simply the ruination of this nation. It is simply the truth. They do nothing but take and take and DESTROY everything in and around themselves. You can almost add Baltimore to the list as well.

Jim Macklin

It isn’t BECAUSE they are black, it is because the Democrat welfare state has trained them to be useless, users without morals or senses.


Almost add Baltimore?I guess you have never been to Baltimore.Philadelphia is not as bad as people think.People think that it is a small city like the other ones named but it is not.

Clark Kent

Now THERE is a ringing endorsement for Philly! Can’t wait to move there! NOT!


They aren’t violent BECAUSE they are black, just as you aren’t racist BECAUSE you are white. The ones causing violence are products of their environment and society, just like you being a racist are a product of yours. “They” is a pretty large blanket. Do tell, exactly how are folks including Neil Degrasse Tyson, Ben Carson, Allen West, Mae Jemison, etc. etc. etc. times a million ruining this nation and destroying history?

Quick! Your infinitesimally small mind is showing.


Excellent point, Dave!
Thank you


Hey idiot take a look at africa.


Had Parents that were Parents not Government serfs.

Ron Willis

It’s not about color, it’s about BEHAVIOR.


Chicago,a real firearms owners paradise !