Gun That Looks Like A Cell Phone is Big News, Constitutional Carry Not So Much

Gun That Looks Like A Cell Phone
Gun That Looks Like A Cell Phone is Big News, Constitutional Carry Not So Much
Alan Korwin
Alan Korwin

Arizona –  -( The lamestream media told you:

A man has invented a gun that looks like a cell phone. When closed, it appears more-or-less to be a phone, but it unfolds into a two-shot .380 caliber pistol. It is still in development, but he already has thousands of inquiries.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

As a matter of law, a gun that doesn’t look like a gun, is an “Any Other Weapon” or AOW, specially regulated by BATFE, and it is treated like a machine gun or silencer.

You can get them, but a $200 tax stamp is required, and it has to be registered and tracked. The inventor either knows this already, or will find out right quick, and it will put a kink in the plan. But still, it’s a clever idea, and I hear he’s working on a six-shot version.

News reports are gushing about the device without noting this tiny little wrinkle. Some take a wow-how-cool perspective, while others think OMG-people-will-be-secretly-armed, as if they haven’t noticed all 50 states have discreet carry laws, and 10 now have Constitutional Carry (Idaho and West Virginia just enacted it).

Idaho overcame a ton of outside spending by anti-rights New York billionaire bigot Michael Bloomberg to defeat this right of the public to keep and bear arms. West Virginia overrode a governor’s veto to pass the important freedom legislation. Despite hoplophobic fear of “BITS” (blood in the streets) it has never happened anywhere permit laws or Constitutional Carry has been enacted.

Although the cell-phone gun that doesn’t exist yet got a lot of news coverage, Constitutional Carry, a major advance of the public’s fundamental freedoms, got little, for reasons that were unclear at press time…

Keep in mind a wallet gun — a small pistol that fits in a leather pocket wallet, is an AOW and illegal without federal papers, if it can be fired from within the wallet without the gun visible. The feds consider it a violation to even own a trigger-hole wallet and a gun that fits it that can fire that way, even if you don’t have them together. Sort of like owning the unassembled parts of a machine gun.

Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Bloomfield Press, founded in 1988, is the largest publisher and distributor of gun-law books in the country. Our website,, features a free national directory to gun laws and relevant contacts in all states and federally, along with our unique line of related books and DVDs. “After Your Shoot” for media review is available on request, call 800-707-4020. Our authors are available for interview, call to schedule. Call for cogent positions on gun issues, informed analysis on proposed laws, talk radio that lights up the switchboard, fact sheets and position papers. As we always say, “It doesn’t make sense to own a gun and not know the rules.”

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US Citizen

If you look like you are pointing a camera or a cell-phone in my direction; be prepared to see St. Peter. You will immediately be double-tapped in the chest.


Why would we need such guns as these? I hope my president and master Barrack H. Obama bans all guns. After that we will have plenty of cash for free “real” phones for everyone. ….. Heck, I got one now!


Idiots this so called inventor is a government shill. They had him make this so now the police can shoot you dead anytime you attempt to film their wrong doings with your cell phone. Idiot inventor needs to be put down ASAP. Dirty government is doing this for the police so you can not film their abuse anymore. Police will say thought he had a cellphone gun . Just another reason for the police to get away with murdering people. Idiot inventor cant even properly conceal his own gun. Much blood will be on his stupid hands.


Wearing that tin foil hat again are we?

Wild William

HEY! I could give a damn if it pisses off the Cops.

If it were up to some of them, none of us would be carrying anything but what we are packing in our shorts, if that.

Wild Bill

Hey, I did not write that “Hey! I could give a damn…” stuff Someone else wrote that, mispunctuated, and used language that I do not use. To whomever out there is attributing questionable writings to me, you better learn to write, spell and punctuate as I do or you will fool no one. And I was at the Wanenmacher Gun Show in Tulsa on 3 April.


@Wild Bill (the real Wild Bill) I knew instantly that you didn’t or wouldn’t compose such BS ! Take care my friend. P.S.,you might want to contact Ammoland about this.


I want my handguns to look like handguns !


Never going to buy one, but if it pisses off the liberals I’m all for it. BTW if you want a gun that looks like a cell phone or a digital camera just buy a Taurus Curve, 6 shots of .380 and a light, laser option also.


Any law infringing the gun rights of a law abiding citizen, is in itself void. See the 2nd Amendment. I know that being unconstitutional has never stopped our corrupt government before. Not saying the AOW laws don’t exist. They do. But they are by their very nature, void when they contradict our highest law-The Constitution and the Bill of Rights.


As far as I know, AOW’s don’t require a tax stamp. I just bought a 14″ barreled shotgun, overall length of 26 1/2″ as a AOW from 802 and paid no such fee. In fact the FFL who handled the transfer freaked out when it arrived and called BATFE to verify the sale was legal and all went thru fine. It is made on a Remington 870. Check out there website you can even see the BATFE letter they got as the manufacturer.

2Hell Wit Ya

Well, isn’t it too bad the police have to worry about one more thing. My heart just bleeds for them. Let me get out my violin. If they would only act like regular, decent people, they wouldn’t have to worry about being a target of anyone. But no. You get these authoritarian idiots who think they are minor gods that should be worshipped for their great Alpha male sacrifice to society-at-large and if you don’t bow right away, boy is your life going to be made a living hell right quick. Hey, you know what. Good. I hope you bastards… Read more »


Stop the anti-police vitriol, you’re sounding like a jerk. Most rank and file police don’t care, you hear this attitude from the anti-gun IACP and FOP not regular cops.


This gun will not only endanger lives of police and security people, it will also endanger lives of people with only a cell phone in an confrontation with a police officer because now the cops can say,”I thought he had one of those cell phone guns” and once again, a new phrase to justify shooting someone is born. Any knowledgeable, law abiding gun owner would not own such a gun. Its only two shots for one thing and not what a knowledgeable gun owner would choose for a defensive gun. I know it will never be approved where I live… Read more »


Your entire comment is pure BS. I’m a retired LEO and any police officer worth his salt watches hands and feet and when he tells you “don’t move, keep your hands in plain sight” that’s exactly what he means. He doesn’t mean don’t move except if you’re reaching for a cell phone or something that looks like it. It means DO NOT move. As for living in Mass., well, they may ban or attempt to ban something. You have two choices, vote them out of office or move. If this does come to market and I have the spare cash… Read more »


I too have worked in LE for 3 decades, taught firearms and Use of Force for 2 of those. Been in combat too with the Marines. As I said in my post this gun is a danger to LE and to Security people, who may not have the same training as LE Officers. Also I know as well as you what cops are taught. Cops are taught to watch the hands but that doesn’t mean a subject obeys a cop, or in many more cases today, may not even understand what a cop says to him for any number of… Read more »


What an idiot. So I guess a derringer, with only two rounds, isn’t worthwhile as a self defense weapon. It’s not about accuracy, or whether it “looks” like a gun, or that you have to unfold it (which you need to do with many knives that are carried for self defense), MORON, it is about having something small/compact, maybe unrecognizable, that could help to save your life. In regards to your comments about law enforcement, if you are in the situation where a cop is directing you to do something, like keeping your hands visible, and you elect to ignore… Read more »


When you start talking trash about someone without knowing anything about them you run the risk of proving your ignorance rather than letting everyone guess. Keeping terminology simple for most people is usually the best way to go. As far as my career as an LEO is concerned I didn’t make it to your three decades. I only made it to 12 1/2 years before my partner was murdered and I was injured. Before that time and continuing since I’ve continued to teach civilians, some military and LEO’s. Sorry if that doesn’t measure up to your high standards of what… Read more »

Robert Thomas

You’re an idiot. My Father was in a cash business prior to retirement and survived two attempted robberies. Carried a Beretta on his hip and a two shot derringer “wallet gun” in his back pocket. The second robbery, the theif wasn’t satisfied with just the cash in the briefcase, he wanted Dad’s wallet too. And he got both barrels of it. The fact that guns like this are tightly controlled is a joke, as we all know that criminals don’t give a damn about laws. And no, these incidents didn’t occur in the US, the gun was entirely legal.


Kudos, great reply!