Virginia Governor Vetoes Gun Bills, Pleads For Help From Anti-Liberty Advocates

Virginia Governor Vetoes Gun Bills, Pleads For Help From Anti-Liberty Advocates
Virginia Governor Vetoes Gun Bills, Pleads For Help From Anti-Liberty Advocates
Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Virginia – -( The Virginia Governor vetoed several gun bills and all the veto overrides failed along party lines in the House (only ONE more vote was needed for the overrides).

Vetoed was state-agency firearm preemption, storage of guns in private vehicles for state-agency employees while at work, clarification of the brandishing law, and arming of school security officers.

As always, however, gun owners’ rights were advanced this legislative session as all anti-gun bills failed, and the following Virginia Citizens Defense League supported initiatives become law on July 1st:

a. Only one ID will be required for purchase of firearms from an FFL dealer
b. Legal immigrants will now have the right to purchase so-called “assault weapons.”
c. Virginia will now recognize the CHPs from ALL states, increasing the number of states where Virginians can carry firearms.

The Governor, realizing his veto of the bill that would have allowed guns in state agencies again was not going to be popular, sent out the following email begging for support from the gun haters. My comments are in square brackets:

The gun lobby is out-of-control. [PVC: ROFL! The Governor wants to control everyone and everything, as do most gun haters. He, of course, is incensed because he can’t control VCDL.] They’re frothing at the mouth because Governor McAuliffe recently vetoed two bills that would have made it easier to bring guns into state office buildings.

The gun lobby doesn’t care about the right of all Virginians to feel safe and secure no matter what they’re doing or wherever they are. And that includes state employees who need to feel safe in their workplace. [PVC: All the Governor can offer is for people to FEEL safe and secure, but not to actually BE safe and secure. There had been no problems whatsoever before his state-agency gun ban.]

Can you sign our petition supporting Governor McAuliffe for putting the safety of Virginians first by not caving into (sic) the gun lobby?

The NRA gives Governor McAuliffe an ‘F’ for opposing their backroom lobbying efforts to end sensible gun control in Virginia. They hate having to go up against a governor who has the courage to say ‘No’ when it’s bad for the Commonwealth. [PVC: When has McAuliffe done that? He seems to like to say ’No’ to things that are GOOD for the Commonwealth.]

Governor McAuliffe has a clear-cut position on gun safety.

Whether requiring domestic abusers to give up any guns in their possession within 24 hours or authorizing state police to perform voluntary background checks at every gun show, ensuring the safety of all Virginians is what comes first for Governor McAuliffe.

Let’s send a message to the gun lobby by showing our support for Governor McAuliffe and his commitment to protecting state employees

Thanks for your support. I know Governor McAuliffe appreciates it.

Here is an article on some of the Governor’s vetoes:


About Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

For more information, visit:

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Look at what we did get through, because we are fighters in the old dominion. We routinely come up against the worst of the haters of the 2cd amendment. We fight, and we win. McAuliffe is a dork, sack of doodi. But we fight on.
Dave, learn to spell. Jim, we have a very honorable man in Sen. Bill Carico. Comradebigmouth, that sucking, is you.

June Sherman

The Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves!

Kevin Pearson

Only one word to describe him and that is “DORK”.


The state welcome sign should reat Virginia welcomes criminals.

Bob in Florida

The good people of Virginia are paying the price for being too close to the Washington, D.C. cesspool – too many voters of a liberal persuasion.

Good Luck


Hopefully the legislature will override his veto. In any event, the people should vote him out of office.

Robert Thomas

McAuliffe is a sack of wet sh!t.


Tarring and feathering was invented for a reason.

2War Abn Vet

When you elect a Democrat operative as governor, and you don’t get a governor but a Democrat operative.

Jim Macklin

Seems Virginia voters need a few moregood members of the Virginia legislature. Maybe even even a Governor who thinks school children should not be undefended while at school. I guess the Governor thinks that armed guards are only for him.

Comrade Bigmouth

Sucks to live in the communist-wealth of Virginia I feel for the good people who deserve better.


Virginians need to mount a serious recall if that is not illegal there.